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An Evening in Florence

Drawing inspiration from the tones of bride Audrey’s cheongsam (a traditional fitted dress worn by Chinese women), we designed and handcrafted a purple orchid wedding comb for her second bridal look.  Audrey had originally discovered us when she had found a pearl comb from our collection which she purchased to wear with her white wedding gown. She loved it so much she asked us to create a bespoke piece for her second bridal look which we were thrilled to take on.

A bespoke pearl comb to match Audrey's gown

Audrey’s cheongsam is a classic beauty with a exquisite floral display of refined elegance and sophistication.  Ivory in colour with mid-length, delicately flared lace sleeves, and hand painted watercolour purple orchids down one side of the bodice.

Audrey’s vision was for a hair comb to create a simple yet bold floral statement in her updo that celebrated the purple orchids on her dress. We matched the purple tones to her dress and mimicked elements of the floral arrangements.

Using Keshi freshwater pearls in a soft lilac tone, we constructed dainty purple orchids as focal points. We loved their iridescent nature and the aubergine and lilac notes they reflect. We paired these purple hues with golden leaves and dark purple and lilac sparkly bead branches which extended elegantly away from the flowers, creating texture through layers.

Looking for a bespoke piece to match your unique wedding gown?

We’d love to work with you to create accessories to complement your unique wedding gown. Send us photos of your dress, hairstyle and jewellery, including any ideas you may have. We can then get back to you with some suggestions and quotes.

Easily one of the most loved wildflowers, there’s something endlessly inspiring by the majestic blue blooms that grow in the woods and English gardens in springtime. Rich in pollen and nectar, the bluebell flower has an elusive scent reminiscent of the hyacinth flower.  It’s no wonder the bluebell is commonly used in bridal bouquets and corsages.

We believe in the language of flowers and the dewy bluebell speaks to everlasting love, humility and constancy.

We looked to this delightful blue flowering stem as the perfect source of inspiration for our latest ‘Something Blue’ hair pin set.

Looking for your 'Something blue'?

The rhyme that often comes to mind when planning your wedding is the age old, ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe’.  While a coin in your shoe wouldn’t be too comfortable, your ‘something blue’ also doesn’t need to look or feel out of place with the rest of your bridal look.

For lovers for deeper shades of blue, there’s a number of styles in our ‘something blue’ accessories collection that feature beautiful shades of empire blue. Our ARTEMIS, MAYBELLE, FONTAINE and LADY GREY are some of our popular styles for brides seeking that subtle and sophisticated ‘something blue’.

Shop this look: LADY GREY headpiece, ARTEMIS comb, FONTAINE headpiece

For brides seeking a pale shade of blue, the powder blue tones of the BLUEBELLS hair pin set blends beautifully against all hair colours and ivory or white wedding gowns. In designing these pins, we fell in love with the mineral – almost misty – tone of the crystal beads. Subtle, sweet and romantic, this shade of pale blue is a perfect match to soft gold or silver wiring.

Looking for hair inspiration? Find us on Pinterest

Customisable to suit you

All styles in our collections are customisable to suit you. We love to style this set of two BLUEBELLS in multiples – think a set of four or six around a loose low set updo. For a look that’s more delicate and subtle, a set of two can be positioned to the side of a bun or half up hairstyle.

If you love this set, send us an email and can chat more about your bridal look.

Shop this look: BLUEBELLS hair pins

Sometimes you find the prettiest bridal headpiece but it’s not quite right. It might be the colour, the size, or perhaps the way it’s designed isn’t 100% perfect for the vision you have in your head.

As wedding accessory designers, this is something we can completely understand and empathise with.  It’s exactly why we stand by our made to order and bespoke mandates.

We had the loveliest opportunity to work with Canadian bride Samantha to create a two-way bridal headpiece for her end May wedding day. Samantha loved the POETIC bridal headpiece but was looking for a headpiece which she could style in two different ways for her wedding ceremony and reception.

Customising Samantha's headpiece for her two bridal looks

For the ceremony, she was hoping to style it more as a headband at the top of her head. For the reception she was planning to wear it backwards to frame her bridal hairstyle.

We got to work on redesigning her headpiece so it was perfect for her two bridal looks. Wearing the same headpiece or accessory for both the ceremony and reception is a great way to get prolonged wear out of a piece. It also means that you can ensure continuity with details – i.e. you don’t have to change your earrings or other jewellery to match.

The delicate and organic details, as well as its boho chic styling, are just a few of the reasons why Samantha fell in love with the POETIC bridal headpiece the first place. So in redesigning Samantha’s piece, we wanted to ensure we retained the intrinsic nature and beauty of the piece.

To ensure the floral elements remained the perfect focal points of the piece, we repositioned the placement of the clay flowers to the sides for a more evenly distributed look.  We also scattered the delicate pearl and crystal elements along the mid section of the headpiece to ensure it could be styled with both looks.  It was a balancing act to ensure it didn’t look too bare in the mid section but we also didn’t take attention away from the clay flowers.

Samantha's ceremony bridal look

For her wedding ceremony, Samantha will be able to style her headpiece along the hair line as a headband by pinning the headpiece into place near the ears.

This beautiful look can still be paired with a wedding veil or pearl drop earrings, or even warn alone for a more simple look.

Samantha's reception bridal look

The headpiece attaches to the hair with little loops and Samantha’s hairstylist can easily position it into place with bobby pins hidden under the hair. By removing the bobby pins and flipping the headpiece to face backwards, Samantha is able to style her reception bridal look within a few minutes.

We love the look of this headpiece facing backwards and it would look gorgeous styled with half up/half down hairstyles or perhaps even all out hairstyles with soft curls.

Interested in your own custom heirloom?

If you’d love to chat about your own custom wedding accessories, feel free to get in touch by sending us photos of your wedding dress, bridal hairstyle and details of your favourite styles from our collection. We’d love to work with you to create your perfect heirloom pieces!

Some brides have a very sure sense of what they want, even though they are yet to set their eyes on it. Which is why bespoke is such a love of ours. The opportunity to partner with brides to create their dream wedding is such a passion. To handcraft something that has never been before, and to breathe life into, what is just an idea. What an absolute privilege!

The inspiration

For Alexandra, that was creating her dream wedding crown. One that was delicate, grand, regal and intricate. She loved gold and mushroom tones. Her dress was a custom design by a leading Australian wedding dress designer and she was going to wear gorgeous silver crystal earrings.

The final design

We created this delicate, yet intricate gold wedding crown. The space between elements gives it a sense of grandeur yet lightness, without feeling fussy or overworked.

The antique gold tonnes of the roses and winding vines, with mushroom pearl accents and silver crystal details are reminiscent of gold gilt Renaissance picture frames – oh so romantic and regal!

Set against the dark brunette of Alexandra’s hair, this piece is sure to wow. Congratulations Alexandra!! We hope you have the best day ever.

Design your dream wedding headpiece

If you’ve ever considered creating your own design, why not partner with us? We love working with brides to see their vision’s realised.

Lovely Anna first contacted us about ordering a wedding comb for her upcoming nuptials. Her hectic schedule that included planning her wedding, finishing her PhD and living in rural Australia, made it difficult to coordinate the details of her special day.

Enter Ashley – her BFF. Ashley took over the organisation and design. Knowing Anna’s style, she decided to create her dream wedding comb and order it as a wedding gift. Serious #bffgoals right there.

Anna was completely on-board. She didn’t want to see any pictures, wanting the gift to be a complete surprise. Oh, to be a fly on the wall when she viewed it for the first time! And pass the tissues!

The inspiration

Initially inspired by ALESSIA for its silver colour palette and BLUSHING for its shape and size, we couldn’t help but reveal a sneak preview of our latest antique silver comb MARQUISE, before it was released. And she loved it!

The design

Based largely on the MARQUIS for its sense of sophisticated old world charm, we reworked the design with the addition of extra flowers and delicate pearl sprigs add fullness and width to her piece.

The design of the comb allows it to be worn to the side of an updo or Hollywood waves, or in the top of bun or chignon.

The perfect wedding gift

If, like Ashley, you want to help your close friend or relative create the wedding accessory of their dreams – get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.