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An Evening in Florence

This artfully arranged wedding hair comb is one of the latest bespoke pieces to leave the workbench for Saudi Arabian bride, Mariam. Inspired by the beauty of the PRIMROSE hair comb, this romantic piece has been reworked into a wider format to better suit her low set bridal updo.

This delightful comb has been infused with floral elements including a handcrafted clay rose, primrose flowers and dogwood blooms.

We love the organic nature of this floral display and the cascading arrangement of blooms and buds amongst pearl sprays.

Styling Mariam's hair comb

Mariam will be styling her hair in a beautiful low set bun. A chic and sophisticated hairstyle that needed a little detail to the side to complete her bridal look.

For a second look, Mariam can position the comb to the side of loose waves – think Old Hollywood style waves, gently swept to one side.

A classic and chic colour palette

A silver and ivory colour palette is the epitome of classic bridal styling. The silver tones feel clean and sophisticated with the soft ivory tones a beautiful accompaniment to wedding dresses from off-white to warm ivory. We also love the luxurious tones of the pearl sprays which add a natural shimmer.

This piece for Mariam can be reworked in pale gold and ivory tones if you’d prefer a warmer colour palette.  The soft champagne tones feels equal parts enchanting and inviting.

Need help with styling your wedding dress?

We love to work with our brides to bring together their bridal looks. All of our designs can be customised to better suit your wedding dress and hairstyle.

If your wedding is fast approaching, there may still be time for production and international shipping. Timing was critical for Mariam as her wedding was fast approaching, but in the limited time we had, we loved working with Mariam on her special piece.

Feel free to send us photos of your wedding dress and bridal hairstyle, including details of any pieces you love from our collection. We can then get back to you with ideas and recommendations. Let’s create something beautiful.

Side swept wedding hairstyles exudes relaxed femininity and timeless elegance. There’s something utterly romantic about exposed shoulders and loose hair that adds an element of softness like no other hairstyle.

There are many ways to achieve this look without going the distance with a defined side swept hairstyle. If you’ve fallen in love with a romantic updo, you can achieve a similar feel with accessories – think a delicate hair piece positioned to the side behind the ear.

A floral hair comb for Thuy

French bride Thuy was in touch with us about designing a beautiful hair comb for her wedding day. Thuy loved the ALESSIA hair comb – especially the soft floral details and sheer silver leaves. She envisaged something a little longer and larger, and something she could position to the side of her updo.   Over the course of several emails, she shared photos of her beautiful dress, bridal hairstyle and face shape and together we brought her vision to life.

In addition to the delicate details, we love how her pretty hair comb can be styled to the side of her updo and also worn to the side of long loose curls. Two beautiful looks in one.

Customisable to suit you

We are proud of our made to order and bespoke mandates. We love to bring our brides into the design process to create pieces that meet their vision and hair goals. If you’d like to chat about a custom piece, feel free to get in touch. We’d love to work with you to create something beautiful.

Overflowing with luscious soft pink and golden details, we loved working with bride Britt to create her bespoke bridal hair comb and bring her vision to life. One of our favourite things is to transform our bride’s vision into reality, especially when there’s a romantic and beautiful colour palette to work with.

Britt loved the shape and size of the VERSE bridal hair comb and was inspired by the romantic colour palette of the WILD FLOWERS crown.  Over several emails, she shared images of her wedding dress, hairstyle and her favourite styles from the collection. We’d describe Britt’s style as luxe, bohemian and beautiful. Her dress is a lace beauty with warm undertones and she was looking for a unique hair piece to complete her look.

VERSE x WILD FLOWERS bridal hair comb

Sometimes our brides aren’t quite sure what they want or how to best accessorise their wedding dress and hairstyle. It’s always fun to talk through the various options and help her pull together her bridal look that reflects her unique personality and style. Other times we work with a bride, like Britt, who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask. We love these brides equally.

Bringing together the style of the VERSE headpiece with the WILD FLOWERS crown was a fun challenge. One of the main differences between these styles is balancing the sparkly elements of the VERSE with the matte details and aesthetic of the WILD FLOWER.

Verse X Wild Flowers Crown For Britt

The hybrid of these two styles turned out more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. We love how the golden crystal details add a soft shimmer and intensify the colour palette in the most beautiful way.

How to style the VERSE x WILD FLOWERS

The beauty of the VERSE piece is in its detailing and also its versatile design. It can be worn with or without a wedding veil. It can be styled along a romantic updo and on top of a half up hairstyle. We love the look of this bridal hair comb with a sheer drop veil or a more traditional veil.

Interested in a bespoke hair comb?

If you love this piece and would love to chat about your own bespoke creation, get in touch. Share photographs of your wedding dress and hairstyle, and share details of your favourite styles from our collection. We’ll then get back to you with ideas to bring your vision to life.

Like most, we have a soft spot for delicate details. The combination of thoughtfulness, time and attention to detail is what our brand and work is all about and it’s our favourite way to spend our time.

We also love working directly with our brides around the world to bring their visions to life. We love to get into her head to understand her personal style and dreams for her special day.

We recently had the pleasure of working with bride Jessica to customise her BOTANICA crystal hair vine in a longer length to better suit her bridal hairstyle and gown.

A customised hair vine for Jessica

The BOTANICA headpiece is adored for its antique silver crystal details and floral elements.  It’s a piece full of texture and detail that’s equal parts feminine and enchanting.

The original piece extends to approximately 19cm.  To suit Jessica’s vision, we extended it to 25cm and widened the mid section so it felt proportional and balanced. We wanted to ensure the additional floral and vine-like details in the mid section were full enough to conceal a wedding veil tucked neatly underneath, but also didn’t overwhelm the piece with excessive details.

We adore the finished headpiece and are absolutely thrilled Jessica loves it too.

Style this with

This extended headpiece is perfectly suited to loose half up hairstyles, low set updos and all out hairstyles. The piece features metal hair combs positioned at the ends so you can easily manipulate the shape of the piece to curve to the contours of your head.

Pair this headpiece with gowns featuring intricate lacework and silver beading for a look that’s ethereal and sophisticated. The BOTANICA also suits clean modern lines and structured silhouettes.

Fancy a custom piece?

Get in touch and we would love to work with you to bring your vision to life.

Have you ever wondered how to secure a metal hair comb in your hair?  Do you have a hairstyle where combs just seem to fall right out? It can be tricky and it can sometimes seem like it needs to defy gravity to stay in place.

The truth is, it is easier to have a solid base to work from. This could be a firm bun, a messy updo, a twisted or tucked section of hair that’s been pinned into place.  This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to secure a comb in other hairstyles. It will just require a bit of prep work (and lots of bobby pins!).

So if you’re worried your ultimate wedding hairstyle and bridal hair comb won’t work together, here are three ways to secure a metal comb.

Shop this look: LYRIC headpiece, LUCILLE headpiece

The Tease

Lift a layer of hair and gently tease the underside with a fine hair comb. Lower your section of hair, insert the comb and use bobby pins across the teeth of the comb to secure it into place.  It’s best to hide the bobby pins as well as you can for a more seamless finish. You may find 1-2 bobby pins hidden under the hair in an X shape will hold your comb securely into place.

Shop this look: MARJORIE headpiece

Elastic bands

Have you seen those tiny clear hair elastic bands? If you have really short hair, a great way to secure a metal hair comb is to create tiny ponytails in the area you want to wear the comb.  The tiny ponytails are best hidden beneath a section of hair. Once you’ve created a little row of elastic bands, gently nestle the teeth of the comb into the bands. Reinforce with 1-2 bobby pins under the hair.  This method works well if you are planning to wear a side hair comb or a wedding veil in short hair.

Shop this look: IRIS hair comb

The Pincurl

Gather a small amount of hair where you would like the comb to sit. Twirl it around your fingers to create a little curl and then pin it to your head with two bobby pins in an X shape. A little bit of hair spray will also fix it into position. Nestle your metal comb behind the bobby pins.

Shop this look:  ABBEY birdcage veil, bespoke birdcage

Styling tips

  • Heavy headpieces may need a solid foundation to stay in place.  These may be better supported by upstyles or half up hairstyles.
  • If your comb is made from plastic, it may be more difficult to hold the comb in place with bobby pins. Small alligator hair clips might be useful.
  • These techniques can be used for hair pins, halos and similar accessories.
  • If you’re looking to change your hair accessories during the course of your wedding day (i.e. remove your wedding veil after the ceremony), be sure to take notes on how the comb was been secured so you don’t mess up your bridal hairstyle trying to remove it. Ask your bridesmaids for help looking for the bobby pins before the comb is pulled out.

Need help?

Your hairstylist will be able to offer you advice and recommendations based on your hair type and your vision for your accessories. There are a number of different hair fasteners that are designed specifically for these situations.  For example, snap clips that are often used to secure hair extensions can also be sewn under a headpiece too.

Situated in the romantic coastal, mountain town of Santorini in Italy, our bride Jessica and Brett’s wedding day was one of refined elegance and effortlessness.

We adore Jessica’s choice of a Karen Willis Holmes Anya sequin dress – a modern and chic dress that she styled beautifully with her perfectly tousled hair. It’s no surprise that in Jessica’s day to day life she is a talented makeup artist!

Jessica's bespoke wedding comb

We just loved creating Jessica’s bespoke wedding comb in tones of soft silver and ivory. Our team designed the piece to sit vertically, just behind her ear using a combination of antique silver and silver mesh leaves to create a depth and contrast against Jessica’s dark brown hair. To create texture and detail, handcrafted ivory clay flowers were positioned to gently extend upwards. We chose freshwater pearls and faceted crystal elements to create shape and add a subtle shimmer to complement Jessica’s sequin dress.

Thank you so much for creating a beautiful bespoke masterpiece for me to wear on my wedding day! It was absolutely gorgeous and went perfectly with my styling. Since I wore a simple dress, it added the perfect amount of “something” to make me feel like a bride. I’ve had so many compliments on it from those who have seen photos too.

Jessica – you’re more than welcome and a huge congratulations from us! We wish you and your husband every happiness.

Design with us

If you love this piece or are interested in collaborating with our team to design your ultimate wedding accessories, drop us an email! We’d love to hear from you.

We often wish we could travel to every wedding of our gorgeous brides. Their love stories are infectious. For our Japanese bride Lena, who lives in the US and her Danish beau; their love spanned three continents, cultures and traditions. Rather than asking their friends and family to travel great lengths, they took their love and party to them – celebrating with two fabulous weddings!

Gorgeous Lena honoured her beautiful mother by wearing her dress and veil. So much detail went in to redesigning the vintage lace to perfectly fit Lena’s elegant long, lithe frame.

Lena contacted us to create a bespoke piece to wear with an updo that would complement her beautiful lace-edged veil. Inspired by our EVERLY, we customised a headpiece with sparkly crystals in navette, tear drop and round shapes. The crystals add a classic, romantic quality that work so elegantly with the delicate beading details of Lena’s dress.

Danish wedding | Elegant lines

We’ve had a few brides host two weddings. And most like to differentiate each with something a little different.

For Lena – she chose to style her hair differently, starting with a romantic chignon at her Danish celebration.

Nestled into the top of her updo, the customised EVERLY headpiece creates a beautiful line at the nape of her neck. The veil comb has been aligned with the headpiece, sitting just behind, that when the blusher is removed, drapes from the same position.

Danish wedding photographer: Philip Helm

Japanese wedding | Royal classique

For their Japanese wedding, Lena wore her hair in a high ballerina bun with a centre part. Creating an almost tiara-like look, the EVERLY has been wrapped around the front and sides of the updo.

Tucked between the headpiece and ballerina bun, is the veil comb – with Lena looking ever so like a royal bride.

Image: Masahiro Murakoshi