There’s a poetic magnetism when gold and silver tones combine. We were inspired by this colour palette in designing this bohemian inspired bridal headpiece.

The inspiration

The intention was to capture a sense of untamed luxury and effortless ease.  The vision was to ground soft light reflected off metallic tones with florals and foliage.

There’s an understated luxury to this piece which was designed to frame a romantic hairstyle. The combination of silver crystals, golden metallic tones, handcrafted clay flowers and the soft shimmer of dainty pearls is unquestionably beautiful.

We love the way the woven details draw you in and weave along the hairline in a way that feels unexpected yet familiar.

Ethereal, enchanted and utterly romantic all in one.

Make it yours

We live by our bespoke and made to order mandates. When working with our brides, we aim to understand the women behind the bride and to capture in our pieces what it is she is drawn to.

Our full collections are fully customisable to suit you, your wedding gown and hairstyle. Get in touch with photos of your bridal look, we’d love to hear from you.