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While some bridal trends come and go, it’s fair to say that soft romantic blush tints aren’t going anywhere. Blush tones – whether with a peach or pink undertone – are inherently warm and inviting and perfectly suit the spirit of a wedding day.  We love to work with this colour palette and we adore this newest floral wedding headpiece we designed for the loveliest bride Nhi.

When bride Nhi was in touch with us to chat about customising the VERSAILLES headpiece with blush flowers, we instantly fell in love. Wedding accessories don’t necessarily need to be silver or classic ivory. Warmer tones can be just as beautiful – feminine, decadent and romantic.

Gold and blush floral headpieces

If a look of decadence is what you’re after, gold and blush tones might be perfect for you. Not just for the bride wearing a blush wedding dress, this colour palette can be worn with ivory and nude wedding dresses, plain ivory gowns and dresses with warmer beaded details.

One of our favourite things about this colour palette is how seamlessly it blends in with blonde and brunette hair tones. The golden leaves feel subtle and inviting, and the pop of warmth from the blush tones add an element of interest without the overwhelm.

Customised for you

We love to work with our brides one-on-one to bring their visions to life. We are an Australian based bridal designer and work worldwide with our brides via email. Feel free to contact us and send us photos of your wedding dress, bridal hairstyle, including any other details you feel will help us understand your vision and we can go from there. We’d love to work with you to create something beautiful.

Every bride is different and the vision we all have in our minds of how we’d like to look and feel on our wedding day varies so much between brides. The same wedding dress can completely transform with slight changes in accessories. If you’re looking to channel a regal and sophisticated vibe, a crown or tiara could be the way to go. Fancy a glamorous and chic look? Think long drop earrings and maybe a side swept look.

So much of this, of course, depends on your wedding dress and its neckline, your face shape and wedding hairstyle.

A bespoke floral wedding crown

We recently had the pleasure to work with bride Nancy to create her dream floral wedding crown. Nancy’s vision for her day was ultra chic and glamorous, choosing to wear an insanely glamorous wedding dress with the most beautiful floral and lace appliqué details. Its silhouette was extravagant yet timeless, and she was seeking a headpiece that pulled together all of these special qualities.

Nancy loved our GABRIEL floral halo but wanted a piece that sat in her hair more as a crown than a halo. She also sought for it to be taller and of larger proportions. We were able to take on board all of Nancy’s thoughts and feedbacks and incorporate them into a headpiece that felt balanced, proportional, and of course, beautiful.

Delicate rose appliqué details

One of our favourite details of this crown include the rose appliqué details that feature prominently across this piece. These rose elements perfectly complement the floral details on Nancy’s gown and add a timeless quality like no other flower.

When set amongst shimmering crystal details and antique silver leaf and vine elements, the silver and ivory colour palette speaks to heritage, tradition and glamour.

Customisable for you

If you love this floral wedding crown, or have your heart set on another style from our collection that isn’t quite right for your wedding dress or hairstyle, get in touch. We’d love to work with you to create the perfect crown or headpiece.

Something truly magical happens when you combine blush pink and gold tones. There’s a warm and romantic quality which are equal parts delicious and sophisticated.  Metallic tones of silver or gold can act to neutralise the warmth of peachy blush tones in a way that ivory can sometimes struggle to achieve.

But it can be a challenge to find a beautiful blush pink headpiece that feels effortless and ethereal. Often pink tones are on the candy pink or baby pink end of the spectrum and can sometimes look out of place against dusty pink and romantic hues.

A bespoke gold and blush pink headpiece for bride Leza

We had the pleasure to work with bride Leza to design a custom headpiece for her ivory and blush wedding dress. To say the silhouette and lace work on Leza’s gown is exquisite would be an understatement. We wanted to create a piece that complemented the fine elements of her dress without drawing attention away from the delicate details.

We’re an Australian based design studio and we offer our custom design service to all of our brides, irrespective of their global location. Leza is based in the United Arab Emirates and via email, we were able to discuss all the pretty elements of her dream headpiece and bring it to life for her.

Styling a blush pink headpiece

If your heart fell in love with a blush wedding dress, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to find a blush headpiece or pink accessories to finish your look. We work with many brides who choose to wear ivory, gold or silver accessories that complement other elements such as their wedding veil, bridal shoes or jewellery.

However, where the blush details on your dress are more subtle (perhaps an ivory lace dress with blush pink elements or beading woven through an ivory base) and you’d love to accentuate the blush elements, a blush pink headpiece might be the perfect way to bring out this romantic hue.

We love to combine blush pink tones with silver or gold elements to neutralise the pink tones whilst accentuating the warmth of this hue. The headpiece we designed for Leza combines both silver and gold elements for a look that’s striking and breathtakingly romantic.

The inspiration

Leza adored our HONEYSUCKLE headpiece and to better suit her colour palette, we customised to elements with soft pink tones. The original HONEYSUCKLE can be seen below and features a gold and ivory palette.

We customised Leza’s piece with additional freshwater pearl sprigs, comprising larger and smaller pearls for texture and variety. The ivory clay flowers were replaced with a beautiful soft blush flowers also.

Fancy a custom headpiece?

We’d love to work with you to bring your vision to life. Feel free to get in touch, sharing photos of your wedding dress, bridal hairstyles, and styles from our collection which you’d like customised. From there we can discuss details and get back to you with a quote and next steps.

We’d love to hear from you!

Sometimes you find the prettiest bridal headpiece but it’s not quite right. It might be the colour, the size, or perhaps the way it’s designed isn’t 100% perfect for the vision you have in your head.

As wedding accessory designers, this is something we can completely understand and empathise with.  It’s exactly why we stand by our made to order and bespoke mandates.

We had the loveliest opportunity to work with Canadian bride Samantha to create a two-way bridal headpiece for her end May wedding day. Samantha loved the POETIC bridal headpiece but was looking for a headpiece which she could style in two different ways for her wedding ceremony and reception.

Customising Samantha's headpiece for her two bridal looks

For the ceremony, she was hoping to style it more as a headband at the top of her head. For the reception she was planning to wear it backwards to frame her bridal hairstyle.

We got to work on redesigning her headpiece so it was perfect for her two bridal looks. Wearing the same headpiece or accessory for both the ceremony and reception is a great way to get prolonged wear out of a piece. It also means that you can ensure continuity with details – i.e. you don’t have to change your earrings or other jewellery to match.

The delicate and organic details, as well as its boho chic styling, are just a few of the reasons why Samantha fell in love with the POETIC bridal headpiece the first place. So in redesigning Samantha’s piece, we wanted to ensure we retained the intrinsic nature and beauty of the piece.

To ensure the floral elements remained the perfect focal points of the piece, we repositioned the placement of the clay flowers to the sides for a more evenly distributed look.  We also scattered the delicate pearl and crystal elements along the mid section of the headpiece to ensure it could be styled with both looks.  It was a balancing act to ensure it didn’t look too bare in the mid section but we also didn’t take attention away from the clay flowers.

Samantha's ceremony bridal look

For her wedding ceremony, Samantha will be able to style her headpiece along the hair line as a headband by pinning the headpiece into place near the ears.

This beautiful look can still be paired with a wedding veil or pearl drop earrings, or even warn alone for a more simple look.

Samantha's reception bridal look

The headpiece attaches to the hair with little loops and Samantha’s hairstylist can easily position it into place with bobby pins hidden under the hair. By removing the bobby pins and flipping the headpiece to face backwards, Samantha is able to style her reception bridal look within a few minutes.

We love the look of this headpiece facing backwards and it would look gorgeous styled with half up/half down hairstyles or perhaps even all out hairstyles with soft curls.

Interested in your own custom heirloom?

If you’d love to chat about your own custom wedding accessories, feel free to get in touch by sending us photos of your wedding dress, bridal hairstyle and details of your favourite styles from our collection. We’d love to work with you to create your perfect heirloom pieces!

The Nectar headpiece is our newest obsession. A fresh take on decadence, this blush and gold wedding headpiece is rich in honey and soft sweet tones set onto golden leaves. Opulent and romantic, it’s reminiscent of a bouquet of mixed flowers in various stages of bloom.

Bursting with sugary sentiment, Nectar’s ravishing blush rose details and delicate smaller buds were inspired by wild roses and a warm evening sky. An inherently regal piece that took inspiration from the Palace of Versailles.

We adore this piece for the regal and enchanting mood it creates. It captivates with its golden hues and rich blush and champagne colour tones.  Perfect for a garden wedding, enchanted aisle or any opulent occasion.

How to style the NECTAR headpiece

This blush and gold headpiece can be styled with ivory or cream lace wedding gowns, sheer illusion necklines and sleeves or modern sleek wedding gowns.

We love to style this richly feminine blush and gold wedding piece with or without a wedding veil. The warm and sweet tones pair beautifully with blonde or brunette hair, and when worn against black hair, the look is bold and exquisite.

This wild beauty adds an element of garden grandeur like no other. A unique keepsake for your wedding day.

Your wedding heirloom

If you love this piece, or would love to chat about creating a custom piece inspired by this blush and gold wedding headpiece, please feel free to get in touch. Let’s create something beautiful.