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An Evening in Florence

When we look up to the night sky and gaze at the infinite stars above, the magnitude of the universe instantly captivates. There’s nothing more timeless than time itself and it’s no wonder that many wedding themes are inspired by the beauty and decadence of what lies above us.

Your bridal accessories don’t necessarily need to feature star/moon shaped elements to be inspired by the constellations. There’s a luminous quality to the night sky that translates beautifully to a bridal look in the form of crystal details or soft pearlescent accents.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate florals or pearl elements amongst celestial-inspired details into your look.  While they don’t grow in the sky, capturing the relationship between the earth and the sky is just as beautiful and utterly majestic.

We’ve pulled together 11 of our favourite celestial-inspired wedding accessories we hope you’ll love:

Shop this look: STARRY NIGHT crown


The STARRY NIGHT wedding crown with stars hints at the magic above us. This celestial beauty was inspired by an enchanted night sky, featuring a soft golden palette and silver crystal elements that make a beautiful statement of refinement and femininity.

2. STELLAR hair pins

Sometimes less is more, and sometimes it’s the simplest detail that can complete a bridal look. The STELLAR crystal hair pins were designed for the minimalist bride seeking that little touch of feminine beauty. Style them across your hair to appear like shooting stars across a beautiful night sky.


3. GILDED LILY hair piece

The GILDED LILY hair piece was designed to capture the harmonious light of summer with an almost celestial tribute. The GILDED LILY can be pinned into the hair above a romantic updo or half up hairstyle. It speaks to a down-to-earth bride seeking something effortless and easy to wear.

4. STAR GAZER veil + DREAMER comb

The traditional birdcage veil has been updated with the STAR GAZER veil. An unexpected take on traditional styling, it features a muted silver net designed to be worn diagonally or horizontally across the face or hairline. Finished with double sided sparkling crystals, this modern piece feels chic, decadent and effortlessly luxurious.

Pair the STAR GAZER veil with the DREAMER crystal comb to add a touch of modernity contrasted against vintage styling.

5. ARDEN hair pins

For modern romantics, the ARDEN bridal hair pins are a fresh take on traditional hair pins. This set of 10 hair pins brings together the earth, sky and the ocean through the combination of strong floral motifs, crystal elements and shimmering pearls. The result is a textured and classic look that ticks all the right boxes.

6. ADRIANA headband

The ADRIANA wedding headband features a minimalist silhouette adorned in celestial inspired details, vine-like elements and sparkly crystals. This delicate yet impactful piece was designed for sophisticated brides and modern romantics.

7. STARBURST pearl comb

The STARBURST pearl bridal comb was inspired by the earth and the stars above.  The pale golden tones is the ultimate detail for modern brides seeking an indulgent and unconventional detail to finish a chic bridal hairstyle. The STARBURST pearl bridal comb features a heavy cluster of pearls set onto shimmering leaf details and crystal accents.


A dreamy display of romanticism, the CASHMERE wedding tiara is softly embellished with floral motifs of muted mushroom and antique silver tones.  Accented with sparkly crystals, we love to pair this piece of regal splendour with the MORNING MIST crystal veil for a look that’s utterly majestic and breathtaking.

9. DEWBERRY veil

The DEWBERRY crystal veil is a dreamy veil that moves to its own rhythm. The single tier is adorned from head to toe with double sided crystals that dramatically transform a wedding dress in an instant.

10. EVENING headpiece + MORNING MIST veil

An ethereal beauty of rich harmonic layers, the EVENING crystal headpiece is hauntingly beautiful and decadent on every level. The colour palette of soft silver, antique silver and mushroom tones has been artfully arranged to frame a low set updo.

Offset the decadent details with a sheer drop veil with scattered crystal elements, such as our MORNING MIST veil. Our favourite combination for luxe bridal style.

11. MIDNIGHT veil

The statement wedding veil for a bride with stars in her eyes, the MIDNIGHT veil with crystals was inspired by the infinite stars above. When the double sided crystals catch the light, the veil illuminates and frames a wedding dress in the most breathtaking way. The royal length is all about maximum impact – dramatic, sparkly and impressive. An decadent veil for exquisite photographs!

One of the latest pieces off the workbench is a crystal hair piece for bride Frances. This delicate yet bold piece hints to the constellations with its celestial inspired details derived from our STELLAR hair pins. Appropriately titled ‘To the Moon and Back’, we were star struck by the beauty of the sparkly crystal elements which feel illuminating and beautifully decadent.

We adore how Frances’ headpiece makes opulence feel effortless.

Inspired by the stars above

This bewitching showstopper is a celebration of the stars and the moon in our night sky. It was handcrafted in shades of antique silver and soft silver crystal elements. The crystals were scattered and applied in various sizes and shapes in a beautifully organic way including navettes and round crystals.

The star-like details from our STELLAR pin set were artfully woven onto the vines, evoking an edgier vibe to our signature florals. Star-inspired motifs blur the lines between floral and celestial accents which still beautifully complement floral motifs on lace wedding dresses or modern silhouettes.


This piece can be made to order in silver tones (as pictured) or for a look that hints at a warmer colour palette, rose gold or gold wiring are also available. The crystals in silver tones pair beautifully with all metal finishes and creates an enchanting and celestial inspired feel to your bridal look.

One headpiece, two looks

We love to design pieces that can be worn in more than one way. While Frances’ headpiece was designed specifically to be worn at the back of her head to frame her wedding updo, it can also be styled along the hairline to one side for a second reception look.

To position the piece into place, your hairstylist will simply use bobby pins or hair pins across the teeth and under the hair to secure it into place.

Interested in a bespoke headpiece?

We work with brides worldwide to bring their bridal visions to life. As our work is all designed and handcrafted in-house, all elements of our pieces can be customised to suit your wedding dress and hairstyle including length, width, details, colours and attachments.

Feel free to send us photos of your wedding dress, hairstyles and links or style names of pieces from our collection you love and we can get back to you with some ideas and recommendations.

The Starry Night wedding crown with stars hints at the magic above us. This celestial beauty was inspired by an enchanted night sky, featuring a soft golden palette and silver crystal elements that make a beautiful statement of refinement and femininity.

This hair piece wasn’t designed for wallflowers or the traditional bride. It was designed for dreamers and modern romantics, and brides seeking something a little different yet classic in styling.

Designing the star struck details

We looked to the sky above us in designing this sparkly golden crown.  In particular, the soft light of the moon as it reflects on the leaves below and the subtle sparkle of the infinite stars as we stare up into the darkness.

True to our signature aesthetic, we framed the twinkling stars with soft gold toned leaves, bringing together the earth and the sky in the most effortless way.

The low profile of this headpiece perfectly frames a range of face shapes and wedding dress necklines. As with our full collection, this piece is customisable so if you would prefer a taller profile, the details can be reworked to create a bolder statement.  In contrast, the details can also be reduced into more of a headband style piece for brides seeking something a little more low key.

Customisable to suit you

If you love this piece or would like it customised to better suit your bridal hairstyle and wedding dress, get in touch. Feel free to send across photos and links to your dress and bridal look. We would love to work with you to create a dreamy celestial inspired piece for your wedding day.