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An Evening in Florence

Daniela discovered us through Instagram and fell in love with our work. She sent us an email with photographs of her wedding dress, potential hairstyles and also shared her thoughts on the type of gold wedding crown she had envisaged for her wedding day.

With her wedding in early December, we were excited at the prospect to work with her and we had a good amount of time to design and create a gold wedding crown and have it arrive with time to spare so she could bring it along to her dress fitting.

Daniela's bridal look

Daniela had chosen an exquisite lace wedding wedding dress which she will wear with a detachable full skirt and long train.  Her look channels all that is majestic and grande in a way that exudes timelessness and a classic sensibility.

She was still deciding between a ponytail and low set hair bun with middle part when we first started emailing so we designed a gold wedding crown which she could wear with both hairstyles depending on which option she decided to go with.

The inspiration behind this gold wedding crown

Daniela’s love for a pale gold finish rather than a stronger yellow gold undertone lead us to draw inspiration from the LYRIC headpiece. We loved the way the leaves and details on the LYRIC grow out and around from the centre and felt it would be the perfect foundation for her headpiece.

Her other favourite style was our ENCHANTED headpiece but as it’s profile was a little too low and the details were only available in a warmer yellow gold, we decided to carry across some of the defining floral elements across instead into her bespoke crown.

We lengthened the design of the LYRIC and reworked it onto a firmer base to support the crown style she loved. We brought in freshwater pearls from the ENCHANTED crown to add fullness to the piece, as well as extra texture and depth.  As the headpiece will be worn at the top of Daniela’s head, we also needed to design it with additional leaves and flowers so it would look beautiful and decadent from all angles.

Still looking for your perfect headpiece?

Finding that perfect headpiece can be a challenge because there are can be many options to choose from.  Sometimes having lots of choice can make it harder to make a decision.

If you’re still looking for your perfect headpiece or veil, feel free to get in touch with us via email and share thoughts and photos on the vision and style you have in mind.  We would love to work with you to talk through the options and what could work. If your perfect piece doesn’t exist but you feel elements of it can be seen across a few of our styles do let us know too as we would love to work with you to bring it life.