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An Evening in Florence

As the sun slowly sets, a warm glow is cast on the rugged landscape, and photographer Michael Schultz captures the most breathtaking photos of newlyweds Stacey and Lee at the New Zealand wedding.

Stacey and Lee could be described as ‘modern romantics’, their wedding was special, intimate and unique. The couple were less concerned about the formal traditions of weddings, and more interested in creating a day that was in harmony with their personalities and values, as well as being a relaxed and enjoyable time for their guests.

Modern styling

Stacey and Lee both gravitate towards a clean, simple and modern approach to styling. One of the best ways they kept things simple was having a short engagement.

“We just didn’t have time to overthink things and go overboard,” explains Stacey. “We loved the simplicity of the dreamy bright white reception space and the natural greenery in the courtyard where the ceremony was held, so we only brought in a few black and white elements, some wood tones and lots of clear acrylic.”

The ceremony and reception were held at a small restaurant in Hawke’s Bay. Their New Zealand wedding ceremony took place in the vine-covered courtyard and reception was in a room upstairs. Everyone sat together at one long table, as Stacey and Lee wanted the night to feel more like a big dinner party and less like a formal wedding. This is just one of many ways the couple stayed true themselves when planning their wedding.

“Don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable doing just because it’s your wedding day. We didn’t have a bridal party, we didn’t do speeches, we said our vows in private the morning of the wedding. We were comfortable and at ease and able to enjoy the day with our friends and family.”

The dream dress

From the off-shoulder, A-line silhouette, to the dramatic skirt and pockets (!), Stacey’s wedding gown featured all the details she feels comfortable wearing.

“I stopped looking for dresses as soon as I saw it. It truly was my dream dress. I never thought I would wear such a big, dramatic dress, but I just felt so good in it.”

From there, Stacey set up a Pinterest account and began creating mood boards for hair and veil inspiration. This is how she came across our much-loved Riviera veil.

The statement veil

Although she endeavoured to keep the styling simple, from the moment Stacey saw our embellished Riviera veil, with its abundance of floral laces, 3D hand-beaded flowers and crystal pearls, it filled her thoughts.

“I showed it to my mum and that was it, we placed the order then and there,” says Stacey. “I always feel my best with my hair down and curled, and the veil just fit in with that styling perfectly.”

We especially love how Stacey styled the veil up high on the crown of her head, allowing the lace and floral details to gently cascade down her hair and shoulders.

Stacey’s advice is to trust your instincts when pulling together your bridal look.

“Stay true to yourself, your personal style and what you know you feel good in, and it will all fall into place,” says Stacey.

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