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An Evening in Florence

During a few daydreaming moments in a high school textiles class, Jemma sketched out her perfect wedding dress. When the time came to marry her fiancé, Alex, she referred back to this vision and entrusted it to the expertise of a talented couturist, Laila Nakhoul, who brought her ideas to life. With her dream dress, Jemma needed an equally impressive veil, and she couldn’t go past our embellished RIVIERA veil, with hand beaded flowers, lace motifs and a scattering of pearls. Jemma’s overall look was the epitome of modern luxe style.

And the whole wedding had a similar vibe. Jemma and Alex wanted their day to be unique and edgy, while still maintaining traditions and elegance. There were classic formalities, including a church ceremony, but they added their own personal twist – an urban photo photoshoot in Sydney’s CBD, burgundy colour accents and a night of non-stop dancing!

Creating the ultimate party vibe

“The whole reception was exactly what we were after… fun!” says Jemma. “It was just one big party all night – no one sat down! We had an idea of mixing the room with both sides of the family, rather than having all of my family on one side and all Alex’s on the other. We had a bit of each on both sides – that really set the whole vibe. Both sides were able to mingle and celebrate together as one family. It was such an amazing atmosphere.”

Jemma suggests trying not to not get too bogged down with the finer details of wedding planning, because on the day, it’s the interactions you have with your husband and guests that will be the most important.

“When you’re dancing the night away surrounded by everyone you love, you won’t even think about the colour of the napkins, or what your hair looks like, or if people are sitting in their allocated seats – they’ll be on the dance floor all night anyway!”

Wedding dress bliss

Jemma’s bespoke dress was designed by Laila Nakhoul, who not only created her high-school vision, but also added some extra special elements. The dress featured an on-trend high-low hemline, elegant V neckline and an embellished bodice.

“My dress designer Laila really listened to my vision and even added her special touches to finish the bodice with the 3D flowers and beading on the train,” says Jemma. “The hemline of the dress made it so easy to move and dance. I never wear full length dresses either so I knew this style suited me because it still had the traditions of a bridal dress but I was still able to add my personal style to it.”

Making a statement with accessories

The RIVIERA veil is one of the most elaborate veils in the Tania Maras collection. It features hand-beaded 3D flowers in varying stages of bloom, lace motifs, and a scattered pearls on sheer tulle. The veil is feminine and dramatic and was the perfect accompaniment in terms of style and embellishment, for Jemma’s gown. She styled the veil with her hair flicked to one side and big curls.

“I came across the veil online and absolutely fell in love with it. The flowers and lace matched the bodice of my dress perfectly, it was like they were made together!” says Jemma.

Her advice for bridal accessorising is choose pieces that compliment your dress but don’t draw away from it.

“Simple and comfortable shoes (comfort is a must!), a nice diamond or pearl bracelet and matching earrings… you don’t need too much to make a statement,” she advises. “Being Lebanese, I knew I would be carried all night at the reception and we’d be dancing non-stop, so my main priority was definitely comfort when it came to the dress and shoes.”

Stop, breathe and take it all in

With all the excitement and activity, your wedding day can feel like it’s happening in double time. Jemma’s best advice for couple’s on their wedding day, is to stop, breathe and be present, which will help you savour every magical moment.

“Alex and I kept reminding each other throughout the day to stop and just look around at everything and everyone, and we can honestly say, because of that, we remember the whole day.”

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Wedding veils are as unique as their brides and the wedding dresses they’re designed to accompany. From a chapel length veil which adds a touch of drama to a wedding gown, to a vintage-inspired birdcage veil that evokes a sense of mystery yet sophistication.

There are many lengths, widths, styles and embellishments on offer. It’s no wonder that many brides-to-be planning their weddings can feel a little overwhelmed. Especially when they’re purchasing a veil online and can’t feel the veil, see how the veil drapes or try it on with their dress.

To help you choose the perfect veil, we’ll cover 3 important considerations to get you on your way to finding your perfect match.

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1.) Your wedding dress

The best starting point is the shape and style of your wedding dress. As a general guide, your veil should accentuate and be proportional to your dress.  This means it shouldn’t overpower or take away from the details of the dress. Doing so can be distracting and also interrupt the flow of your overall look.

If your dress is busy and features lots of pretty details, find a simple veil with a clean raw edge. If your dress is simple, choose a veil with intricate details such as a lace embellishment or floral accents to add dimension to your gown.

We like to look for any focal points on the dress which we use as guidance for the veil. Often a veil will look best cut just above or below any horizontal lines. If your veil falls where a focal point begins, for example a defined waist line, this can have the effect of visually cutting you in half.

Your veil length should cut just above or below a defined waist line, hem line or key details.

Floral embellishments around the shoulders beautifully frame off-the-shoulder wedding

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Classic silhouettes

  • Sheath: Slim, fitted wedding dresses work beautifully with longer veils. Gowns without a train or a short train are gorgeous when paired with a floor length or chapel length veil. As a guide – look for a veil that is slightly longer than the hem or train of your gown. Other beautiful options include birdcage veils or fingertip veils if you’d prefer something a little shorter.
  • Mermaid/trumpet: To complement the mermaid or trumpet silhouette, look for a long and narrow veil to walk down the aisle or a mid-length or fingertip veil to showcase your flared skirt.
  • A-line: It’s all about proportions when it comes to choosing a veil for your a-line wedding gown. Take your pick from a fingertip, waltz length or chapel length veil to showcase the gorgeous bodice of your dress.
  • Full skirts: A popular choice for full skirt wedding gowns is a mid-length veil. Anything from a hip length or fingertip length will work a treat. But don’t be afraid to choose a chapel or cathedral length veil for a full skirt but bear in mind that you will need to carry around the veil after the ceremony to ensure you don’t step on it. When deciding on the best length of mid-length veil, choose a veil length that falls a minimum of 3″ below the back neckline of your gown.

Generally speaking, a fingertip length veil is a timeless and classic option that works beautifully with a range of different wedding dresses. It is also a versatile choice for a range of different venues – from the church to a beach or garden wedding.

2.) Your venue

Much like your wedding gown, your veil should be consistent with the formality of your wedding. For some church weddings, it may be customary to wear a veil with or without a blusher. However, a less formal or chapel veil (or shorter) may be the perfect accessory for a beachside or garden ceremony.

It may be customary to wear a blusher or cover your shoulders.

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3.) Your hairstyle

When choosing your wedding veil, it’s really important to consider your bridal hairstyle.

If you choose to wear a veil, your veil may need a supportive base such as a bridal bun, messy updo, or half up/half down hairstyle.  The longer or heavier your veil, the more supportive your bun or hairstyle will need to be.

The great thing about bridal hairstyles is your wedding veil can be made to frame your bridal hairstyle from behind. Instead of a metal bridal comb, your veil can be customised with cotton loops instead of a comb which means that your hairstylist can pin the veil to the natural curve of your bun.

Measuring up

Your hairstyle will affect how your veil sits and where the end of the veil will fall. If you’re planning on a big bridal bun, the veil may need to sit above the bun. As a result, your veil may appear slightly shorter.

To ensure you choose a veil in the right length, ask a friend or your mum to measure your height to get an idea of what length you will need. Veils are usually secured to your hair with a hair comb so measure from the point where you’d like the hair comb to sit (keeping in mind your wedding hairstyle) and where you would like the veil to fall.

Measure from the point where you’d like the hair comb to sit to where you would like the veil to

Pin your veil to the natural curve of your bun, crown or at the top of your head.

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Need styling help?

If you have any questions or you’re tossing up a few different styles, feel free to send us an email and we’ll be more than happy to offer some suggestions.