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While delicate and subtle veils have their charm, high impact wedding veils make a bold statement while still exuding elegance. When it comes to wedding accessories, few items can rival the transformative power of a wedding veil. Whether you’re envisaging a classic, romantic, or modern look, the right vil can take your ensemble to new heights of elegance and sophistication. It’s easy to see the allure of a dramatic veil and how they can transform your bridal style into a breathtaking masterpiece.

Expect the unexpected

High impact wedding veils are all about drama, grandeur and an undeniable X factor. They captivate and delight without taking away from the beauty of your wedding dress. It’s not always about length that achieves the look. Stunning fine details, a unique silhouette, combination or length might be just the thing to add an element of unexpected interest.

1. Length

It’s undeniable how impactful an impressive length can be on a wedding veil. Cathedral length veils that sweep the floor or royal length veils that extend well beyond the train of your gown can instantly create a sense of grandeur and intrigue. The stunning visual effect of the veil’s flow and movement as you walk down the aisle will turn heads.

2. Embellishments

A minimalist silhouette or the simplest veil can transform with intricate embellishments and details that catch the light and create a mesmerising effect. These veils showcase the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into each and every design. Such details not only add texture and detail but also lend a sense of uniqueness to your ensemble.

3. Bold edging

Edging and trims play a crucial role in defining the look of a high impact wedding veil. A bold lace trim, an ornate beaded border or a dramatic scalloped edge can add an extra layer of opulence to the veil. Whether it’s a mantilla-style lace veil or an all-over design, intricate patterns and textures create a captivating focal point and will beautifully frame you.

4. Daring colours

Coloured veils – like shades of pink, champagne, blush or even blue – can create a stunning contrast to your gown.  Adding a pop of personality to your look can make a bold statement whilst still feeling elegant, feminine and refined.

5. Dramatic cape veils

Coloured veils – like shades of pink, champagne, blush or even blue – can create a stunning contrast to your gown.  Adding a pop of personality to your look can make a bold statement whilst still feeling elegant, feminine and refined.

6. Combining styles

You don’t need to limit yourself to a single style. Combine a simple veil with a dramatic headpiece or choose a simpler veil where the embellishment is focused mainly on the top half to frame your dress. The key is to find a balance between adding an element of interest without taking away from your dress and you.

Need help?

Every wedding gown and bride is different and the perfect accessories for you will not only depend on your gown but your personal style, vision, height and style. 

We would love to work with you to bring your vision to life and to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Email us with photos of your wedding gown and share details of your personal style. We will then get back to you with ideas to begin the beautiful journey of bespoke.

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We’re sure you’ve spent a good portion of your wedding planning browsing Pinterest and Instagram looking for inspiration on wedding hairstyles with veils. We do this on a daily basis too – what can we say, we love hair and we love weddings! We’ve pulled together the crème de la crème of our favourite wedding hairstyles with veils to inspire. Feel free to pin them to your Pinterest boards for later.

Wedding hairstyles with veils

The wedding hairstyle you choose to wear on your wedding day is quite an important decision. It should reflect your personal style and sensibilities, and complement your wedding dress and venue.  In addition to being timeless, it should also be functional if it needs to accommodate a wedding veil or bridal accessories and keep them in place all day.

Most brides falls in love with a wedding updo, a down hairstyle or something in between. You can’t go past these beauties for the season ahead:

1. Wedding updos with veil

For the bride seeking a classic look that feels modern with a nod to the traditional, a romantic wedding updo with a veil is chic and effortless.

For some brides, a veil with a wedding updo is a bit too traditional but we think it’s all about the placement of the veil. If you position the veil too high (i.e beyond the crown of your head and closer towards your hairline where a headband would sit), it will look little more dated.  If you’d like to avoid the bridal looks of the 1980s-1990s, try positioning the veil a little further back – at the crown or above a low set bun. This has the effect of elongating your silhouette and also frames your updo in the most beautiful way.

We often work with brides who try on a veil with their wedding dress in their local bridal boutique. Often the veil looks overly fluffy and full – a look that a lot of modern brides try to avoid. With a little repositioning of the veil (i.e. lowering it) or opting for a more modern cut to the veil, the whole look can be transformed instantly.

Photo credits: 1. via Once Wed | 2.  Marisa Rose MPH 3. LAURETTE hair pins + THEODORE veil | 4. CLARABEL headpiece + AMORA veil | 5.  JASMINE headpiece + BLAIR wedding veil | 5. HARLOW headpiece + THEODORE veil | 6. ROSEMONT headpiece + THEODORE veil| 7. Rachel Meagan Photography | 8. FLEUR crown + LUMIERE pearl veil | 9. MARION headpiece | 10. EVENING headpiece | 11. via Snippet & Ink | 12. ENCHANTED headpiece + AMORA veil | ROSEMONT headpiece + KARELL short veil | 13. via Pinterest | 14. AUDREY wedding veil

2. Hair down with veil

So you love the look of a veil and you also want to wear your hair is loose curls on your wedding day. Perfect! There’s no reason why you can’t wear a veil with your hair down. You’ll just need a few extra bobby pins (and a little extra teasing) to secure the veil into place.

We adore this wedding hairstyle with a veil for its clean and minimalist vibe. It suits bohemian bridal looks right through to classic silhouettes.

This look can also be paired with a beautiful headpiece for a little added interest. Simply position the veil into place and place your headpiece on top of the veil’s comb for a seamless finish.

Photo credits: 1. CARMEN veil | 2. via Pinterest | 3. via Style Me Pretty | 4. NADIA pearl veil | 5. via Pinterest | 6. via Pinterest | 7. via Style Me Pretty | 8. via Pinterest | 9. via Pinterest

3. Half up hair with veil

If you can’t decide between a wedding updo or a bridal hairstyle that’s all down and flowing, a half up half down wedding hairstyle might be the perfect style for you. When paired with a veil, it creates the perfect foundation to hold the veil into place and also keeps those strands of hair off your face.

We love this look because of the way it frames the hairstyle. The veil is positioned a little lower so it’s possible to achieve more volume at the crown which is always a flattering look.

4. Ponytail with veil

We’ve seen so many beautiful ponytails grace the aisles this wedding season. They’re modern, clean, chic and oh-so beautiful. Our favourite Anna Heinrich wed this year in Italy in a gorgeous cathedral veil secured to a low set ponytail. The look is not only mesmerising and romantic but ultra chic and feminine.

Customising your veil to suit your wedding hairstyle

Not all veils are created equal and not all veils will suit the wedding hairstyles of your dreams. If you’ve fallen in love with a wedding veil from our collection, send us photos of your bridal hairstyle and let’s chat.

We’d be happy to offer advice on how the veil can be customised to suit you and your hairstyle. Often it’s as simple as ensuring the correct sized veil comb is attached. Or it could be a slight variation in amount of gathers at the comb or a tweak to the blusher width for a cleaner look.

Long and elegant wedding veils will always take centre stage on a wedding day. If you’re a bit like us, you might be drawn to something just a little different – a modern interpretation of the classics. We share our favourite romantic veils we know you’ll fall in love with.

Sparkly crystals

A sparkly veil doesn’t need to make you feel like you’re disco ball. If you’re partial to just a hint of shimmer or a slight glint, a sparkly veil with lightly scattered delicate crystals will add that little extra detail that’s perfectly balanced without taking away from your face or the beauty of your wedding dress.

Etoile | Crystal wedding veil
Masterfully applied to frame this modern and sleek veil along the hemline.

Margaux | Crystal chapel wedding veil
A classic silhouette, dramatised by shimmering crystals from head to toe.

Subtle pearls

If you’re after a veil that’s alluring, yet dramatic, subtle pearl details can add the perfect detail. Decadent, yet dainty in nature, pearls add that touch of drama and sophistication.

If you’re wearing a blusher, look for a veil where the pearls don’t cover your face, but add suggestive notes to your temples and cheekbones. Or opt for a veil that creates a gorgeous focus around the hair line or train.

Theodore | Pearl chapel wedding veil
The placement of the pearls across the top section of the veil only, allows the dress to take centre stage.

Loren | Chapel wedding veil with pearls
Featuring linear hand-beaded pearls and beads from head to toe for a soft feminine and romantic touch.

Lumiere | Fingertip veil with pearls
The scattering of soft ivory pearls across the piece is both mesmerising and modern in appeal.


Lovely lace will always be in fashion, but there are so many variations out there! A truly modern take on the traditional lace veil, is an elegant thin lace detail set back an inch or two from the veil hemline, creating the most soft and alluring cascading waves.

Lisette | Fingertip wedding veil with lace
Lisette is framed with a delicate floral lace that’s unashamedly feminine and minimally chic.

Odette | Chapel wedding veil with lace
The Odette chapel wedding veil features a delicate lace vine trim that flutters along the edge of the veil in the most effortless way.


Applique is a technique that transfers gorgeous lace cut-outs onto another fabric – in the case of veils – tulle. For a truly modern yet romantic take on this classic technique, look for veils that sparingly apply the lace, and where the lace frames the face but never covers it.

Emmie | Chapel length wedding veil with lace
Handcrafted from lightweight bridal tulle with exquisite French lace details, this modern yet classically styled veil will become a beloved heirloom.