Finding the right bridal accessories is more than just matching details to your dress. The right bridal headpiece will accentuate your finer features and bring together your bridal look in a way that feels effortless and polished.

There’s a bridal headpiece to suit every face shape from regal wedding crowns, delicate halos to more traditional wedding combs. It’s easy to fall in love with an exquisite headpiece or veil but what if it doesn’t flatter your face shape?  Our accessories collections are all designed and handcrafted in-house so we can modify our designs to suit you.  Feel free to email us photographs of your face and your wedding dress if you would like styling advice before you submit your order.

Styling tip:

Consider your bridal hairstyle before you choose your bridal headpiece.  Your wedding hair will most likely be different to your everyday hair. Often wedding day hair features more volume and texture so take this account when choosing your headpiece. 

Determine your face shape

Most people fall into the following face shapes – oval, heart, round, long, square and triangle. Browse through our style icons to see what shape you are and the bridal headpieces that best suit you.


If your jaw is slightly narrower than your temples, then you’re an oval. Think Jessica Biel, Kate Middleton or Kim Kardashian. Ovals are one of the most versatile face shapes of all which means you can literally pull off any look from the modern french knot to long loose waves.

Credits: 1. via Elle | 2. via Pinterest | 3. via PopSugar

If you’re oval shaped, finding a headpiece is relatively easy – most pieces and bridal hairstyles will suit your face shape. Take your pick from an opulent wedding crown or tiara, statement drop earrings or a headpiece positioned to the back of your head.

FLEUR crown
A simple yet high impact piece, the Henri beaded bridal crown is designed for sophisticated brides and modern romantics.

LYRIC headpiece
A backwards facing headpiece suits all face shapes. The Lyric’s ivory pearls and silver crystal details are all artfully arranged into an untamed silhouette. The epitome of organic bridal styling.

Unashamedly feminine and ethereal, the Carmen juliet cap veil frames the face and hair. A must for a classically chic and style-focused bride.


A heart shaped face is one that is wider at the temples and hairline, with the focal point at your chin. Katie Holmes, Zendaya, Miranda Kerr and Reese Witherspoon are perfect examples of heart shaped faces.

Credits: 1. Pop Sugar | 2. via Pinterest | 3. via Pinterest | 4. via Pinterest

A bridal headpiece for a heart should draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones.

Position the piece above your ear or along your hairline. If you have a fringe, position the piece near your temple to accentuate your cheekbones.

Crowns and traditional headbands are just made for hearts, while a veil secured at the top of the head will elongate your face.

FLORES crown
A luxurious and delicate statement piece that exudes the beauty of the botanicals in all its crowning glory.

HENRI crown
The perfect accompaniment to modern and chic bridal gowns and ethereal dresses of sheer silks and tulle. The characteristic spikes of the Henri feels edgy and modern.

REINA crown
Designed for the fashion forward bride, the Reina crown evokes effortless romance with feminine appeal with its striking silhouette and decadent details.


A round shape is full with a rounded chin and hair-line as seen with Emma Stone, Kirsten Dunst and Cameron Diaz.

1. via Style Bistro | 2. via Pinterest | 3. via Pinterest

If you’re a round, your goal is to create less volume around the face by finding a bridal headpiece that will help make your face appear longer.

Avoid a piece with too much fullness at the sides – so a large flower behind your ear probably isn’t the best option. Instead, a wide headband or a crystal comb positioned to the side above the ear can soften the lines and will draw attention to your eyes. If you have a petite round face, choose a thinner headband or a dainty tiara.

A veil positioned at the top of the head will elongate your face. Choose a veil with gathering at the comb to create volume and height.

LAYLA headpiece
Inspired by the antiquity of yesteryear and the beauty of wild roses, this headpiece is bold, romantic with a touch of bohemian luxe.

This delicate crown is captivating with its ornate design and timeless beauty, featuring a scattering of freshwater pearls and shimmering crystal beads.

RUBEN headband
A versatile headband that suits a wide range of face shapes, the Ruben feels classic and elegant with its simple silhouette and botanical details.


If the length of your face is around twice the width, then you’re long or oblong. Sarah Jessica Parker and Gisele Bundchen are excellent examples.

1. via Style Bistro | 2. via Pinterest | 3. via Pinterest

The perfect headpiece for you is one that doesn’t lengthen the face but instead adds width.

The way to add width and draw attention to your cheekbones is with a headpiece that can be worn amongst loose waves.

If you love veils, find one that doesn’t add height to the top of your head but something that will add width around your face. A Juliet cap veil such as our CARMEN veil will add intrigue and mystery, while broadening your face. A veil draped simply over the entire face also work beautifully, as well a veil attached at the back.

IRIS comb
The Iris features structural blooms and bud-like florals set amongst delicate pearls. These details create a beautiful focal point in the side of the hair without taking away from the beauty of a wedding dress..

The Artemis crystal hair comb is a subtle and feminine vintage-inspired piece, drawing inspiration from times past for a touch of nostalgic glamour.

WILDERMERE headpiece
A scrolling semi halo with intricate florals and beaded details, the Wildermere headpiece can be styled in half up hairstyles, romantic updos or loose curls.


A square face shape features a straight forehead and a straight line from the forehead to the jaw. Often this jaw is quite angular and is slightly wider than your temples and hairline.

If you’re looking for square faces in the celebrity world, look no further than Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston or Keira Knightley.

1. via Harpers Bazaar | 2. via Pinterest

When looking for an accessory or bridal hairstyle, your goal is to play down your angular jaw. Team up a headpiece with tousled curls and a striking side part.

Choose a headpiece that you can wear near the temple to add length while creating a modern asymmetrical detail to soften the lines. Avoid anything near your ears or anything large directly up top.

Wide headbands are a perfect way to create a round line and balance out your face.

Squares, like longs, are made for birdcage veils. They draw attention to your temples while softening and rounding out your features overall.

Golden vines entwine to create the Rosebury crystal wedding crown, a wild and whimsical bridal headpiece for a sophisticated and modern bride seeking a high impact finish to her wedding day look.

SONNET crown
Epitomising modern luxury, the Sonnet is handcrafted from tiny pearl details and floral elements in a soft shade of silver and ivory.

AGNES crown
For a look with a nod to antiquity, the Agnes crown  flatters a wide range of bridal looks inspired by yesteryear.


A triangle face is one with a dominant jaw line that narrows at the cheekbone and temples (aka Victoria Beckham and Kelly Osbourne). You’re also very unique. A triangle face shape is actually quite rare!

 Victoria Beckham via Pinterest

Your goal is the opposite of a heart shape – you are looking to narrow your chin and widen your forehead.

You will need a headpiece that you can wear near the temple to draw attention away from your chin. Instead focus on your eyes and forehead.

A veil, secured with a headband, will not only round out your features, it’ll add allure and grace to your overall look.

CLARABEL headpiece
A beautifully balanced bridal tiara with classic appeal, the Clarabel is graceful and effortlessly elegant.

The Trousseau comb creates a mood of refined elegance. Featuring textural layers and muted metallic tones, old world charm has been redefined in this compact piece.

ROSA hair flowers
These ethereal and feminine hair flowers are all sorts of wonderful. Simple in design yet bursting with romantic appeal, the Rosa pins capture the essence of a classic bridal look.

If you aren’t sure, play it safe. Choose a wedding headpiece and wear it nestled into a bun at the back of your hair. Your guests will be admiring you as your walk down that aisle so don’t be afraid to add an extra point of interest from behind.

Chat to a stylist

Love a bridal headpiece or veil from our collection but aren’t sure if it will suit you? Send us an email with photographs of your wedding dress, bridal hairstyle and face shape.  We would love to offer you advice and recommendations before you submit your order.

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