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An Evening in Florence

We believe florals are as timeless as pearls. Always on trend, floral elements accenting your bridal look are a beautiful way to accessorise modern and clean lines through to billowy and ethereal silhouettes. Whether you’re loving big or small florals, they make a strong statement of refined elegance.

We love floral bridal accessories in all their forms. When it comes to styling, we love to mix them with complementary elements such as pearls, crystals, ruffles or bows which can add dimension and balance. Similarly, if your wedding gown features floral lace or flower inspired details, pairing them with simpler or contrasting accents will give your gown space to shine.

A quick browse through our accessories collections will demonstrate our enduring love for all things floral and nature inspired. Our favourite picks for the season include:

1. Floral bridal accessories

Whether your vision is fun and flirty, romantic and regal or avant-garde, florals can be incorporated into any bridal look.  It will comes down to styling and choosing the right pieces that convey a certain mood or detail to bring together the look. Magic happens when you least expect it – it could come down to scale, colour or that special something that bring an element of the unexpected.

Shop this look:  REMBRANDT headpiece, LYRIC headpiece, MONET headpiece, FLORES crown, MADAME comb, SOPHIA headpiece, FRANCA crown

2. Floral wedding veils

A showstopper detail for a minimalist or maximalist bride, a floral veil can ticks all the right boxes for an ultra glamorous and luxurious wedding. A statement veil is a defining wedding accessory that’s the epitome of bridal style.

Shop this look: AUGUSTINE veil, CARMEN veil, RIVIERA veil, WEEPING CHERRY veil, PRIMAVERA birdcage veil, ATHENA veil

3. Floral drop earrings

Elevate your bridal look with statement florals that extend from the ears and frame your neckline. Evoking the soft breeziness of carefree summer days, these contemporary earrings know how to make an entrance. Designed to reflect the pure tranquillity of light, these floral earrings are oversized yet sophisticated and spilling with texture and detail.

Shop this look:  BLANCHARD earrings, ELISABETTA earrings, CASCADE earrings, WILLOW earrings, BLANCA earrings

Need styling advice?

Need styling advice to bring together your bridal look? Get in touch with photos of your wedding gown and your favourite pieces from the collection. We would love to offer ideas and recommendations on pieces to suit, including how our pieces can be customised to suit you.


When Angelica first watched the wedding scene from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, she immediately knew that she had found her wedding day inspiration. From the garden paths, to the hanging Wisteria and lush greenery, Angelica and Norman’s nuptials had all the romance and magic of the famous Twilight wedding, sans the vampires and werewolves!

Angelica was adorned in our CATALINA cathedral veil, featuring fabric flowers, intricate lace and beaded details, which was right on theme for her special garden wedding.

Handcrafted details

With careful planning, time and a big dose of creativity, Angelica and Norman achieved their wedding day vision. Nature was an important factor when it came to the décor and events during the day.

“I wanted the wedding to feel whimsical and like we’re immersed in nature but elegant at the same time,” says Angelica. “I loved the look of green moss on wooden tables and knew that had to be a key element in bringing that earthy feel. I wanted to see the space fill with greenery but pop with white flowers just like you see in the movie! Of course it’s quite expensive to do all that so I simplified it a bit and searched all over Central Florida for a venue where I could add these details, where it wouldn’t get too expensive, and it would all complement the space.”

During the ceremony they had a Tree Unity ceremony where Angelica and Norman’s mothers added the soil (representing their foundation) in the couple’s new pot (home) and then the couple planted their tree (their new family) and then they watered it, which represents new beginnings.

Other special elements were the wisteria decorations that were hung in the dining pavilion to add to the Twilight wedding vibe and the backdrop at the sweetheart table which Angelica’s Maid of Honour/sister DIY-ed.

The “wow, I feel like a bride” dress

Angelica had a specific off-the-shoulder, A-line lace dress in mind, however it was in a travelling trunk show and she was unable to try it on. So she began trying on similar styles in bridal shops.

“I had tried about 20 dresses already and I remember not thinking much about my dress when I first picked it up to try on. But once I had it on and saw myself in the mirror, my first thought was ‘wow, I feel like a bride’. I walked out to show my mum and sister. They thought I wasn’t going to like it but once I told them I felt like a bride they started crying, and so did I! It was off-the-shoulder like I wanted, it wasn’t A-line, which I actually loved, and the lace cut-outs were the perfect touch of unique and sexy that I was hoping for! It was a simpler dress so I knew my veil had to stand out somehow.”

A garden–themed veil

With beaded lace and handcrafted flowers, the CATALINA veil caught Angelica’s attention and admiration.

“I loved the CATALINA veil because it has these beautiful fabric flowers that pop out and cascade down the top portion of the veil,” says Angelica. “It was the perfect amount of detail for my dress and my hair since I wanted to style it up. In every picture with the veil you can see the flowers stand out perfectly.”

Best advice

“Talk specifics about the visions you have for your special day and give yourself enough time to make it happen,” suggests Angelica. “Don’t rush your timeline for anyone else and keep what you two want at the forefront. It’s good to keep others in mind but this is your day so do what feels right to you. A wedding is no small task and sometimes it’s nice when people want to help but it gets overwhelming real fast so try to keep things between the two of you and your vendors, that way you prevent unwanted input and headaches. Don’t lose focus on the fact that this is about you and your significant other. And remember to enjoy the process. It can be hard sometimes but take a step back, breathe and enjoy the fact that you are planning your wedding!

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As the sun slowly sets, a warm glow is cast on the rugged landscape, and photographer Michael Schultz captures the most breathtaking photos of newlyweds Stacey and Lee at the New Zealand wedding.

Stacey and Lee could be described as ‘modern romantics’, their wedding was special, intimate and unique. The couple were less concerned about the formal traditions of weddings, and more interested in creating a day that was in harmony with their personalities and values, as well as being a relaxed and enjoyable time for their guests.

Modern styling

Stacey and Lee both gravitate towards a clean, simple and modern approach to styling. One of the best ways they kept things simple was having a short engagement.

“We just didn’t have time to overthink things and go overboard,” explains Stacey. “We loved the simplicity of the dreamy bright white reception space and the natural greenery in the courtyard where the ceremony was held, so we only brought in a few black and white elements, some wood tones and lots of clear acrylic.”

The ceremony and reception were held at a small restaurant in Hawke’s Bay. Their New Zealand wedding ceremony took place in the vine-covered courtyard and reception was in a room upstairs. Everyone sat together at one long table, as Stacey and Lee wanted the night to feel more like a big dinner party and less like a formal wedding. This is just one of many ways the couple stayed true themselves when planning their wedding.

“Don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable doing just because it’s your wedding day. We didn’t have a bridal party, we didn’t do speeches, we said our vows in private the morning of the wedding. We were comfortable and at ease and able to enjoy the day with our friends and family.”

The dream dress

From the off-shoulder, A-line silhouette, to the dramatic skirt and pockets (!), Stacey’s wedding gown featured all the details she feels comfortable wearing.

“I stopped looking for dresses as soon as I saw it. It truly was my dream dress. I never thought I would wear such a big, dramatic dress, but I just felt so good in it.”

From there, Stacey set up a Pinterest account and began creating mood boards for hair and veil inspiration. This is how she came across our much-loved Riviera veil.

The statement veil

Although she endeavoured to keep the styling simple, from the moment Stacey saw our embellished Riviera veil, with its abundance of floral laces, 3D hand-beaded flowers and crystal pearls, it filled her thoughts.

“I showed it to my mum and that was it, we placed the order then and there,” says Stacey. “I always feel my best with my hair down and curled, and the veil just fit in with that styling perfectly.”

We especially love how Stacey styled the veil up high on the crown of her head, allowing the lace and floral details to gently cascade down her hair and shoulders.

Stacey’s advice is to trust your instincts when pulling together your bridal look.

“Stay true to yourself, your personal style and what you know you feel good in, and it will all fall into place,” says Stacey.

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It’s not every day we get to work with a bride seeking a runway-worthy embellished wedding veil. When US bride Monica first shared her vision with us for her Syrian Orthodox church ceremony, we were in bridal heaven.

Without sharing too many details, Monica’s wedding dress is truly spectacular with a regal cathedral train and classic silhouette.  She had envisaged a veil which would add to the grandeur and beauty of her gown whilst bringing an element of the runway to her look. We were thrilled to accept the challenge and couldn’t wait to bring her vision to life.

Above: A bespoke runway-worthy wedding veil for bride Monica

From concept to reality

The specs were simple and clear which we loved.  The veil needed to be a commanding 411cm long and feature her favourite embellishments from our RIVIERA wedding veil. The vision was one of high style and intricate beauty. Think head to toe florals and beyond.

This was a labour of love to say the least. We knew from the outset this veil would take many months to create from scratch. Once we started, our inner perfectionists kicked in and we were immersed in the fine details until they were just right.

In total, Monica’s bespoke wedding veil took 6 full months to create from initially cutting the plain tulle fabric through to stitching on the last beaded details and securing the hair comb.

We painstaking hand cut hundreds of lace appliques to form floral and leaf motifs which were pinned and secured to the tulle fabric. Hundreds of sheer petals were lovingly hand formed into flowers, then individually hand beaded with crystal pearls, shimmering crystals and tiny silver seed beads. Crystal pearls were then applied for an extra luxurious detail. The end result? The most breathtaking veil we have ever had the opportunity to create.

Note: The dress worn in the images below is a studio dress and not Monica’s actual wedding dress.

Above: A bespoke runway-worthy wedding veil for bride Monica

Practical considerations

In designing this veil for Monica, it was essential to take into account a number of practical considerations:

A 411cm embellished veil will be heavier than a simple chapel length veil. While not a ‘heavy’ veil in the literal sense, it is important that the placement of embellishments are balanced to ensure the veil drapes and drags along the ground evenly.

Accentuating a wedding dress:
The lace and floral details around Monica’s neck, shoulders and waist line are slightly more spread out to ensure the veil doesn’t overwhelm her frame and allows for the silhouette of her wedding dress to show through.

Managing an extra long veil:
To ensure Monica’s veil sits correctly as she walks down the aisle, we secured discreet loops for her fingers (thumb, index or pinky fingers) which she can use as she walks down the aisle. Creating these finger loops means that when she’s holding her bouquet and walking towards her groom, her veil will sit forward and will be pulled behind her evenly. We have positioned them in such a way that they won’t be noticeable.

In effect, Monica’s veil will have 4 points of contact to ensure the weight of the veil is carried evenly. 1.  It will be secured to her hair with a comb; 2 and 3. It will be pulled along by her fingers on each side via the discreet finger loops; and 4. The regal cathedral length train on her wedding dress will carry the rest of the weight.

Above: A bespoke runway-worthy wedding veil for bride Monica

A one-of-a-kind wedding veil

It was a pleasure to work with Monica to bring her bridal vision to life. We feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to create such a spectacular piece of art. A true labour of love.

If you are interested in a one-of-a-kind wedding veil, we would love to work with you. Please get in touch with photos of your wedding dress, details of your vision and bridal hairstyle. We can then go from there.

Above: A bespoke runway-worthy wedding veil for bride Monica

For bride Bronte nothing beats the Aussie countryside, with its sweeping hills, fragrant eucalyptus trees and striking red dirt. While her husband Justin is a water baby, he loves the pristine white sand beaches along the coastline. For their wedding, they found the perfect compromise. A venue located on the NSW Tweed coastline, right in between the ocean and valley.

The scenery, combined with Bronte’s bridal look, made for some truly beautiful photos. She wore a classic white gown and our statement RIVIERA veil. The delicate florals, lace motifs and scattering of pearls cascaded down Bronte’s hair and shoulders and billowed behind her in the breeze. She looked ethereal amongst the native plants and lush woodland. Her bridesmaids beautifully coordinated with her, wearing our ROSA hair pins in their up dos.

Shop this look: STELLAR hair pins, VERSAILLES headpiece, BORDEAUX veil

A barn wedding

The first (and only!) venue Bronte and Justin viewed was Summergrove Estate. The estate has panoramic views of the ocean and valley and is set up for chapel and garden ceremonies and restaurant and barn receptions. The barn in particular, was very special to Bronte and Justin.

“Both Justin and I wanted our reception in a barn, and Summergrove Estate were building our dream barn, almost like it was being built for us! It was white and huge and modelled on the big American style barns, in other words, it was exactly what we were looking for. We both loved the polished concrete floors, exposed beams and hanging Edison globes,” says Bronte. “We also wanted an outdoor ceremony which Summergrove offered and Justin wanted to be married on top of a hill (don’t ask me why) which again Summergrove gave us the opportunity to do.”

It’s clear from the photos alone that Bronte was truly in her element at the Estate.

“I was born in Brisbane and raised in Cairns but if I could convince Justin to move a few hours west into the country I would in a heartbeat. You couldn’t find a vista I loved more than rolling countryside, some Aussie bush and red dirt. The smell, the fresh, crisp air, the fact that you can see all the stars, nothing beats the country! (I sound like a country girl, don’t I?).”

The statement veil

For bridal inspiration, Bronte browsed Hello May, Vogue magazine and photos of her friends weddings. Ivy Road, Tania Maras and Babushka Ballerina Instagram feeds also all helped Bronte narrow down her style. She chose a simple, classic white gown by Daisy Brides.

“One of the biggest factors in choosing my dress and my main reason for keeping my dress so simple and classic was because I knew my head wear would be the star. Whether it was a stunning headband or a veil, I wanted something nobody would have seen before and that was a real ‘wow’ factor. When Tania suggested the RIVIERA veil (I emailed her for some help choosing), I knew this would be my wow factor and dare I say it, I love it more than my dress. It’s so ‘me’!”

The RIVIERA veil features organza flowers with hand beaded pearl and crystal centres, amongst lace details and a scattering of pearls. The veil is textural, sparkly and beautifully completed Bronte’s look.

“The  RIVIERA veil was my perfect ‘wow’ accessory. It was long, it was light, but most importantly that stunning flower and pearl detail. My dress needed some details and the veil delivered that. I wanted something that would float behind me and look stunning in pictures and I knew the RIVIERA veil would,” says Bronte.

“My tip would be stay true to yourself, find accessories that show your personality and make your outfit shine with you! I love a simple gown with ‘wow’ accessories, but if you go for a more intricate ‘wow’ gown then make sure your accessories complement that gown and don’t clash.”

Coordinating looks

Bronte selected the ROSA hair pins as accessories for her two bridesmaids, to tie in with her look. The ROSA hair pins feature organza flowers with pearl and crystal details, attached to metal hair pins for styling flexibility and are perfect for adding a flourish to hair styles.

The pins were styled on the bridesmaids in a low set bun and looked striking against their dark hair.

“My tip would be stay true to yourself, find accessories that show your personality and make your outfit shine with you! I love a simple gown with ‘wow’ accessories, but if you go for a more intricate ‘wow’ gown then make sure your accessories complement that gown and don’t clash.”

Best advice

“Have fun with it, try not to let it stress you out (easier said than done). Make compromises with each other. Don’t rush into any choices, take the time to look around and see your options. Stay organised, have some kind of system for tracking vendors, design ideas, payments etc. Most importantly, make the day say ‘you’, pick vendors, venues and outfits that really show you as a couple and your personalities,” says Bronte.

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