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An Evening in Florence

Naz and Dan’s entire wedding day had a warm, golden glow about it, and Naz’s stunning bridal look was no exception. With our golden VERSAILLES hairpiece, flowing lace gown and oversized paper flowers, her look was enchanted and regal.

The wedding encapsulated the couple’s sunny personality. The day was described by their guests as ‘such a Dan and Naz wedding’, and for them, that was the ultimate compliment. From their wedding, we can gather that the couple is theatrical, fun-loving and romantic, as the day featured a ceremony in a cave, a masquerade ball and kidnapping! But we won’t reveal all the details just yet. Here’s how the day unfolded.

‘You Are My Home’

The theme of the wedding was ‘You are my home’ which had a special significance for Dan and Naz. They both had visa issues which began eight months prior to their wedding and Naz had to urgently leave Australia, unsure if she’d even make it back in time for the wedding.

“We started saying this phrase to each other, meaning that no matter where we end up, we are each other’s home.”

This theme echoed throughout the day, with their song selection, Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, and a beautiful teal sign at the venue which read ‘You are my home’.

Kidnapping the Guests

“When we were looking for ceremony locations, we knew we wanted something outside of the city,” says Naz. “We started to look into the Blue Mountains, and my fiancé (now husband) said, ‘Naz, how fun would it be to get married in the cave?’”.

The Blue Mountains is home to Australia’s most famous caves system – Jenolan Caves, which feature underground rivers and limestone formations. It was the perfect, majestic setting for their ceremony. Adding a layer of intrigue, they decided to keep the ceremony venue a secret from all their guests, including their parents.

“On the day, when all the guests arrived at Waldara [a country wedding venue] we told them that we had a secret, and then ‘kidnapped’ all of them into the buses!”

Only when they arrived was the surprise ceremony location revealed.

A Day-Long Celebration

In line with Dan’s heritage, they decided on a traditional British wedding, which means a whole day affair.

“First there is a ceremony (which we had at the Jenolan Caves), then the wedding breakfast, followed by lunch at Waldara, with some speeches and delicious food. Then people had a break, where they went for a walk around Waldara or relaxed by a fire pit (there were a few to choose from). Everyone then changed for the Masquerade Ball. It was an elegant party where all guests, including Dan and I, transformed into different looks.”

Naz’s bridal look

Naz was after a dress that expressed her personality. She narrowed her online search by googling Australian designs within her budget. She also looked to Pinterest and ‘real bride’ features on blogs, for further ideas until she found the Inca dress by Grace Loves Lace.

“I thought where else will I be able to wear this kind of style?” she says, laughing. “I also was looking for a comfortable dress. I know if something doesn’t sit on me right it will consume me on the day.”

She accessorised with hints of gold throughout the day and night. For the masqueraded reception ball she changed into a glittering silver dress and a gold face-painted mask. Her VERSAILLES headpiece stayed in her hair the entire day. She was attracted to delicate mesh leaves and gold and ivory palette of the piece, which she styled in a soft up-do.

“The moment I saw VERSAILLES I was in love. I knew I wanted something with golden leaves in my headpiece,” she says. “The Versailles is so delicate, exquisite and stunning.”


Best Piece of Advice

Naz’s best advice for choosing your bridal look is: be you. “Get a dress and accessories that resonates with you. Some people told me that they are not sure if the Inca dress would suit our venue. My response was:

‘I don’t care, I am wearing my Inca’. There are a lot of opinions about what style you ‘should’ wear for a beach wedding or rustic wedding. But I say go with what you want and wear your dream dress. If you want to wear a big princess dress for a beach wedding – go for it. It’s your day, all that matters is you and your husband-to-be.”

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