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You may have discovered during your wedding dress journey, the spectrum of ‘white’ and ‘ivory’ is far and wide. Not all ‘white’ tones are created equal and the same applies to ‘ivory’. The colour ‘ivory’ can vary dramatically between designers and depending on the fabric, it can range from off-white to warm ivory tones.

The majority of our brides walk down the aisle in light or medium ivory wedding gowns as these tones work well with almost all skin and hair colour tones. However, a brilliant white gown and white wedding crown will always have its place as it exudes a classic sophistication and timelessness.

A white wedding crown for Samantha

We recently worked with Canadian bride Samantha to design a white wedding crown for her elegant gown. Samantha’s wedding dress is equal parts classic and sophisticated, featuring a low V back, slightly off-the-shoulder silhouette and dramatic train.  In designing her crown, the style and silhouette of her dress became the main source of inspiration.

We love to pair a traditional white wedding dress with a silver headpiece with crystals or true white floral accents to finish the look. If your dress features a more modern silhouette or clean lines, both gold and silver tones can be worn. It depends so much on the vibe and look you’re hoping to achieve.

Ivory or white accessories for a white wedding dress?

A question we are often asked is whether a white wedding dress should be paired with white or ivory accessories. The answer really depends on the shade of white – i.e. whether the white has a cool, neutral or warm undertone.

If your dress is a cool or neutral white, it’s best to pair it with white accessories otherwise it can feel too stark in comparison and the accessory can look aged. If your dress is off-white or warmer, we like to recommend light ivory tones.

Our headpiece and veil collections can be customised in ivory or white tones, with ivory as the default colour due to popularity.  Our white flowers are a beautiful shade of neutral white with a matte porcelain-like finish.

If you aren’t sure which colour to choose, feel free to contact us directly and we would be happy to offer advice and recommendations based on any photos and samples you can send us.

Searching for a white headpiece or wedding veil?

We’d love to work with you to customise our designs in white tones to better suit your wedding dress fabrics. Feel free to send us photos of your wedding dress and bridal hairstyle.  We would love to offer advice and recommendations.