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A silver wedding crown with pearls is one that will never go out of style. It’s refined, sophisticated and luxurious. It ticks all the right boxes – not too sparkly, a beautiful balance of texture and detail, and not to forget, feminine and striking.

Finding that perfect headpiece or wedding crown can be a challenge. Matching details and colours is one thing. But then to also factor in your face shape, hairstyle, proportions and your hair type all need to be taken into consideration. This is exactly why we live by our custom made mandate – because not all brides are alike.

We love the look of a wedding crown with pearls because we feel the subtle shimmer of a pearl adds the loveliest feminine touch to a headpiece. Freshwater pearls combine perfectly with sparkly crystal elements in a way that’s sophisticated and timeless.

The inspiration - Ryonna's wedding dress

The loveliest bride Ryonna was in touch about a custom wedding crown for her wedding day. She plans to wear two statement wedding gowns – a striking ball gown with sculptural ruffled details along the neckline in soft ivory tones. The second look will be a blush/champagne dress of equal beauty and delicacy.

We worked with Ryonna to create her perfect crown – one that brought together her favourite details from our collection, and one that complemented both dresses and her hairstyle.

Bride Ryonna loved the floral motifs of our FLEUR crown and ROSEBURY crowns, the delicacy of our TEMPEST crown and the fullness of our CARLA tiara. She also sought a silver and ivory palette against her dark hair.

A custom silver wedding crown with pearls

In designing this crown, we embarked on a unique scalloped edge to complement the lines of the ruffled edge on her ball gown. Her designer wedding dresses featured couture craftsmanship, delicate beaded elements and strong lines which all needed to be taken into account. It’s important that a headpiece or accessories don’t draw attention away from the dress. Instead, the perfect headpiece should accentuate the gown, as well as the face shape and proportions of the bride wearing it.

Custom wedding crowns and bridal accessories

Finding the right crown for you and your wedding dress depends on a lot of factors. Firstly, your wedding dress – of course! And of equal importance are other considerations including your face shape, wedding hairstyle, position of your hairline, hair type, your height and proportions, your bridal jewellery, your skin tone and your hair colour… Not to mention the venue of your wedding. A seaside wedding calls for quite different accessories to a cathedral or backyard wedding. And of course, there’s cultural considerations and superstitions that also need to be taken into account.

We specialise in custom wedding accessories because we understand the challenge of finding that perfect dress. We absolutely and whole heartedly understand the challenges of finding accessories to bring together the whole bridal look in a way that feels like you and not like a bridal costume that’s been handed to you.

If you’re looking for the perfect details to finish your bridal look, feel free to get in touch. Send us photos of your wedding dress including close up photos, images from your hair trial (if any), your bridal jewellery, shoes, and your face shape. We’d love to work with you to create your bridal heirloom.

Something truly magical happens when you combine blush pink and gold tones. There’s a warm and romantic quality which are equal parts delicious and sophisticated.  Metallic tones of silver or gold can act to neutralise the warmth of peachy blush tones in a way that ivory can sometimes struggle to achieve.

But it can be a challenge to find a beautiful blush pink headpiece that feels effortless and ethereal. Often pink tones are on the candy pink or baby pink end of the spectrum and can sometimes look out of place against dusty pink and romantic hues.

A bespoke gold and blush pink headpiece for bride Leza

We had the pleasure to work with bride Leza to design a custom headpiece for her ivory and blush wedding dress. To say the silhouette and lace work on Leza’s gown is exquisite would be an understatement. We wanted to create a piece that complemented the fine elements of her dress without drawing attention away from the delicate details.

We’re an Australian based design studio and we offer our custom design service to all of our brides, irrespective of their global location. Leza is based in the United Arab Emirates and via email, we were able to discuss all the pretty elements of her dream headpiece and bring it to life for her.

Styling a blush pink headpiece

If your heart fell in love with a blush wedding dress, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to find a blush headpiece or pink accessories to finish your look. We work with many brides who choose to wear ivory, gold or silver accessories that complement other elements such as their wedding veil, bridal shoes or jewellery.

However, where the blush details on your dress are more subtle (perhaps an ivory lace dress with blush pink elements or beading woven through an ivory base) and you’d love to accentuate the blush elements, a blush pink headpiece might be the perfect way to bring out this romantic hue.

We love to combine blush pink tones with silver or gold elements to neutralise the pink tones whilst accentuating the warmth of this hue. The headpiece we designed for Leza combines both silver and gold elements for a look that’s striking and breathtakingly romantic.

The inspiration

Leza adored our HONEYSUCKLE headpiece and to better suit her colour palette, we customised to elements with soft pink tones. The original HONEYSUCKLE can be seen below and features a gold and ivory palette.

We customised Leza’s piece with additional freshwater pearl sprigs, comprising larger and smaller pearls for texture and variety. The ivory clay flowers were replaced with a beautiful soft blush flowers also.

Fancy a custom headpiece?

We’d love to work with you to bring your vision to life. Feel free to get in touch, sharing photos of your wedding dress, bridal hairstyles, and styles from our collection which you’d like customised. From there we can discuss details and get back to you with a quote and next steps.

We’d love to hear from you!

We love a floral bridal headpiece as much as the next bride. We can’t help ourselves – we live and breath all things delicate and beautiful, and often find floral elements can add the perfect detail to a bridal look.

A bridal headpiece bursting with floral femininity is the ultimate in bridal styling. You can pair it with a wedding veil or wear it alone as a statement piece. Either way, wear it for the wedding ceremony and dance with it into the night with just a few bobby pins holding it securely into place.

Customised for bride Nadine

We recently had the pleasure of working with German bride Nadine to create her custom ANAIS bridal headpiece with ivory clay flowers. In addition to changing the flowers, we also shortened it slightly, altered the layout to better suit her fine Chantilly lace wedding dress, her hairstyle and her general preferences for a more delicate piece.

The end result? Well, we’re obviously bias but we love how it’s the perfect balance of delicacy and jaw-dropping beauty.

Flexible to suit a range of bridal hairstyles

Our ‘made to order’ and ‘custom made’ mandates are at the heart of everything we do. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to wedding accessories. You know the struggle of finding that wedding dress that was perfect for you, and there’s no reason why off-the-shelf accessories aren’t any different.

We customise our wedding headpieces and veils to suit our bride’s height, head shapes, face shapes, jewellery – and of course, wedding dresses. There’s so much to factor in when it comes to styling a bridal look and we like to factor in all these important details to ensure the final look is seamless, timeless and beautiful.

The bridal headpiece we designed for Nadine is built on a flexible base so she can easily curve it to the contours of her head and hairstyle. We’ve photographed it styled backwards on the head but it can also be worn along the hairline as a headband/crown.

Fancy a bridal headpiece customised for you?

We love to work with our brides to create their perfect wedding accessories. If you love a piece but it’s not quite right, feel free to reach out and let us know what you’re envisaging, share details of your bridal look with photos or descriptions and we can go from there. We hope to hear from you!

Wedding hair is ever evolving. The recent boho trend of loose, messy waves transformed out-dos for all brides. And now we are seeing so many variations. From beachy messy locks to the perfect blow wave –  we couldn’t be more excited.

Take the refined side sweep. Perfectly styled tousled waves, a deep side part and an expertly gathered sweep, held in place with the ultimate wedding comb.

If you’ve fallen in love with side swept hair for your wedding, these delicate combs will be perfect for your big day.

Why we love it: The pale golden or silver metallic tones offer a luxurious finish to the soft ivory floral and pearl details.  The IRIS wedding comb bursts into bloom in a beautiful cascade of dramatic decadence. The botanical aesthetic adds an old world charm to modern bridal looks.

Shop this look: IRIS hair comb

Why we love it: It doesn’t get more classic than a spray of ivory clay flowers set amongst shimmering silver leaves and pearl accents. Also available in pale gold tones, the PRIMROSE comb is chic and effortlessly elegant.

Shop this look: PRIMROSE hair comb

Why we love it:   There’s so much to love about muted silver and gold tones. The mushroom floral accents feel ethereal and blend in beautifully with all hair colours.

Shop this look: TROUSSEAU hair comb

Why we love it: This modernised gilded metal comb finished with sparkly crystal details is wildly romantic and compact in size. Just perfect for your side swept look.

Shop this look: DREAMER hair comb

Why we love it: A textured and nostalgic piece, this crystal side comb is minimally chic with a nod to antiquity. Nuanced with muted tones of empire blue set upon antique silver tones, the comb hints at Art Deco heritage while balancing a modern silhouette.

Shop this look: ARTEMIS hair comb

Why we love it: An heirloom piece in antique silver and soft ivory tones, the MARQUISE wedding comb features a bold botanical aesthetic designed to add old world charm to modern bridal looks.

Shop this look: MARQUISE hair comb

Why we love it: This piece is petite in size yet makes a profound statement of femininity and romanticism. It perfectly trails along loose curls and romantic updos alike.

Shop this look: TEAROSE hair pin

We loved working on this layered beauty for South African bride, Sarah. Sarah dreamed of a lace wedding headpiece to complement her wedding dress. And, as her husband is Australian, she thought this would be the perfect way to bring a little ‘Australia’ into the festivities! Oh, what a beautiful sentiment and what an honour it was to be involved in their special day.

We design our pieces to be heirlooms and we love how brides are looking for unique ways to add a bit of their story and unique style into their wedding accessories. Many of our brides pass their pieces onto their daughters, sisters or friends after the wedding day. We feel so lucky to be part of their journeys. After the day has been and gone, and the dress is packed away, our beautiful pieces can be passed on or carefully stored in our signature navy boxes for safe keeping.

The inspiration behind Sarah's custom lace headpiece

Sarah was inspired by two very different headpieces from our collection: the clay flower and pearl details from our MARION headpiece and the lace elements from the MARIAH. Her wedding dress exudes classic appeal – a clean and modern silhouette, French lace details across the bodice and neckline, and a stunning plunging low back. With these details in mind, we started dreaming up her beautiful piece.

This headpiece was designed to be worn with or without a wedding veil. We wanted her headpiece to be a ‘veil cover’ and to frame the top section of the veil during the ceremony. Sarah will be styling her hair in a low set updo so this symmetrical piece will look beautiful even after she’s removed the veil for the reception.

Sarah will also be wearing a veil on her wedding day – our AUDREY minimalist veil – which will pair perfectly with this exquisite lace hair piece. We also love the  idea of this textured piece with an embellished veil also. Our LOREN chapel veil with pearls would also look incredible with this comb.

Style it with a drop veil

As Sarah will be styling her headpiece with our AUDREY chapel veil, we also captured it with a sheer drop veil below. Scroll below to find this beautiful piece paired with our BLAIR drop veil – a classic drop veil which features less gathers than the LOREN.

A bespoke piece for you

If you love this piece, feel free to get in touch and we can chat details. We’d love to work with you to create the perfect headpiece or veil for your wedding day. All of our pieces are handcrafted from scratch so all elements can be customised including details, dimensions and colours.

Situated in the romantic coastal, mountain town of Santorini in Italy, our bride Jessica and Brett’s wedding day was one of refined elegance and effortlessness.

We adore Jessica’s choice of a Karen Willis Holmes Anya sequin dress – a modern and chic dress that she styled beautifully with her perfectly tousled hair. It’s no surprise that in Jessica’s day to day life she is a talented makeup artist!

Jessica's bespoke wedding comb

We just loved creating Jessica’s bespoke wedding comb in tones of soft silver and ivory. Our team designed the piece to sit vertically, just behind her ear using a combination of antique silver and silver mesh leaves to create a depth and contrast against Jessica’s dark brown hair. To create texture and detail, handcrafted ivory clay flowers were positioned to gently extend upwards. We chose freshwater pearls and faceted crystal elements to create shape and add a subtle shimmer to complement Jessica’s sequin dress.

Thank you so much for creating a beautiful bespoke masterpiece for me to wear on my wedding day! It was absolutely gorgeous and went perfectly with my styling. Since I wore a simple dress, it added the perfect amount of “something” to make me feel like a bride. I’ve had so many compliments on it from those who have seen photos too.

Jessica – you’re more than welcome and a huge congratulations from us! We wish you and your husband every happiness.

Design with us

If you love this piece or are interested in collaborating with our team to design your ultimate wedding accessories, drop us an email! We’d love to hear from you.

A fresh flower halo will always have its place on a wedding day. For some brides, the delicacy and fragrance of fresh flowers feel more special to them then a lasting keepsake. For other brides, the ability to pass on their halo has a different meaning which resonates with them.

There’s beauty and meaning in both option – your accessories are very much a reflection of your values, style and sensibilities. Go with what feels right for you.

Artisan design

Our brides choose us because they appreciate handcrafted pieces that celebrate artisan design and offer a meaning that resonates with her.  Our pieces tell a story that are unique to the design, reflect the brides who we design for and are of heirloom quality so she can pass on to future generations.

A bespoke gold wedding halo for Dubai bride Saba

We loved working with Dubai bride Saba to design a headpiece for her upcoming wedding. Her brief was simple. Make a one-of-a-kind showstopper. A wide golden halo with flowers of all types, hints of sparkle and pearl details. Who could resist such a beautiful vision?

We created this beauty just for her. It was handcrafted by weaving together branches and vine-like details accented with crystals and pearls. It featured dainty clay flowers, enamel flowers and sparkly crystal leaves to create glimpses of floral finery.

Fully adjustable, it was designed so complement her bridal hairstyle and wedding veil.

Thank you Saba for the opportunity to create this piece for you.

There’s a poetic magnetism when gold and silver tones combine. We were inspired by this colour palette in designing this bohemian inspired bridal headpiece.

The inspiration

The intention was to capture a sense of untamed luxury and effortless ease.  The vision was to ground soft light reflected off metallic tones with florals and foliage.

There’s an understated luxury to this piece which was designed to frame a romantic hairstyle. The combination of silver crystals, golden metallic tones, handcrafted clay flowers and the soft shimmer of dainty pearls is unquestionably beautiful.

We love the way the woven details draw you in and weave along the hairline in a way that feels unexpected yet familiar.

Ethereal, enchanted and utterly romantic all in one.

Make it yours

We live by our bespoke and made to order mandates. When working with our brides, we aim to understand the women behind the bride and to capture in our pieces what it is she is drawn to.

Our full collections are fully customisable to suit you, your wedding gown and hairstyle. Get in touch with photos of your bridal look, we’d love to hear from you.