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The new decade is well and truly here and while 2020 has shown us a new world we are still adjusting to, 2020 wedding hair feels a little different to previous years. Why? Well, nothing is off-limits with much smaller weddings, elopements and impromptu ceremonies. It’s an interesting time where anything goes and while there may be less of a focus on trends this year, there are defining looks that we are likely to continue to see.

From full messy buns, sleek straight styles and luxurious waves framed by middle parts, we look forward to seeing soft tendrils framing the face and a generous amount of volume and texture. However you choose to style your 2020 bridal ensemble, the go-to bridal look will be ultra feminine and chic.

Scroll down and fall in love with our favourite 2020 wedding hairstyles.  Find our top styling tips for each hairstyle – from choosing the right wedding veil, headpiece or earrings to suit. Choosing the best accessories for your look will be a balance of taking into account your bridal hairstyle and your wedding dress neckline, style and silhouette.

Photo credit: Ash and Co

1. Luxurious soft bridal waves

Soft waves and wedding hair go hand in hand. And so it continues into 2020. The updated look would feel at home on the red carpet with a touch of bohemian styling. A little bit imperfect, a touch of effortless chic, add a bit of volume and texture to mess things up a bit.

How to accessorise:

  • Keep it simple. Style this look with a delicate crown or headband, a small side comb or statement earrings. Less is definitely more with this look – you might even find just a wedding veil is all you need.
  • If you decide to go with a crown, choose one that’s delicate and won’t overwhelm your hair. Set it up high on the head and/or with a veil positioned at the crown of your head to let your waves take centre stage.
  • Factor in the weight of your headpiece or veil. Choose a piece on the lighter side so it won’t weigh down your curls.
  • The texture and size of your curls and waves, as well as the style and silhouette of your wedding dress, will influence the style of your accessories. Sculptural waves reminiscent of Hollywood styling would better suit a small side comb or small tiara to frame a wedding veil. Relaxed and messy waves will lend itself to accessories that capture boho luxe vibes.
  • The size of the comb on your wedding veil isn’t as important with this hairstyle. A veil with a wide comb will work just as well as a smaller one.

Photo credits: 1. via Pinterest | 2. Sasha Esenina | 3. Andrea Tiller | 4. via Pinterest | 5. via Pinterest | 6. Who What Wear | 7. Sasha Esenina | 8. Ash and Co

See it styled:

Shop this look:  (Clockwise from top left) CARMEN veil, TROUSSEAU comb, TEMPEST crown, NOUVEAU veil

2. Textured updos with soft tendrils

A classic look that will never fade. You’re guaranteed to see many textured updos this wedding season. The defining look will be a low set upstyle finished with soft tendrils around the face. Personalise your look with an assortment of texture, braids or twists. Think full messy buns, tousled French twists and simple low updos. If you’re looking to capture a romantic vibe, you can never have too much volume. Or braids. There’s a reason why braids continue to find their way down wedding aisles. They’re the ultimate in romantic detailing, they add texture and beautifully capture the mood of a wedding day.

How to accessorise:

  • A textured updo feels romantic and effortless so your accessories should capture this vibe. Find small pins that you can scatter to the side of your updo, or a medium sized comb which can sit in the middle to frame your wedding veil.
  • Depending on the size of your bun and your face shape, exaggerated earrings will balance out your look and will bring attention to the front and sides.
  • It would be a shame to cover up beautiful braids and twists so pair this look with a sheer minimalist veil or position it just above the bun (rather than the crown of your head).
  • Avoid veils with extra wide combs (i.e. wider than 3-3.5 inches) as larger veil combs will look too bulky. Veils attached to smaller combs from 1.5 inches to 3 inches will create a more contemporary finish.
  • If you’d like to achieve an ultra luxe look with maximum impact, pair a statement wedding veil with statement earrings. Just ensure your wedding dress is simple and there are complementary details across your accessories such as matching pearls or floral elements.

See it styled:

Shop this look:  (Clockwise from top left) LYRIC headpiece, CATALINA veil, CHERRY BLOSSOM set, LAURETTE hair pins

3. Sleek and straight wedding hair

Who says straight hair is just for everyday? The Kardashians, Gigi Hadid and numerous runway shows have inspired sleek and straight hairstyles for 2020. The thing we love the most about straight wedding hairstyles is they’re the perfect balance of modern and sleek styling with an effortless vibe.

The reality to achieving a straight wedding hairstyle may not be as simple as first thought. Straight hairstyles do require some work with preparation to ensure minimal flyaways and of course your hair must be in great condition to begin with. But if you can tick both of these boxes, this is a next level look. A must have? A middle part and hair tucked behind the ears for a look says elevated modern luxe.

Minimalist bridal looks were a big hit in 2019 and it’s fair to say this trend will continue well into 2020.

How to accessorise:

  • Keep your accessories simple. Choose a pair of statement earrings, a wedding veil, simple hair slides or a simple crown. Emphasis on ‘or’ and not ‘and’.
  • Opt for bold makeup – accentuating your cheekbones, lips and eyes.
  • The neckline and style of your dress will be an important factor in choosing your accessories. I.e. have you chosen a straight hairstyle because your dress features an exaggerated silhouette with lots of texture and detail? Or are you looking to achieve a minimalist look overall?  Either way, less is more.
  • A straight hairstyle can be paired with a full wedding veil with lots of volume and gathers, or a simple and sheer veil that sits flat against the head. It will depend whether you want your veil to define your bridal look or accentuate it. A veil does need a good foundation to feel secure so your hairstylist will need to take extra precautions with additional hair pins under the hair.

Photo credits: 1. via Pinterest | 2. via Pinterest | 3. Grace Loves Lace | 4. via Pinterest | 5. via Pinterest | 6. Sarah W Hair | 7. Vogue UK | 8. Grace Loves Lace | 9. via Pinterest | 10. | 11. Wedding Forward | 12. Brit and Co

See it styled:

Shop this look:  (Clockwise from top left) LUCILLE headpiece, HENRI crown, IRIS comb, FLORES crown

4. Wedding hairstyles with middle parts

Middle parts are here to stay and we love them more than ever.  In 2020, we’ll see middle parts on voluminous soft waves, sleek updos, beach bridal hairstyles and everything in between.

How to accessorise:

  • We love to play on symmetry when it comes to middle parts. Wear a headband set up high with a strong curve (i.e. a pearl headband) or a crown with a peak positioned right in the middle.
  • If you’ve fallen in love with a loose or sleek updo, accessorise with a headpiece set low and positioned to the back of the head.
  • Statement earrings are a must if you’d like to skip the veil and headpiece.
  • Depending on the neckline of your dress and your face shape, contrast the symmetrical nature of this look with a scattering of hair pins styled to the side.
  • Any style of veil will suit this hairstyle – from lace mantilla, fully embellished to sheer and minimalist.

Photo credits: 1. Jaye Edwards | 2. Sasha Esenina | 3. via Pinterest | 4. Sasha Esenina | 5. via Pinterest | 6. Sasha Esenina | 7. Christie Nicole Bridal | 8. Sasha Esenina | 9. via Pinterest | 10. via Pinterest | 11. Joanna Haplin Tumblr

See it styled:

Shop this look:  (Clockwise from top left) FLEUR crown, ELISABETTA earrings, MAYA earrings, HARPER crown

5. Low set textured ponytails

There’s something so feminine and chic about a ponytail and we will continue to see textured ponytails in 2020. The look is less cheerleader and more effortless chic, with volume at the crown and pulled back into a ponytail above the nape of the neck.

How to accessorise:

  • Your wedding veil choice is really important if you love the look of a bridal ponytail. Choose a veil that’s attached to a smaller hair comb (1.5-2.5 inches) to create a smaller teardrop silhouette in the hair.  A wide veil comb (anything wider than 2.5 inches) will overwhelm your look and will cover up the ponytail.
  • If you wish to choose a wider comb on your veil, ensure there’s little to no gathers. Find a drop veil or a veil that’s so sheer your hairstyle will show through.
  • Choose accessories that will accentuate the ponytail – position delicate hair pins to the side of the head, a headpiece just above the ponytail, or frame both sides of the ponytail with a floral display inspired by a laurel vine.
  • Depending your wedding dress choice, you might want to balance out your look with a crown or tiara positioned at the front. This is a great choice if your dress features a full skirt and extra long train.
  • A backwards facing headpiece can look incredible with a ponytail. Just ensure the width and style is proportional to the size of your head and the volume/curls in your ponytail.

See it styled:

Shop this look:  (Clockwise from top left) BORDEAUX veil, CATALINA veil, FRIDA hair pieces, STELLAR pins

Need help choosing your wedding accessories?

We work with brides worldwide and we would love to offer advice and recommendations to finish your bridal look. Our wedding accessories collections can be customised to suit your dress and hairstyle. Feel free to send across photos of your wedding dress, face shape and preferred bridal hairstyles and we can get back to you.

Wedding hair trends for 2019 are all about serious #hairgoals. Think hairstyles fit for royalty, and not in a conservative and super polished way. Royal no longer means traditional in 2019. Royal feels effortless, feminine and classically chic. It’s fair to say the Markle effect has been just as powerful as the Middleton effect when it comes to wedding hair trends. Be prepared for a beautiful blend of both worlds in 2019 with these top 5 wedding hair trends.

1. Effortless updos

Most would associate the effortless updo with the Duchess of Sussex. Perfectly undone hair, a middle part with hair pulled back effortlessly, and soft tendrils framing the face. The Duchess of Cambridge’s style is a little more polished but not overly fussy. Elegant chignons, glamorous pony tails and chic twisted updos that leave us all feeling envious of her exquisite shiny hair.

There’s no denying the influence of these two stylish women on brides worldwide. The spectrum of effortless updos is wide ranging and appeals to a wide range of bridal looks.

Photo credits: 1. via Pop Sugar | 2. via @hair_vera | 3. via Fab Mood | 4. via People | 5. via @jodycallanhair | 6. via @dodiejayhair

How to accessorise an effortless updo

For classic bridal styling, we love to finish the hair with a veil and a detailed comb or a crown. For a look fit for a Queen, we love to finish this hairstyle with the VERSAILLES, SOMERSET or MARION headpieces.

For a more romantic look with boho luxe appeal, style an effortless updo with bridal hair flowers or a backwards facing headpiece or hair vine. Recent shows from Rodarte, Reem Acra and Marchesa saw blossoms brought back to life in flower crowns, loosely scattered hair flowers to extravagant floral arrangements nestled into the hair. Whatever your preference, a veil and headpiece are the perfect accompaniment and will have you ready to walk down the aisle to marry your own Prince or Princess Charming.

2. Romantic soft waves

We’ll see many brides wearing this all time classic look in 2019. There’s endless variations of this look starting from polished low set Hollywood waves to textured and voluminous messy waves with bohemian appeal. A variation of the polished look sees the hair pulled back behind both ears. Or form a side part, flick one side 0ver and finish with a detailed side comb.

This look works for medium or longer hairstyles and can include textured lobs, long loose messy waves or chic Hollywood waves for classic bridal styling.

Photo credits: 1. via @maetaylor_makeupartist for Jane Hill Bridal | 2. via @dodiejayhair | 3. via @dodiejayhair | 4. via Pinterest | 5. via @_hairbygabrielle | 6. via Pinterest | 7. via @dodiejayhair | 8. via @chelseahaircutters | 9. via Allure | 10. via @dodiejayhair | 11. via Pinterest

How to accessorise romantic soft waves

The classic choice for low set soft waves is a side comb but a wedding crown or statement earrings can be a beautiful finishing touch. Choose one statement piece for a minimalist look. We love the look of the FLEURAGNES, BLANCHETT or ROSEBURY crowns.

3. Textured and twisted hairstyles

Everyone loves a braided hairstyle and there will always be a place in our hearts for this look. 2019 sees the braid updated to a textured and twisted look which is equal parts boho chic and glamorous. If you’re looking for something a little more detailed than an effortless updo, a subtle twisted detail at the sides or across the top of the bun can transform your look instantly.

Texture created from twists are just as beautiful in updos and half up hairstyles alike.

Photo credits: 1. via @hair_vera | 2. via @tonyastylist| 3.  via@tonyastylist | 4. via @ksenya_makeup | 5. via Pinterest | 6. via Daily Mail | 7. via Isabella Jane Hair Styling | 8. via Daily Mail | 9. via @belaya_lyudmila | 10. via Pop Sugar

How to accessorise twisted wedding hairstyles

Contrast the effortless twists with a statement headpiece, hair vine or smaller hair pins scattered to one side.  Accessorising this look is about accentuating the flow of the hairstyle – a vine that flows along the twist will feel romantic and feminine, such as the BOTANICA or VERSE hair pieces. For something a little simpler, scattered hair flowers look just as chic such as the WHISPER hair pins or MEADOW set.

4. Romantic pony tails

Take your pick from high messy pony tails to low pony tails with texture and volume. Perhaps a more polished pony is closer to your style? Whatever your preference, 2019 sees countless variations of this popular style from 2018.  A bridal updo or chignon isn’t for everyone and the beauty of a pony tail is it keeps the hair off your face in the most chic and effortless way. As an added bonus, it also elongates the silhouette and frames a range of wedding gowns beautifully.

Photo credits: 1. via @_hairbygabrielle | 2. via Pinterest | 3. via Pinterest| 4. via Instyle UK | 5. via Daily Mail | 6. via The White Files | 7. via Pinterest

How to accessorise pony tails

Styling a bridal pony tail is all about letting the pony take centre stage. We designed the BORDEAUX veil with the pony tail in mind – a fingertip veil that was reimagined to frame the pony tail. Just because you’re wearing a pony tail doesn’t mean you can’t wear a chic and modern veil.  For a little sparkle, accessorise with pins to the side. The STELLAR hair pins can be secured to the side or wrap the GEMINI headpiece around the base of the pony tail for a look that’s boho chic and unique.

5. Low bun with centre part

Classic and chic, the low bun with centre part is often seen in runway shows and on the red carpet. Meaghan Markle has nailed this look and we love her for it.  For some brides, adding a little texture will make this look feel more relaxed, romantic, and sophisticated without the fuss.

Photo credits: 1. via Pinterest | 2. via Harper and Harley | 3. via Pinterest | 4. via Pinterest | 5. via Pinterest | 6. via Pop Sugar

How to accessorise a low bridal bun

This clean and chic look needs very little when it comes to accessories. All you need is a pair of small studs such as the ELIZA crystal earrings or the BAILEY pearl earrings; a set of simple pearl hair pins to add detail, or a minimalist wedding veil on a small comb like the AUDREY veil.


This year is set to be a year of romantic, effortless luxe hair. A touch of elegance and sophistication paired with a hint of bohemian. Get ready to see some of the classics transformed ever so slightly into relaxed yet modern adaptations.

Love braids? Get excited because there’ll be a return of braids and twists in ways we have yet to see. Tousled, textured and perfectly imperfect messy hair is the perfect way to showcase balayage and ombre colouring techniques. We love the way the hairstyles below highlight and accentuate the colours and tones of modern hairstyles.

We’ve pulled together 54 stunning hairstyles we know you and your BFFs will love. And we’ve included some helpful styling tips for all your favourite accessories.

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1. Textured low updos

These modern updos are a fusion of braids and classic styles. Despite their intricacy, they don’t look overdone or overwhelming. They’re modern chic personified.

Bringing it all together

As these gorgeous updos are detailed-rich, opt for a delicate, yet equally detailed wedding comb or bridal hair pins to truly set your look off.

For a glamorous look, we love to pair textured updos with a backwards facing headpiece such as our MAYBELLE hair pin, JASMINE headpiece or MARQUISE comb.

Shop this look: via MAYBELLE floral hair pin

Shop this look: via JASMINE bridal headpiece 

Shop this look: via MARQUISE side wedding comb

If you’re looking for a veil, we suggest positioning a sheer, simple fingertip or chapel-length veil from the crown or just above the updo. These hairstyles will work perfectly with or without a blusher, and a veil with or without embellishments.

Shop this look: via THEODORE pearl chapel veil

Shop this look: via ODETTE chapel veil with lace

2. The relaxed wedding bun

The wedding bun is more chic than ever with wispy tendrils and a low set profile. The chignon in 2018 is luxurious yet relaxed, and will take brides from garden soirees to formal gatherings.

Whether you have long or short hair, there’s a wedding bun for you. Your hairstylist can always add extensions to your hair if you’d prefer a fuller look.

Photo credit: via Pinterest

Photo credit: via Pinterest

Photo credit: via Pinterest

Photo credit: via Pinterest

Photo credit: via Pinterest

Photo credit: via Pinterest

Photo credit: via Pinterest

Photo credit: via Pinterest

Bringing it all together

This classic look is all about keeping things chic and sophisticated. We love to style this look with backwards facing headpieces such as our FONTAINE headpiece, JASMINE hair comb, VERSE comb and MARION headpiece.

For a simpler feel, pair this hairstyle with something small and delicate tucked into the side, such as the BRIAR-ROSE hair pin set.

Shop this look 

Shop this look 

Shop this look 

3. The chic ponytail

This year we will see many brides wearing chic ponytails down the aisle. We’ll be seeing glamorous high set wavy ones positioned at the crown to low set ponies tied at the nape of the neck.

For a more polished look, plump up your pony and wrap a strand of hair to cover the elastic. Finish with a pony tail wrap, cuff or velvet ribbon.

Photo credit: via Pinterest

Photo credit: via Pinterest

Photo credit: via Pinterest

Photo credit: via Pinterest

Photo credit: via Pinterest

Photo credit: via Pinterest

Photo credit: via Pinterest

4. The new half updo

Part half updo, part side-swept goddess, the new half updo is pure perfection. The braids and twists add that wow-factor, while the loose, wavy locks cascading down your back bring a softness and glamour.

For symmetry lovers, a romantic updo with fishtail detail is just as exquisite.

Bringing it all together

For those wanting to make a statement, you really can’t go past some scattered hair pins. We love an understated set like our BRIAR-ROSE hair pins.

And for you wedding veil lovers, this hairstyle would look gorgeous with a simple, chapel length veil like our AUDREY positioned either at the crown to create height or where your braid/twist ends in the middle. But why not take it up a notch, and look at embellished veil number such as our crystal trimmed chapel veil, ETOILE or pearl-detailed LOREN.

5. The half updo knot

Looking for something a little different, modern, yet still chic? May we introduce you to the half updo knot. For boho lovers, mess it up. Or for a more glam look, style it with loose waves and a smooth finish.

Bringing it all together

Depending on the thickness and volume of your hair, you could either add details to the side of your knot or directly to the knot itself. We love the idea of some delicate hair pin positioned into the bun to really create a beautiful focal point like our TEAROSE or scattered hair pins.

Shop this look 

Shop this look 

Is your heart set on wearing a veil? Opt for one on a smaller comb, like our AUDREYMARISA or KARELL. But if you’ve fallen in love with any of our veils, we can customise them with smaller combs, to suit you hairstyle.

Position your wedding comb directly above your updo, if the knot volume isn’t too grand; or just underneath to create a beautiful waterfall-like image. Or add some shimmer to your look with our ETOILE crystal veil.

Shop this look: KAREL hip length drop veil

Shop this look: ETOILE crystal wedding veil

Explore Our Range of Bridal Headpieces, Veils & Hair Accessories
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