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When it comes to bridal styling, it’s often said your wedding veil should accentuate your bridal look and not distract from your wedding dress. We generally agree to this. But, there’s always exceptions. Figuring out how to style a dramatic wedding veil will depend on a number of factors which we will cover below.

But let’s be honest: there’s no rule book and it’s highly unlikely the bridal police will be patrolling your wedding aisle. Yes, there are traditions and conventions that we should all respect. For example, religious and cultural customs require brides to cover their shoulders if they wed in a church. There are also certain symbolic colours that are best avoided. But beyond the walls of religious institutions and family/cultural traditions, brides today have more freedom than previous generations to be expressive and showcase their own style on their wedding day.

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How to choose a statement veil for your dress

Before we can explore how to style a dramatic veil, let’s explore how to choose the right veil in the first instance.

You might have chosen a dramatic wedding dress and you’re looking for a simple veil to complete the look.  Or, your style might be minimal which allows room for expression where your veil is the perfect piece to capture your essence of your style and personality.

For other brides, they might like the best of both words. A classic wedding dress with a touch of embellishment can be paired with complementary details such as contrasting ornate lace patterns with decadent pearl accents.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the perfect veil.  Consider the style of your wedding dress, the venue, time of day, formality of the wedding, you and your partner’s style, and of course, your bridal hairstyle.

How to style a dramatic wedding veil

A cathedral length veil is all about regal appeal but you don’t need to have an extra long veil to create an impact. A short veil combined with handcrafted couture details, such as the WEEPING CHERRY veil, can be just as dramatic as a heavily embellished long veil as seen in our NIGHT GARDEN, ATHENA or RIVIERA veils.

When styling a dramatic wedding veil, consider the following:

1.) Your wedding dress

Consider the style and shape of your wedding dress.

Try to define your bridal style with a few words.  Free-spirited, relaxed and fashion forward? Or modern, clean and high end? If you’re struggling to find the words to best describe the vision you have in your head, a Pinterest board will help you gather your thoughts and better understand your vision.

Sometimes it’s easier to know what you don’t like rather than what you do like. The process of elimination can be just as effective!

As a general guide, your veil should accentuate and be proportional to your dress. When it comes to statement veils, we like to pair them with simpler silhouettes so that they doesn’t overpower or take away from the details of the dress.

  • If your dress is busy and features lots of intricate details:  Stick with a simple veil and a clean raw edge. Try delicate details such as scattered crystals or pearls across the whole veil rather than concentrated areas of competing laces or 3D lace embellishments. Our favourite veils include the DEWBERRYNADIA or ETOILE veils.
  • If your dress is very simple, a trailing veil with couture embellishments will add the wow factor instantly. Think the NIGHT GARDEN, CATALINA, ATHENA or the RIVIERA veils.
  • A gown covered in sequins from head to toe doesn’t need to be paired with a simple veil. Contrast sequins with faceted crystal elements. The soft shimmer of the sequin will complement the subtle sparkle of the crystal details. Our favourite picks include the ETOILE, DEWBERRY, MORNING MIST or MARGAUX veils.

2.) Details on your wedding dress

It’s important to consider the placement of any defining details on your wedding dress.  Look for any focal points on the dress to ensure that the veil doesn’t interrupt the flow or details of the dress.  Some things to consider include:

  • Are the embellishments on the dress mainly on the bodice, straps, on the skirt or all over?
  • Where is the main structural focal point on the dress?  Is it a dramatic neckline, a low back or extravagant train that draws your eyes.
  • Does the dress feature a variety of embellishments such as flowers, lace, sequins and hand-beading?
  • Or all of the above?

Other things to note:

  • If your veil length falls where a focal point begins, for example a defined waist line, this will have the effect of visually cutting you in half.  Instead, your veil length should be cut just above or below this line to elongate the silhouette.
  • Your height is really important as it comes down to proportions. A knee length veil will often shorten the silhouette, whereas a veil that’s too short might look too top heavy.
  • Embellishments on the veil can be localised to one area to be best showcase your dress. The details can be applied to the top section near the crown of the head or it could trail downwards across the train. For example, the THEODORE, MORNING MIST or IVY veils.

3.) Your other accessories

To quote Coco Chanel, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”.  This is valuable advice generally, and especially when it comes to incorporating a showstopper wedding veil into your bridal look.

If you’re fond of dramatic wedding dress, minimise the rest of your wedding accessories.  Think simpler shoes, no necklace or bracelet and perhaps just a set of elegant earrings to frame your face.

Need styling advice?

We’re here to help. We work with brides worldwide to help them coordinate and choose the perfect wedding accessories from our collections.

Feel free to send us photos of your wedding dress, bridal hairstyle and details of styles from our collection you love and we can go from there.

Need styling advice?

We’re here to help. We work with brides worldwide to help them coordinate and choose the perfect wedding accessories from our collections.

Feel free to send us photos of your wedding dress, bridal hairstyle and details of styles from our collection you love and we can go from there.