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An Evening in Florence

Whether you’re dreaming of a bohemian inspired wedding, a classic garden ceremony or a formal affair, a wedding flower crown can be the perfect piece to finish your bridal look.

There are so many ways to style a flower crown as it can be paired with a range of feminine necklines and dress silhouettes. It’s also the perfect substitute if you don’t want to wear a veil. If you’re fond of a veil, the combination would feel effortless and classically chic.

A bespoke flower crown for bride Lorraine

We recently had the pleasure to work with bride Lorraine to create her dream wedding crown. Lorraine loved the look of the MARJORIE and dreamed of a full halo with rose additions to better suit her wedding dress.

Lorraine is a natural beauty with the most exquisite rich red hair, and a flower crown is the perfect piece to frame her face and hair. In designing her piece, we wanted to make sure she had flexibility with styling so it’s fully adjustable and can be tightened or widened as needed.

Lorraine’s special piece also features delicate tiny clay flowers and tiny pearl accents that have been woven into the piece.

Customisable to suit you

We love to work with brides to bring their vision to life. Working with Lorraine was such a pleasure and it was a beautiful process to understand her vision and see her bridal look come together.

If you love the crown we designed for Lorraine, or if you would love a piece custom made to better suit you, get in touch. Share photos of your wedding dress and hairstyle and we can go from there.

A fresh flower halo will always have its place on a wedding day. For some brides, the delicacy and fragrance of fresh flowers feel more special to them then a lasting keepsake. For other brides, the ability to pass on their halo has a different meaning which resonates with them.

There’s beauty and meaning in both option – your accessories are very much a reflection of your values, style and sensibilities. Go with what feels right for you.

Artisan design

Our brides choose us because they appreciate handcrafted pieces that celebrate artisan design and offer a meaning that resonates with her.  Our pieces tell a story that are unique to the design, reflect the brides who we design for and are of heirloom quality so she can pass on to future generations.

A bespoke gold wedding halo for Dubai bride Saba

We loved working with Dubai bride Saba to design a headpiece for her upcoming wedding. Her brief was simple. Make a one-of-a-kind showstopper. A wide golden halo with flowers of all types, hints of sparkle and pearl details. Who could resist such a beautiful vision?

We created this beauty just for her. It was handcrafted by weaving together branches and vine-like details accented with crystals and pearls. It featured dainty clay flowers, enamel flowers and sparkly crystal leaves to create glimpses of floral finery.

Fully adjustable, it was designed so complement her bridal hairstyle and wedding veil.

Thank you Saba for the opportunity to create this piece for you.

There’s a poetic magnetism when gold and silver tones combine. We were inspired by this colour palette in designing this bohemian inspired bridal headpiece.

The inspiration

The intention was to capture a sense of untamed luxury and effortless ease.  The vision was to ground soft light reflected off metallic tones with florals and foliage.

There’s an understated luxury to this piece which was designed to frame a romantic hairstyle. The combination of silver crystals, golden metallic tones, handcrafted clay flowers and the soft shimmer of dainty pearls is unquestionably beautiful.

We love the way the woven details draw you in and weave along the hairline in a way that feels unexpected yet familiar.

Ethereal, enchanted and utterly romantic all in one.

Make it yours

We live by our bespoke and made to order mandates. When working with our brides, we aim to understand the women behind the bride and to capture in our pieces what it is she is drawn to.

Our full collections are fully customisable to suit you, your wedding gown and hairstyle. Get in touch with photos of your bridal look, we’d love to hear from you.