Drawing inspiration from the tones of bride Audrey’s cheongsam (a traditional fitted dress worn by Chinese women), we designed and handcrafted a purple orchid wedding comb for her second bridal look.¬† Audrey had originally discovered us when she had found a pearl comb from our collection which she purchased to wear with her white wedding gown. She loved it so much she asked us to create a bespoke piece for her second bridal look which we were thrilled to take on.

A bespoke pearl comb to match Audrey's gown

Audrey’s cheongsam¬†is a classic beauty with a exquisite floral display of refined elegance and sophistication.¬† Ivory in colour with mid-length, delicately flared lace sleeves, and hand painted watercolour purple orchids down one side of the bodice.

Audrey’s vision was for a hair comb to create a simple yet bold floral statement in her updo that celebrated the purple orchids on her dress. We matched the purple tones to her dress and mimicked elements of the floral arrangements.

Using Keshi freshwater pearls in a soft lilac tone, we constructed dainty purple orchids as focal points. We loved their iridescent nature and the aubergine and lilac notes they reflect. We paired these purple hues with golden leaves and dark purple and lilac sparkly bead branches which extended elegantly away from the flowers, creating texture through layers.

Looking for a bespoke piece to match your unique wedding gown?

We’d love to work with you to create accessories to complement your unique wedding gown. Send us photos of your dress, hairstyle and jewellery, including any ideas you may have. We can then get back to you with some suggestions and quotes.