The CHERRY BLOSSOM hair piece set has been popular style amongst our brides since the release of Le Jardin collection. Much loved globally, the sakura flower is significant in Japanese culture and symbolises spring time, renewal and the fleeting nature of life. A beautiful and inherently fragile flower that reminds us to stay present.

In designing this hair piece set, we were drawn to a dreamy colour palette of soft champagne, pale pink and pale gold. Tones that were inspired by the softness of light upon delicate cherry blossoms.  This floral display bursting with overgrown details feels feminine, fresh and utterly romantic.

Cherry blossom hair pins for Cameron

We worked with bride Cameron to design a set of hair pins to complement her bridal Cherry Blossom hair piece set. These pins were a thoughtful gift for her maid of honour to style in her hair.

Smaller in size, we created a set of two which could be styled in multiple ways in her bridesmaids hairstyle. The soft peachy blush and champagne tones are the perfect accompaniment to her peachy pink bridesmaids gowns.

Customisable for you

We loved working with Cameron to design matching hair pieces for her maid of honour. If you love a headpiece from the collection, get in touch and we can chat about how it can be customised to suit your bridal party.