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An Evening in Florence

Tania, designer and Creative Director of Tania Maras Bridal, celebrates the 10-year anniversary of her business at the beginning of this year. What started out as a side hustle designing and manufacturing clutch purses has morphed into a leading bridal accessories brand.  Her forward-thinking approach, vast skill set and unmatched eye for creating beautiful designs, have captured the attention and admiration of brides worldwide.  Here, she shares her insights, stories and lessons that have shaped her business.

1. Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of your business is a huge achievement (congratulations!). What have been some of the highlights over the last decade?

Thank you! Being able to go full-time with what started as a side hustle while I was in my office job is one of my greatest career highlights. Now I have two young children, I’m able to balance work and family life. I’m surrounded by a supportive team who have allowed me to be a mum and also a boss. I’m very lucky. Learning to delegate has been the hardest thing, and building a team of dedicated and talented creatives who love what they do as much as I do, is also an important achievement for me. As is creating a beautiful studio where coming to work is always a pleasure.

2. You started your creative journey by designing and manufacturing clutch purses. Would you tell us a bit about this experience and how it led to bridal accessories?

I loved the process of designing and handcrafting clutch purses – ones that are both beautiful and practical. My collections featured a range of prints and colours, in casual as well as formal designs. The support I received from my customers was so positive and they would request custom pieces in softer colour palettes for their bridal parties and their bridal looks. From there I ventured into the art of silk flower making, and then wire work, and here we are.

3.) Your business has evolved substantially over the years. What has sparked these changes to your business? And why do you think its important to try new things, expand and go in different directions?

The bridal industry has changed dramatically over the past decade and I feel this is because brides have evolved. Women are questioning and redefining the wedding traditions that don’t resonate with them and their values, as well as what is traditionally expected of them. Brides want to create a day that’s the perfect expression of themselves and their partners, so it’s much more of a personal event.

My goal is to help each bride find a piece or pieces that speak to her on a personal level, either from the collection, or by designing a bespoke piece to suit their individual style. Previously brides were the recipient of heirlooms from their grandmothers and mothers, but I’ve found over the years that brides now want to start their own traditions and find their own heirlooms to create a legacy which they can pass onto their daughters.