The inspiration for our designs come from places far and wide. Nature is easily our most profound influence, but we are also inspired by our brides from around the world, their cultures, the unique places and spaces they live in, and of course, romantic and enchanting colour palettes.  In designing this latest gold and blush floral wedding crown, we drew inspiration from blossoming wild flowers in a golden field in the south of France.

The Wild Flowers blush floral wedding crown is a modern take on the traditional tiara or flower halo. It’s the best of both worlds if you love the carefree aesthetic of a flower crown but also love the luxe vibe of a tiara or crown. This delicate piece feels like a vine of blooms and foliage weaving its way along your hairline. Its height complements a range of face shapes and hairstyles without feeling overwhelming.

This pretty piece is set on a fine metal base so it doesn’t pinch behind the ears to cause pain or annoyance. We don’t like headaches on a wedding day either!

A customisable colour palette

This delicate crown feels wild and enchanting, combining soft tones of gold, rose gold, blush and soft champagne. This colour palette suits a range of hairstyles and hair colours to create a mood that’s feminine and romantic. You might be able to relate – rose gold and blush tones will always have a soft spot in our hearts. It’s been a popular colour choice for brides over the years and we don’t think it will be going anywhere anytime soon. This timeless and sophisticated palette is romantic, lush and inspiring. Perfect for a beautiful wedding day.

We love the idea of customising this floral wedding crown in other colour palettes to suit your mood and bridal vision boards. A colour combination which would look exquisite is an antique silver, empire blue and soft ivory tones for a crown that’s moody and whimsical. We also love the idea of gold with mauve or lilac tones for a piece that’s deliciously enchanting.

Interested in a custom floral wedding crown?

We are proud of our made to order and bespoke mandates. It offers our brides the ability to customise pieces to suit their personal styles and visions.

If you love the idea of a custom wedding crown or headpiece, feel free to get in touch. We work with brides worldwide and offer various international and domestic shipping options. Let’s create something beautiful.