Featuring a backdrop of sweeping snow-capped mountains scattered with historic redwood trees, Lauren and Dain’s wedding ceremony was simply breathtaking. The couple always knew they wanted to get married on top of a mountain, and Glacier Point, in California’s Yosemite National Park, was the ultimate spot.

With such a majestic wedding location, Lauren’s bridal look needed to be both beautiful and practical. Her flowy lace gown was lightweight and featured godets, so she could easily climb mountains and bush walk on the day. As for accessories, Lauren wore our GABRIEL crown, which beautifully echoed the surrounding wildlife, with its clusters of clay flowers, crystal foliage and bohemian vibe. Comfortable footwear was also a must. She finished off her bridal look with very practical, brown lace-up boots!

Wedding day adventures

Lauren and Dain wanted their wedding to be romantic, adventurous, outdoorsy and intimate. The stunning vistas of waterfalls, giant sequoia trees, wildlife and cliffs at Yosemite National Park fulfilled this wedding-day vision, and gave their guests a truly unique experience.

“When I first met Dain, I was not adventurous or an ‘outdoorsy’ person,” says Lauren. “Two years after dating he took me to Yosemite, CA and I fell in love! I hadn’t been since I was about four or five years old and was in awe of Yosemite’s beauty as soon as we entered the park. We had dinner at The Majestic Yosemite Hotel and I saw a couple getting married there, and I joked that we should get married there someday. Who knew that seven years later, we would?”

Coordinating your bridal look

Time, consideration and an open mind went into creating Lauren’s gorgeous bridal look. Every detail, from the dress, to the accessories and hairstyle, was well thought through, to accentuate Lauren’s natural beauty. Her lace dress was flowy and elegant and featured chiffon godets at the bottom and buttons down the back.

“My husband always tells me my backside is one of the reasons he fell in love with me, so I knew I had to have a mermaid silhouette to show off my curves,” says Lauren. “The lace in my dress is actually flowers if you look close enough. I loved how the GABRIEL crown had gorgeous white flowers that matched my dress so perfectly. My dress also had no beading whatsoever, so I wanted something with a little bling. The crown was a modern yet timeless approach to the trendy flower crown. The pearls in the crown added an extra vintage look, which I loved. I wanted a boho feel to my hair. So, I went on Pinterest a lot!”

She decided on a half up hair style, with a modern braid and curls, topped with the GABRIEL crown.

“Tania Maras is amazing. She really does makes a little something for everyone. An extra special piece of jewellery or a headpiece to have on your wedding day makes the look. Also, I love the idea of having something to pass down to my daughter one day and this headpiece will be one of those things.”

Best wedding advice

“My advice is, don’t worry so much about pleasing other people. I feel like weddings have really gotten out of hand. There is a reason smaller weddings are the new trend. We wanted our wedding to be about us! We hand selected the people that shaped our relationship and made us the people we are today and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My second piece of advice is getting an amazing photographer. There are some things on a wedding I would say skimp on, a photographer is not one of those. For my husband and I, our pictures were the most important thing, so finding a great photographer was at the top of our list. Lastly, relax… remember you are doing this because you love each other. Have fun with it!”

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