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An Evening in Florence

A cathedral veil is a defining accessory on a wedding day. It can be classic and chic or minimal and subtle to accentuate the clean lines of your wedding gown. Or, it can be a statement piece to dramatically redefine your bridal look.

Callie’s wedding gown is the epitome of modern chic: statuesque with a fitted silhouette and a square neckline. We designed Callie’s veil so that the soft drape and feminine details of her bespoke veil balanced and softened the strong lines of her gown.

Floating Flowers

Callie’s vision for her wedding veil brought together our RIVIERA and NIGHT GARDEN veils with a lighter and consistent application from head to toe… and beyond. This simply exquisite veil marries ethereal 3D details with sheer tulle fabric for the ultimate in romantic bridal styling.

The 300cm length features the NIGHT GARDEN details to accentuate the train. The top section of the veil from the head to the knees is accentuated by our RIVIERA elements, lovingly scattered  down onto the veil in an effortless and beautiful way.

During the production of Callie’s veil, we lovingly called this veil the Floating Flowers veil and is on our list of the most romantic cathedral veils we have designed to date.

A very special thank you to Callie for trusting us on her wedding day. We thoroughly working with you and for the opportunity to bring this beautiful piece to life.

Need Styling Advice?

Need styling advice to bring together your bridal look? Get in touch with photos of your wedding gown and your favourite pieces from the collection. We would love to offer ideas and recommendations on pieces to suit, including how our pieces can be customised to suit you.

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For some brides, styling their wedding look is the most fun a woman can have. For others, the endless choices and all the little decisions can feel overwhelming and push you out of your comfort zone.

It’s true that styling your look requires planning, an eye for detail and having a good understanding of your personal style. But it doesn’t mean you need to have a solid background in fashion or design. Often the best thing to listen to is your instincts – after all, you know your style more than anyone else. And if you don’t know your style, you certainly know what you don’t like so perhaps a process of elimination might be a good starting point for you.

Megan's bridal look

We recently had the pleasure of working with bride Megan from the USA to create a floral bridal crown and pearl veil for her wedding day. Megan had a good understanding of her style and the vibe she was looking for to complete her bridal look. Megan had a few favourites from our collection but wasn’t sure about the best pieces for her look and how to bring together her accessories to complement her dress and venue in a seamless and cohesive way.

Megan’s bridal dress journey started with a vision in mind of a soft and flowing silhouette with feminine details. In the end, she fell in love with the exact opposite – a classic and structured half ballgown free of embellishments. Her timeless gown created the perfect blank canvas to inspire her accessories.

After having tried on a range of bridal headpieces and veils at her local bridal boutique, Megan reached out to us online in search for detailing that included golden tones and floral elements.  Having had an opportunity to experiment with different styles in store, Megan was able to form a better idea of her likes and dislikes and the type of accessories she felt was more suitable for her personality and style.

After browsing our collections, Megan fell in love with the floral and leaf details on our FLORES crown and gravitated towards the shape and airiness of the SONNET. She preferred styles with free space between details to create a sense of airiness and smaller details.

Photo credits: 1. RIVIERA veil | 2. RIVIERA veil

The venue

The wedding venue Megan booked exudes an old world and romantic character in her mother’s home country of Ireland.  The venue features a variety of design elements – the house itself is a 16th century with an eclectic moody antique space with acres of gardens. The venue also included a white marble greenhouse, and the reception space is a rustic low-lit red brick space.

With a variety of details, colours and accents in the venue, we helped Megan pull together her accessories so they felt consistent and appropriate for her wedding space.

Complementing Megan's bespoke pearl veil

We were also fortunate to be able to design Megan’s bridal headpiece in conjunction with her bespoke pearl veil. To add drama and detail to her structured semi-ball gown, Megan chose our NADIA veil which we customised with a heavier cluster of pearls along the full circumference of the veil for a more dramatic look.

We took some photos of her beautiful veil in the studio before we shipped it off to the USA from Australia.

Need styling advice?

We are an Australian based designer of wedding accessories and veils.  But more than that, we are bridal stylists who love to help our brides pull together their whole bridal look. So we can provide you with the best possible advice, we love to have an understanding of your whole bridal picture – the venue, your bridal hairstyle, your bridesmaids dresses, your bouquet, even your wedding shoes. This helps us understand the essence of your style and all the other important details that need to come together.

There’s no need for an appointment to work with us.  We work with brides worldwide via email and can design and create wedding headpieces and veils to suit your wedding dress and bridal hairstyle. We ship worldwide and can accommodate rush orders if your wedding is fast approaching.

Feel free to email us with photos of your wedding dress and hairstyle, including links to styles from our collection so we can get a feel for your style. We can then get back to you with ideas and recommendations.