Blush wedding headpieces are some of our biggest obsessions.  We feel these romantic hues are more than just a trend and it’s fair to say these inviting tones will be around for many years to come.

Here in the studio, blush tones immediately conjure up visions of ombre skies at sunset and the radiant beauty of afternoon light on delicate foliage.  Our love for soft pink lies in its characteristic light peachy tones – paler than antique pink and lighter and creamier than nude.  Blush tones have a warmth that looks beautiful with antique silver, gold and ivory accents alike. Whether you have blonde, brunette or black hair, this sunset hue is the perfect accompaniment.

If you’re looking to capture a mood of effortless romanticism and femininity on your wedding day, this exquisite tone will captivate and inspire.  Not just for lace or flowing wedding gowns, style it with illusion necklines or modern sheer panels. Depending on the finer details of your dress or veil, blush tones pair beautifully with both crystal and pearl elements.

Scroll down to discover nine of our favourite blush wedding headpieces we know you’ll love.

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This dreamy palette of soft champagne, pale gold and blush tones was inspired by the softness of light upon delicate cherry blossoms. The CHERRY BLOSSOM set is floral display bursting with overgrown details that feels feminine, fresh and utterly romantic.

The ombre blush tones are harmoniously balanced by the soft champagne detailing, creating a soft feminine look like no other.

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The set can be scattered along half up hairstyles or nestled along the curve or side of a romantic wedding updo. Style them closely in a row or space them out for a look that’s artistically ethereal.

The CHERRY BLOSSOM set can be worn with a sleek minimalist veil such as our AUDREY chapel veil. If you wish to style the pins to the side of an updo, CHERRY BLOSSOM can be easily worn with a traditional wedding veil.

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2. ROSALIE blush wedding headpiece

There’s a certain magic at play at half dusk. And the warmth and nostalgia of an enchanted ombre sky inspired the ROSALIE headpiece. Designed for a woman drawn to pale rose tints and raw romanticism, ROSALIE is opulent and decadent in its detailing.

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The ROSALIE headpiece is a statement piece that complements both traditional and non-traditional bridal looks. We love to style it with vintage-inspired wedding dress, low backs, blush pink wedding dresses, illusion necklines or long lace sleeves.

Flexible and versatile – the design allows you to manipulate the shape to suit your bridal hairstyle. Wear it in a half up/half down hairstyle to frame a veil’s comb, or position it above a bun for a classic and sophisticated look that’s feminine on all levels. If you’re envisaging a high set bun, ROSALIE can be curved to frame the bun beautifully and set on top of a wedding veil.

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3. MONET blush bridal headpiece

Handcrafted from buttery fabric petals, the MONET bridal hair piece has been lovingly hand formed and hand dyed in romantic blush tones, petal by petal, to create a whimsical and glamorous headpiece framed by golden leaves.

Designed to be worn to the side of the head or at the top of a bridal updo, this statement piece will captivate and delight with its unique colour palette and feminine details. Pair it with a veil in soft blush or ivory tones, the MONET is the ultimate bridal hair piece for modern romantics.

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4. WHISPER floral hair pins

Feminine and whimsical, the WHISPER floral hair pins are enchanting and full of exquisite details. The flowers in various stages of bloom were inspired by the beauty of wildflowers and the carefree styling of freshly picked flowers woven into loose hair.

These precious handcrafted flowers are available in blush, ivory, ombre (ivory and blush combined), white or champagne tones and are perfect to scatter across a romantic updo or half up hairstyle.

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The WHISPER pins can be styled in a row to create a floral cluster at the top of a bridal updo. For a whimsical look, scatter them to the side of a romantic chignon or to the side of a side swept hairstyle. They can even be styled with other headpieces for a more organic vibe – think the APPLE BLOSSOM, JASMINE or LE POEME styles.

WHISPER can be worn with a veil – we recommend a drop veil with minimal or no gathers at the comb for a more seamless finish. Heavy gathers at the top of a veil can take away from the delicate nature of this feminine set.

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5. DUSK floral hair pins

This set of 3 hair pins feel effortless and romantic in soft blush or ivory tones. This delightfully sweet and delicate set can be worn in half up hairstyles or updos of refined sophistication. For boho luxe appeal, style them in a loose updo with soft tendrils around your face

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We love styling the DUSK bridal hair pins with both relaxed and romantic wedding gowns. They style elegantly with sheer-panelled dresses, illusion necklines, cap sleeves, high necks, low backs, sleeved gowns and textured gowns.

The DUSK hair pins make a statement of refined elegance and femininity. Style these pins alongside a messy bridal updo or scatter them along half up hairstyles for a more relaxed look. While there are no rules with styling these pins, a hairstyle with romantic appeal is a must!

We love the DUSK positioned to the side of the BLAIR fingertip veil, the ROSELLAAUDREY or DAHLIA chapel length veils. For added detail, style DUSK to the side of the THEODORE or NADIA embellished wedding veils.

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6. WISTERIA headpiece

Inspired by the beauty of falling flowers, this wedding headpiece features cascading florals reminiscent of the WISTERIA flower. A contemporary palette of soft blush and champagne tones have a strong presence in this piece, framed by antique silver detailing. For lovers of subtle sparkle, it’s finished with faceted crystals that catch the light.

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The WISTERIA headpiece is a flexible and versatile design that can be manipulated to the shape of your bridal hairstyle or hair bun. Wear it in a half up/half down hairstyle to frame a veil’s comb, or position it above a bun for a classic and sophisticated look that’s feminine on all levels. If you’re envisaging a high set bun, the WISTERIA can be curved to frame the bun beautifully and set on top of a wedding veil.

The WISTERIA comb was designed to be worn with a veil – the metal combs are positioned at the ends of the headpiece which creates the perfect space for the veil’s comb to slip in between.

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7. TEAROSE blush hair pin

The TEAROSE blush wedding hair pin features pale rose and peachy  tones that adds the perfect touch of warmth to a romantic bridal look. Perfect for romantic tendrils nonchalantly escaping from a soft bun, the TEAROSE hair pin feels beautifully fragile yet classically elegant.

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We love the TEAROSE pin with untamed updos and half up down hairstyles. Deconstructed French twists or a side chignon with the hair pin placed slightly to the side creates a look that’s infinitely classic with ultra feminine appeal.

For a beyond beautiful look, style the TEAROSE hair pin with a statement long veil – the AUDREY or ROSELLA veil. Or, for a look that’s next level, style it with the ETOILE or MARGAUX crystal veil.

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8. SABLE bridal headpiece

Where to begin with this floral beauty. The SABLE floral headpiece makes a profound statement of garden grandeur and refined femininity. Featuring large floral elements set amongst golden foliage, this lush headpiece is beautifully detailed and utterly romantic – perfect for garden weddings and nuptials under the stars.

Designed on a flexible base, the Sable can be curved to the contours of your bridal hairstyle or romantic hair bun.

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The PETITE PINS features soft rose and golden to finish romantic updos and half up hairstyles. Each piece has been designed to be intentionally mismatched for an organic and whimsical feel.

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Style these hair pins neatly in a row or spread them along your romantic half up hairstyle for a look that’s carefree and high style.

For a beyond beautiful look, style the PETITE PINS hair pins with a minimalist long veil – the AUDREY or ROSELLA veil. Or, for a look that’s next level, style it with the ETOILE or MARGAUX crystal veil.

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