It may feel like a bridal trend with pearl hair accessories adorning the locks of many present day brides. However, pearls have been worn by brides for decades and royalty for centuries.  Among the many elements that make up your bridal ensemble, pearl hair accessories stand out as a timeless choice that adds an air of sophistication and grace. From delicate pins to intricate combs, pearls have the power to transform your wedding hair into a work of art.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the wonderful world of pearls and offer you tips on how to choose and style them for your special day.

Choosing the right pearl hair accessories

  1. Consider your dress: The style of your wedding gown can guide your choice of pearl hair accessories. Whether your dress captures a vintage-inspired mood or features a contemporary silhouette, this will be important in narrowing down your choices. If your dress features intricate lace or beadwork, opt for a simpler set of hair pins or a headband. For a minimalist dress, pair this with a more elaborate pearl crown or pearl wedding veil.
  2. Hairstyle matters: Delicate hair pins are perfect for updos or half up hairstyles. Thinking about wearing your hair all out? Side combs, headbands, tiaras or crowns will add glamour to loose curls.
  3. What’s your style? Do you prefer the look of classic elegance or do you gravitate towards modern/edgy chic? Let your style shine through with your accessories. Choose styles that align with your vision and resonate with you personally.
  4. Balance and proportion: It’s important to consider the size and proportion of the accessory with the rest of your look – including your hairstyle and face shape.

Styling ideas for pearl hair accessories

  • Pearl tiaras and crowns: We love to pair pearl tiaras and crowns with relaxed looks through to dresses with formal appeal. They suit both updos and down hairstyles and complement almost all bridal looks.
  • Delicate hair pins: Small hair pin sets or an individual pearl spray can look exquisite in a textured or smooth updo. Simple and sweet, they won’t overpower your look.
  • Pearl wedding veils: We recommend pearl veils where the pearls aren’t evenly distributed as this can interrupt the flow of your look, especially if you are wearing a blusher layer over your face. Our veils are all customisable including each pearl placement can be modified to suit the lines and style of your dress.

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Mix and match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your pearls with other elements including crystals, flowers or lace for a textured and luxurious effect.

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Caring for your pearl hair accessories

Whether your hair accessories feature real freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal pearls or glass pearls, pearl hair accessories are delicate and require gentle care. Store them in a safe and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid exposing them to moisture or harsh chemicals such as hair spray and perfume. And finally, always handle them with clean hands to prevent any oil transfer.

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