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An Evening in Florence

Just outside Winnipeg in Canada’s scenic Manitoba region, lies Pineridge Hollow, a wedding venue set on acres of gardens, ponds and flowers. As her name suggests, Jasmine was attracted to this  setting for her special day. Jasmine and Joel’s ‘Romantic Garden’ wedding was all about creating a relaxed and wholesome day and spending quality time with their family and friends.

Jasmine glowed amongst the lush foliage, with her husband by her side, her beautiful smile and flowy lace and chiffon dress. She adorned her hair with our VERSE hair comb, the pearl and crystal sprigs and clay flowers added sparkle and echoed the picturesque surroundings.

Wedding traditions

As it was one of the few times both Jasmine and Joel’s family were together in the one place, they made a special effort to create a relaxed and enjoyable party, so that they had time to interact and catch up with loved ones.

 “I wanted our family and friends to feel relaxed and enjoy their time with us. I never wanted strict timelines packed with bouquet tosses, garter tosses, or a million speeches (so we simply didn’t do them).” says Jasmine.

They pulled back on the formalities, but added cultural traditions to personalise their day.

“I’m Filipino, and it was important for me to include a traditional ceremony with the veil, candle, coins, and cord. Each item represents something in our marriage.”

Jasmine's bridal styling

An avid researcher, Jasmine always does the legwork before deciding on anything. And her wedding was no exception.

“For my wedding, my researching went into hypergear. Instagram was always a good place to find some inspiration and to see how other brides styled their looks. I found Tania Maras on Pinterest and it was the style I was striving to achieve, so I kind of just went from there. I absolutely adored all the styled shoots Tania did, from the dresses to the hairstyles. Something about it just seemed timeless and organic.”

Jasmine was attracted to her Truvelle dress because it was designed and made in Canada, she loved the lace bodice and skirt, plus it was super comfortable!

“All the other dresses I tried on felt too constricted, or were itchy, or too heavy. I was worried I’d be too self conscious in other dresses that were curve hugging. I loved A line skirts because they made me feel taller (although I should give up since my husband is 6’2”) and the skirt flowed so beautifully. My aunt told me after the ceremony, ‘this dress is so you!’ with a bright smile, and truthfully, it was. It was feminine and romantic, everything I was looking for.”

When it came to hair styling, Jasmine knew she needed an updo (to handle the hot and humid Canadian summer) and a Tania Maras headpiece was also a must.

“Tania had everything I was aiming for: the timeless, whimsical, delicate and feminine pieces were unlike any other I had seen before. I chose the VERSE because I knew it would be timeless (I wanted to find something that I was going to pass on through generations). I also wanted something that wasn’t too big either. It was honestly so hard for me to finally pick one that I liked the most because I wanted them all!”

Best Advice

“Things book up really fast where I’m from, so book the ‘big’ things first. We nailed down our venue and photographer first, because those were the biggest things for us. Joel was especially keen about finding the perfect photographer because, as he says, ‘the pictures are the only things that will last of our wedding’. In a day that goes by so fast, the pictures are our only window for us to precisely remember everything that happened.”

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