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Many people around the world, across various cultures and religions, regard the original forbidden fruit to be a pomegranate, and a not an apple, in the Garden of Eden.

Its symbolism across many cultures conjures associations with the earth, deep enduring love, abundance and fertility – due to its numerous seeds and sweet plentiful flesh.

Forbidden Fruit

We were inspired by this intriguing fruit, and its richness in colour, tone and texture. In fact, we have been inspired by a red and gold colour palette for some time, having worked with many Chinese brides over the years to create red and gold wedding headpieces to complement their Chinese bridal looks.

Many of our Chinese brides wear a Cheongsam, a red one-piece dress with intricate gold or silver floral displays, and are looking for the perfect headpiece to complement their style and pay tribute to their heritage.

Our Forbidden Fruit headpiece was designed to capture the essence of the symbolic pomegranate. We felt it would be the perfect place to draw inspiration from for a wedding day – a fruit which symbolises deep enduring love, marriage, fertility and abundance.

The headpiece below brings together two main elements as focal points, each side working in harmony with the other, each bursting with botanical details to symbolise life, growth and love. This lush and captivating piece features deep red jewel tones, rich floral elements and fine gold toned wiring that’s unique in design, bold in colour yet delicate in detailing.

It’s the perfect size to frame a wedding veil or it can be curved to the contours of a range of wedding hairstyles.

Designing a red and gold wedding headpiece

As you an appreciate when it comes to choosing the perfect shade of red lipstick, the red colour spectrum is broad and rich in subtle nuances.  In designing this red and gold headpiece, we chose to work with red tones with a subtle blue undertone to give the piece a richness and warmth.

We also find this colour palette complements blonde, brunette or black hair colour, making a strong and bold statement whilst maintaining a rich feminine quality.

PHOENIX | A red and gold wedding hair comb

This exquisite side comb below is a beautiful example of another piece we recently designed for a Chinese bride. The Phoenix comb is designed to sit to the side of a low set updo, a more subtle interpretation of the Chinese Phoenix coronet.

Interested in a bespoke headpiece?

If you love these pieces, or would love to chat about a different design customised in gold and red detailing, feel free to get in touch. We’d love to work with you to create the perfect wedding accessories.