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It’s not every day we get to work with a bride seeking a runway-worthy embellished wedding veil. When US bride Monica first shared her vision with us for her Syrian Orthodox church ceremony, we were in bridal heaven.

Without sharing too many details, Monica’s wedding dress is truly spectacular with a regal cathedral train and classic silhouette.  She had envisaged a veil which would add to the grandeur and beauty of her gown whilst bringing an element of the runway to her look. We were thrilled to accept the challenge and couldn’t wait to bring her vision to life.

Above: A bespoke runway-worthy wedding veil for bride Monica

From concept to reality

The specs were simple and clear which we loved.  The veil needed to be a commanding 411cm long and feature her favourite embellishments from our RIVIERA wedding veil. The vision was one of high style and intricate beauty. Think head to toe florals and beyond.

This was a labour of love to say the least. We knew from the outset this veil would take many months to create from scratch. Once we started, our inner perfectionists kicked in and we were immersed in the fine details until they were just right.

In total, Monica’s bespoke wedding veil took 6 full months to create from initially cutting the plain tulle fabric through to stitching on the last beaded details and securing the hair comb.

We painstaking hand cut hundreds of lace appliques to form floral and leaf motifs which were pinned and secured to the tulle fabric. Hundreds of sheer petals were lovingly hand formed into flowers, then individually hand beaded with crystal pearls, shimmering crystals and tiny silver seed beads. Crystal pearls were then applied for an extra luxurious detail. The end result? The most breathtaking veil we have ever had the opportunity to create.

Note: The dress worn in the images below is a studio dress and not Monica’s actual wedding dress.

Above: A bespoke runway-worthy wedding veil for bride Monica

Practical considerations

In designing this veil for Monica, it was essential to take into account a number of practical considerations:

A 411cm embellished veil will be heavier than a simple chapel length veil. While not a ‘heavy’ veil in the literal sense, it is important that the placement of embellishments are balanced to ensure the veil drapes and drags along the ground evenly.

Accentuating a wedding dress:
The lace and floral details around Monica’s neck, shoulders and waist line are slightly more spread out to ensure the veil doesn’t overwhelm her frame and allows for the silhouette of her wedding dress to show through.

Managing an extra long veil:
To ensure Monica’s veil sits correctly as she walks down the aisle, we secured discreet loops for her fingers (thumb, index or pinky fingers) which she can use as she walks down the aisle. Creating these finger loops means that when she’s holding her bouquet and walking towards her groom, her veil will sit forward and will be pulled behind her evenly. We have positioned them in such a way that they won’t be noticeable.

In effect, Monica’s veil will have 4 points of contact to ensure the weight of the veil is carried evenly. 1.  It will be secured to her hair with a comb; 2 and 3. It will be pulled along by her fingers on each side via the discreet finger loops; and 4. The regal cathedral length train on her wedding dress will carry the rest of the weight.

Above: A bespoke runway-worthy wedding veil for bride Monica

A one-of-a-kind wedding veil

It was a pleasure to work with Monica to bring her bridal vision to life. We feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to create such a spectacular piece of art. A true labour of love.

If you are interested in a one-of-a-kind wedding veil, we would love to work with you. Please get in touch with photos of your wedding dress, details of your vision and bridal hairstyle. We can then go from there.

Above: A bespoke runway-worthy wedding veil for bride Monica