From colour pops to cake pops, ‘sweet and colourful’ would be an accurate description of Cameron and Jeremiah’s glorious wedding. The colour theme was evocative of a sunset, which beautifully matched the happy vibes on the day and couple’s rosy future together. Cameron’s gorgeous bridal look was right on theme. Wearing a delicate lace gown, a romantic updo and our dainty CHERRY BLOSSOM hair pieces as the icing on top, her look was sweetness personified.

From start to finish, the wedding day captured Cameron and Jeremiah’s sense of fun and their love for each other. The day began peacefully with a waterfront ceremony, featuring a harp player, and ended with a bang, as fireworks lit up the night sky.

Design inspo

Cameron and Jeremiah worked together to carefully plan out every aspect of their wedding day (except the fireworks, they were a surprise organised by Cameron’s dad!). When they couldn’t effectively communicate their ideas via words, they took to Pinterest.

“When we felt stuck in a conversation, we knew it was time to find a photo to illustrate what we were thinking, what we liked, and what we disliked,” explains Cameron. “We built shared albums in Pinterest and kept a collection of ideas on Trello. When it came time to talk to vendors, Jeremiah compiled everything into a design look book that was invaluable in communicating our vision.”

Colour played a big part in setting the theme for the day. The tones of rhododendron flowers featured on everything from the invitations and bouquet, to the table decorations and bridal accessories.

“We wanted to go against the muted colours that have been in style for weddings over the past couple of years and invite our guests into a colourful celebration of life and love. We have both experienced hardships in the past few years and wanted our celebration to feel as happy and colourful as we feel to have found each other. The vibrant rhododendrons that bloom across the Blue Ridge Mountains (USA) in May inspired our colour palette of bright pinks, fresh greens, and deep blues. We balanced these intense colours with whimsical accents and textures to evoke a fairy tale secret garden.”

“The advice I would give to any bride is to be your true, authentic self, wear what makes YOU feel amazing and don’t try to please anybody else.”

Channelling Princess vibes

With her rosy cheeks, green eyes and blond hair, Cameron is a natural beauty. Her look was elevated on her wedding day with a delicate lace gown and minimalist accessorising. She ended up trying on 20 dresses before deciding on the very first gown she put on.

“I’ve known I wanted lace somewhere on my dress since I was a little girl. My mother and both of my grandmothers had lace on their wedding dresses, and I grew up admiring their wedding portraits. I think it’s a timeless look. I felt like a princess!” says Cameron.

Cameron was one of our first brides to order the CHERRY BLOSSOM hair piece set, which she had styled in an intricate bun. This romantic set comes in a set of three (one comb and two matching hair pins) in soft champagne, pale gold and blush tones. Cameron also purchased an additional two pins for her maid of honour.

“I wanted something elegant but dainty, not too noticeable from afar but a true masterpiece up close. When I saw on your Instagram that the CHERRY BLOSSOM  set was coming out soon, I immediately messaged to see if it was possible to receive a set in time for my wedding. To my surprise, Tania said yes! I loved that it was so close to the colour of my bridesmaids’ dress and that it looked great with our colours,” she says.

“I ordered the two small pins for my sister, who was my maid of honour. I wanted her to have something special as a keepsake for years to come. I like to think that if we have girls of our own, they might like to wear them at their weddings. I chose not to wear a veil because I wanted people to see the back of my dress and my hair, but especially my beautiful hair pieces.”

Special touches

The day was filled with lots of personalised details, including a special tribute to Cameron’s late husband and his sister, who both passed away in 2016. They were honoured with a presentation of roses during the ceremony.

As for the reception, special elements transformed the night into a truly memorable occasion for the couple and their guests.

“In addition to our cake, our cake decorator made cake pops in the style of my wedding dress and Jeremiah’s blue suit. They were a huge hit with our guests,” says Cameron.

“We rented a Volkswagen photobooth and with that came a guest book where guests could paste a copy of their photo strip and write us a message.”

And of course, the fireworks finale was a magical surprise for the couple.