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Have you ever wondered how to secure a metal hair comb in your hair?  Do you have a hairstyle where combs just seem to fall right out? It can be tricky and it can sometimes seem like it needs to defy gravity to stay in place.

The truth is, it is easier to have a solid base to work from. This could be a firm bun, a messy updo, a twisted or tucked section of hair that’s been pinned into place.  This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to secure a comb in other hairstyles. It will just require a bit of prep work (and lots of bobby pins!).

So if you’re worried your ultimate wedding hairstyle and bridal hair comb won’t work together, here are three ways to secure a metal comb.

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The Tease

Lift a layer of hair and gently tease the underside with a fine hair comb. Lower your section of hair, insert the comb and use bobby pins across the teeth of the comb to secure it into place.  It’s best to hide the bobby pins as well as you can for a more seamless finish. You may find 1-2 bobby pins hidden under the hair in an X shape will hold your comb securely into place.

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Elastic bands

Have you seen those tiny clear hair elastic bands? If you have really short hair, a great way to secure a metal hair comb is to create tiny ponytails in the area you want to wear the comb.  The tiny ponytails are best hidden beneath a section of hair. Once you’ve created a little row of elastic bands, gently nestle the teeth of the comb into the bands. Reinforce with 1-2 bobby pins under the hair.  This method works well if you are planning to wear a side hair comb or a wedding veil in short hair.

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The Pincurl

Gather a small amount of hair where you would like the comb to sit. Twirl it around your fingers to create a little curl and then pin it to your head with two bobby pins in an X shape. A little bit of hair spray will also fix it into position. Nestle your metal comb behind the bobby pins.

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Styling tips

  • Heavy headpieces may need a solid foundation to stay in place.  These may be better supported by upstyles or half up hairstyles.
  • If your comb is made from plastic, it may be more difficult to hold the comb in place with bobby pins. Small alligator hair clips might be useful.
  • These techniques can be used for hair pins, halos and similar accessories.
  • If you’re looking to change your hair accessories during the course of your wedding day (i.e. remove your wedding veil after the ceremony), be sure to take notes on how the comb was been secured so you don’t mess up your bridal hairstyle trying to remove it. Ask your bridesmaids for help looking for the bobby pins before the comb is pulled out.

Need help?

Your hairstylist will be able to offer you advice and recommendations based on your hair type and your vision for your accessories. There are a number of different hair fasteners that are designed specifically for these situations.  For example, snap clips that are often used to secure hair extensions can also be sewn under a headpiece too.