The aesthetic of our work brings together feminine and delicate details with clean lines and classic silhouettes. We love wild and organic elements, soft draping and a touch of the bohemian as seen in this exquisite crystal bridal headpiece for bride Rachel.

All of our loves came together when we recently worked with Rachel to create a crystal bridal headpiece for her October wedding. Rachel emailed us photos and links of her wedding dress and bridal hairstyle including details of her vision. She gave us the most magical and beautiful canvas to work with – her Galia Lahav gown was a piece of sheer beauty and her vision was to pair it with a romantic updo or half up hairstyle along with a wedding veil.

A classic beauty for Rachel

We loved Rachel’s bridal look for its striking silhouette, whimsical aesthetic and plunging neckline. To add an element of classic styling to her look, we worked with her bring together the florals and foliage from our ABIGAIL comb and paired it with the silhouette of the WISTERIA headpiece.

The antique silver leaves are adorned with sparkly crystal elements and the soft handcrafted flowers feature pearl stamens that feel effortless and romantic, and were the perfect details to accentuate her exquisite wedding gown.

We love way Rachel’s bespoke headpiece will curves along her updo or half up hairstyle and will beautifully frame her wedding veil.

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