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We always recommend our brides find their wedding dress before they start their wedding headpiece or hairstyle journey. Your wedding dress will set the tone for your wedding day and will be the greatest reference point to help you make decisions around all the little details.

For some brides, there are some things that are non-negotiables such as a wedding veil or a wedding updo. For brides who can’t imagine getting married in any other hairstyle, we present 14 of the most romantic wedding updos, and how to style them for your big day.

Relaxed updos

These relaxed updos with soft tendrils around the face provide a touch of romance and whimsy to an otherwise formal structure. A relaxed updo feels effortless, romantic and just-pulled-together (even though we all know it takes a lot of work to make something look natural).

Bring it all together

We love styling this hairstyle in a myriad of ways because of its simple, relaxed nature. A wedding crown will frame your face, a hair comb will frame the updo, and some hair pins placed in or around your updo will offer elegance and sophistication with minimal effort.

For veils, we recommend soft and floaty veils to complement the relaxed vibes of your hairstyle. Position it just above your updo or at the crown to elongate the silhouette and frame your wedding gown.

Modern classics

Elegant. Refined. Classic. All the things we love about bridal styling. We just can’t get enough of the modern, clean styling of today’s chignon and French twist.

Bring it all together

For the chignon, a statement headpiece that frames the bun will add wow factor. Soften the look with soft waves or tendrils around the face. If your heart is set on a veil, position the veil just above the bun and finish with a headpiece on top.

For lovers of the French twist, look for simple wedding hair combs that work well when placed vertically. A small comb or a series of hair pins will elevate your look instantly.

Messy updos

Effortlessly chic for the bohemian inspired bride, this look with its twists and turns is always a winner. Its beauty comes from the fine art of balancing texture with volume and detail, without looking too overdone.  Proportions are also important to ensure this hairstyle doesn’t overwhelm your face.

Bring it all together

The possibilities are endless!  A halo worn low, a wedding crown worn high, or some delicate hair pins scattered around your hairstyle will feel next level.

Choose hairpieces that mimic your hairstyle and personal style. You will want the details on your accessories to resonate and feel like a natural extension of you.

We often wish we could travel to every wedding of our gorgeous brides. Their love stories are infectious. For our Japanese bride Lena, who lives in the US and her Danish beau; their love spanned three continents, cultures and traditions. Rather than asking their friends and family to travel great lengths, they took their love and party to them – celebrating with two fabulous weddings!

Gorgeous Lena honoured her beautiful mother by wearing her dress and veil. So much detail went in to redesigning the vintage lace to perfectly fit Lena’s elegant long, lithe frame.

Lena contacted us to create a bespoke piece to wear with an updo that would complement her beautiful lace-edged veil. Inspired by our EVERLY, we customised a headpiece with sparkly crystals in navette, tear drop and round shapes. The crystals add a classic, romantic quality that work so elegantly with the delicate beading details of Lena’s dress.

Danish wedding | Elegant lines

We’ve had a few brides host two weddings. And most like to differentiate each with something a little different.

For Lena – she chose to style her hair differently, starting with a romantic chignon at her Danish celebration.

Nestled into the top of her updo, the customised EVERLY headpiece creates a beautiful line at the nape of her neck. The veil comb has been aligned with the headpiece, sitting just behind, that when the blusher is removed, drapes from the same position.

Danish wedding photographer: Philip Helm

Japanese wedding | Royal classique

For their Japanese wedding, Lena wore her hair in a high ballerina bun with a centre part. Creating an almost tiara-like look, the EVERLY has been wrapped around the front and sides of the updo.

Tucked between the headpiece and ballerina bun, is the veil comb – with Lena looking ever so like a royal bride.

Image: Masahiro Murakoshi