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An Evening in Florence

From the moment we stepped onto the beautiful grounds of Milton Park we were captivated by this magical venue. From the ivy-covered pool house, to the ornate fences and hidden archways, it was as though we had entered the set of The Secret Garden. Located in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, the grounds of Milton Park were the perfect backdrop for our new collection of floaty veils, regal crowns and statement earrings.

Designer and Creative Director, Tania Maras, was inspired by the art and sentiment of the Renaissance era when creating this new collection.

“The relevance of Renaissance is that of rebirth which felt timely with all things pandemic and the many changes around us,” says Tania. “It plays on the ‘renaissance’ style/aesthetic but also the deeper meaning of rebirth, innovation and change that came from the renaissance era.”

The Renaissance collection is a tribute to strength, femininity and possibilities. Featuring rich gold, silver and blush tones, lush florals and intricate beading, these designs have been handcrafted for ultra-romantic bridal looks.

Let’s take a closer look at the collection.

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We’re introducing fresh approaches to crowns and combs in this collection – adding new textures, new soft blush tones and crowns in new heights.

DUET is a decadent double crown design, featuring pearl scallops and a gold vine dotted with delicate ivory roses. We’re also releasing beautiful pink floral headpieces in this collection. The MONET hair piece is composed of golden leaves and blush fabric flowers with beaded centres. For a bolder look, the FRANCA features an abundance of handcrafted blooms to form the ultimate floral crown.

These headpieces also pair beautifully with our new line of veils.

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Our new embellished veils are designed to suit a range of styles, dresses and personalities. With dramatic florals, magical detailing and new silhouettes, these veils are designed to elevate your bridal look.

The dreamy DOLCE veil is created with the perfect balance of textural lace motifs, fabric flowers and sparkling crystals. This veil pairs beautifully with simple wedding gowns. AUGUSTINE is a Juliet cap veil with a halo of beautiful blooms and laces that trickle down the back of the veil. One of our new blusher veils is REMY, featuring bold floral and sequin lace motifs to frame your wedding dress.

If statement earrings are more to your taste, we’ve also designed a whole range of styles to fall in love with.

Shop this look: MATISSE veil, AUGUSTINE veil, AVA veil, FLORENCE veil, MIRA veil, CAMILLE veil


In longer lengths and bolder designs, these new earrings will have a starring role in your bridal look. VALENTINA is golden drop earrings with a touch of empire blue, for a strong and feminine look. BLANCHARD features vines of beads and blooms that cascade down the neck. For a splash of pink, the DARLING earrings add colour and sparkle with handcrafted blooms and crystal stamens.

Shop this look: BLANCHARD floral earrings, ELISABETTA earrings TEARDROP earrings, DARLING blush earrings, VALENTINA empire blue earrings

We hope you find something special for your wedding day in the Renaissance collection. For help pulling together your bridal look, please get in touch.

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‘Modern, simple and classic’ was Talia’s design brief when researching her bridal look. She found the perfect off-the-shoulder gown and elevated the look with our gold HENRI crown and drop chain ISABEAU earrings. This classic aesthetic flowed through to the venue, décor and photo shoot. The result was a stunning setting for Talia and her husband Zac’s dream wedding day.

Los Angeles-based Talia and Zac married in Pittsburgh, which is where they originally started dating. The goal was to include aspects of both these cities in their wedding. With hints of LA glamour in the venue décor and the traditional Pittsburgh cookie table, they achieved just that.

Setting the Mood

Talia and Zac have lived in Los Angeles for 10 years, but for their wedding, they loved the idea of getting married closer to their family in Pittsburgh and having their LA friends come over to see their hometowns.

“I wanted the vibe to be a mix of ‘home’ but with an LA twist – but also fun and not stuffy,” says Talia.

However, finding the right venue in Pittsburgh was a challenge.

“I am into modern aesthetic and décor, simple and clean lines. This type of venue was seriously lacking in Pittsburgh. Everything there is very rustic or vintage… the opposite of me! I was so happy when I walked into my venue, J Verno Studios – an all-white modern venue with pops of unique furniture and décor and impressive lighting. The venue also happened to be in the exact part of the city that me and my husband started hanging out in together in 2004!”

Adventures in Gown Hunting

After scouring the internet and dress shopping in LA, it was trip to Pittsburgh where Talia made a surprising discovery about her idea of the ‘perfect dress’.

“When I started trying on dresses in LA, there were a few that I liked but I still didn’t feel like I found ‘the one’ – I was trying to sell myself on lace and sequins – the typical ‘bride’ look,” she says. “I flew back to Pittsburgh to do a dress shopping day with my mum, best friend and aunt, with zero intention of buying a wedding dress. When I was trying on dresses in Pittsburgh, someone suggested a plain silk crepe dress which I said no to for being too boring… but I tried it on anyway and kind of fell in love with the look. We headed to our second appointment of the day and after once again trying on lacey and sparkly dresses my stylist suggested a silk crepe off the shoulder Lian Carlo gown.”

As soon as Talia put on the dress everyone started crying… with happy tears! The uncomplicated beauty of the dress didn’t detract from Talia’s striking facial features – her gorgeous full lips, bold eyes and luscious dark hair.

“The major thing that attracted me to this dress was that I knew in fifty years when I was looking at photos from my wedding day, I would be in something timeless.”

Talia’s tip for dress and accessory shopping: “stay true to your aesthetic – don’t try to convince yourself to wear something that isn’t ‘you’. Your wedding day should reflect your overall look and vibe every other day of your life!”

Perfect Accessorising

While Talia’s dress was classic and timeless, she was after an overall look that was a little more edgy and cool. She achieved this with her accessorising. Talia was drawn to the bold silhouette of the HENRI crown, which features beaded spikes on top. She styled the crown with a hairstyle of classic waves with one side tucked back, therefore showing off a sparkly gold ISABEAU earring.

“The ISABEAU earrings were the perfect piece to go with the crown – I liked the cool drop style. They’re not your typical blinged out bridal earrings.”

Talia loved the bold silhouette of the HENRI crown and the cool drop style of the ISABEAU earrings.

Capturing the Moment

“I knew I wanted my photos to be a little gritty and cool on the streets of Pittsburgh – nothing too cutesy or airy,” says Talia. “I chose my photographer, Rachel Rowland, because her aesthetic was exactly what I was looking for. Her photos show emotion and are incredibly stunning. She was also voted Best Photographer in Pittsburgh! She suggested to do some photos on top of a building in an empty parking lot. I trusted her judgement – she knows what she’s talking about!”

The Pittsburgh Cookie Table

In addition to the wedding cake, the reception party was made even sweeter with a decadent cookie table. This Pittsburgh tradition of having a table full of cookies at the wedding reception is a concept we can definitely get behind!

“The old school way is that all the bride’s female family members help bake the cookies,” Talia explains. “Well, my mum just so happens to own her own baking business – Debbie’s Deluxe Cookies and Cakes. Being her first child to get married, you can imagine how excited she was! So excited that she went completely above and beyond and made 5000 cookies for the wedding (not exaggerating) – about 30 cookies per person. This entire display took an entire back wall of the venue for everything to fit. My LA friends have never heard of a cookie table at weddings so needless to say everyone was going nuts. She also made my wedding cake – it was stunning and gluten-free for me!”

Wedding Planning Advice

“Have fun with it and try not to stress (easier said than done, I was stressed the entire time!),” says Talia. “Remember that in the end, the little details do not matter and you will have the best day ever.”

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You’ve found your wedding dress and now it’s time to think about those little details to complete your bridal look. Your choice in bridal earrings and other wedding accessories will set the tone of your bridal look. You can instantly transform a sleek and minimalist wedding dress into serious #weddinggoals with the additional of statement floral drops. Prefer a more classic look? You can’t go wrong with classic pearl drops or crystal earrings.

The challenge is not to over-accessorise and to choose key pieces that will anchor your look. You don’t need to look or feel like a Christmas tree.  Sometimes just a headpiece, veil or a set of statement earrings might be all you need.

When we offer advice to our brides, we always look at 3 things – your wedding dress, the neckline and your bridal hairstyle. These details will impact the overall silhouette as well as the vibe of your look.

Low V neckline or low back

A low V neckline or low V back is the ultimate in sensual sophistication. A low front doesn’t necessarily mean you need to wear a necklace to fill the space.  Instead, consider statement earrings with a longer drop or a backwards facing headpiece can be the perfect details to accentuate the lines of the low V.  Play on the long angular lines with unique accessories such as chain thread earrings, a long pearl drop or a clean wedding veil that highlights the strong V lines.

Illusion neckline

An illusion neckline is feminine, sophisticated and sleek. Pairing this neckline with a necklace can damage the sheer netting and often draw attention away from the rest of the dress.

We love the look of longer earrings with an illusion neckline to elongate the neck and also frame any details that might be applied to the neckline and sleeves.

Shop this look: ELISABETTA earrings, AURORA earrings, ELISABETTA earrings


An off-the-shoulder neckline is sensual, chic and utterly feminine. It draws attention to the neck, face and shoulders in the most beautiful way. It’s a shame to over accessorise this area and often a set of longer earrings or a backwards facing headpiece or crow is all you need.

If you just want a touch of sparkle, opt for some simpler studs to keep this area open and clean.

Shop this look: ELISABETTA earrings, AURORA earrings, ELISABETTA earrings

High necklines

We love to pair high necklines with anything from stud earrings that draw attention to the face to longer earrings on the delicate side. Avoid heavy chandelier style earrings if your dress features a lot of detail around the face as this can be a bit distracting and compete with the other details.

Pearl or crystal studs or dainty chain earrings are the perfect way to add a classic and sophisticated detail to a modern and chic neckline.

Shop this look: XAVIER earrings, HENRI crown

Long sleeves

A wedding gown with long sleeves feels regal and sophisticated with a classic beauty like no other. Don’t be afraid to pair long sleeves with longer earrings if your dress features an open back. If your back is more enclosed, opt for timeless pearl or crystal studs to minimise the details around the face and neckline.

Sweetheart neckline

A sweetheart neckline is one of the most versatile necklines to accessorise.  The world is your oyster. A necklace, earrings, headpiece and/or veil will all work together but the key is not to over-accessorise.

If you’d love to wear a crown, you don’t necessarily need to pair it with larger-than-life earrings or a necklace. A statement crown can look absolutely exquisite with crystal studs and no necklace, drawing attention to your face and dress.

Your bridal hairstyle

Your choice in bridal hairstyle should be based on the neckline and style of your wedding dress, your personal style and what will feel the most comfortable on your wedding day. If you don’t like to show your neck, there’s no reason why you should feel obliged to wear your hair up on your wedding day.

Similarly, there’s no reason why you can’t wear long statement earrings if you choose to wear your hair down – there’s ways around it to ensure your look is still open and clean. A side swept or half up hairstyle gives you the best of both worlds. You can still wear your hair down and accessorise with larger earrings.

Shop this look: ORCHID earrings

Your wedding dress will set the tone for your overall bridal look, along with your choice in wedding veil or other wedding accessories. Your accessories are best chosen in conjunction with your other pieces – the textures and details in your bouquet, the venue, the style of your bridesmaids dresses. Considering all of these details as a whole will ensure your wedding theme feels cohesive and complementary. Even a theme that’s decidedly eclectic will have elements of the unpredictable and unexpected to bring it altogether.

When choosing your bridal jewellery and accessories, some brides will err on the side of caution with simple pearl or crystals studs. This may not be a bad thing – sometimes it might be all you need to finish your look.

But sometimes it’s an accessory which is a little more detailed or elaborate which can perfectly capture the mood and aesthetic of your dress. These pieces can be difficult to find but when they’re chosen well, your whole look can instantly transform.

There’s no right or wrong ways to accessorise a wedding dress with jewellery. There are certainly general guidelines for necklines and hairstyles but it’s important to go with what feels right for you and what holds meaning. It might be a necklace from your mother or a piece of jewellery from your beloved which means the world to you. We’ve worked with brides who have worn a seashell on a necklace to mark their first date at the beach, or a leather strap around their wrist to symbolise a round-the-world trip they took when they were a bachelorette roaming the globe. You do you.

Shop this look: MADRID earrings + OLIVIER cape

High necklines

Often it’s said a high neckline works best with hair up but we would have to dispute. A high neckline can be beautifully styled with long loose wavy. It will depend on whether your dress has sleeves, the delicacy or heaviness of the dress fabric, as well as the proportions of your gown.

Bring it all together

  • To elongate the silhouette, position a veil at the crown of your head and finish with a comb.
  • Short earrings, simple stud earrings or an earring with a thread attachment will lengthen your neck.
  • A wedding crown or tiara will frame your face and balance out covered shoulders.

Shop this look: ENCHANTED headpiece + AMORA veil, HENRI crown + NIGHTINGALE earrings

Bring it all together

With so much detail around your face and neck, choose either stud or a short length drop earrings. If you want to wear a simple bracelet, you can do so, but why not let the lace do all the talking and go without?

Shop this look:  LUIS earrings, NIGHTINGALE earrings

Halter necklines

Halter necklines will always have a place, especially down a wedding aisle. This style of dress frames your shoulders while generally exposing your back. Visually, it will draw your eye upwards towards your face and hair.

Bring it all together

  • To maintain a long elegant neckline, opt for short to medium length drop earrings. Your earring choice will depend on the fabric and style of your dress. Even simple pearl studs will pair beautifully.
  • A bracelet, rather than a necklace, would be a beautiful choice and will balance out the look by drawing attention to the arms.
  • A wedding crown or tiara will also accentuate an open back by elongating your torso.

Shop this look: WINDSOR crown + ROSELLA veil, WINDSOR crown

Shop this look: BELLA earrings, EVANDER bracelet

Off the shoulder and plunging necklines

Plunging and off the shoulder necklines are the epitome of femininity. They feel elegant, romantic and effortlessly chic.

Bring it all together

  • Statement earrings are always a winner with these necklines. The open neckline is a blank canvas for you to play with different earring styles and lengths. From crystal chandelier earring through to decadent floral drops.
  • A wedding crown or tiara will frame your face and balance out the off-the-shoulder straps or sleeves.
  • Skip the bracelet and opt for a sweeping wedding veil to trail behind you as you walk.

Shop this look: ROSEBURY crown + ISABEAU earrings, JACQUES halo + ETOILE veil

Shop this look: NIGHTINGALE earrings, SEVILLA earrings

Strapless and ballerina straps

An all time classic that will never go out of style. Much loved for its elegant silhouette, this neckline is designed to frame your décolletage and face.

Bring it all together

  • Traditionally a necklace would be the go to option.  For modern brides, skip the necklace and choose a pair of long earrings to frame your neckline.
  • A crown or tiara will add a regal feel to this neckline and accentuate the formality of this silhouette.
  • A headpiece positioned to the back of your head will add a point of interest as you walk down the aisle. It’s also a beautiful detail to cover the comb of a wedding veil.
  • A wedding veil that extends beyond the length of your train will feel proportional and sophisticated.
  • A bracelet that falls elegantly over the wrist will accentuate open arms.

Shop this look:  CASHMERE crown + MORNING MIST veil, FONTAINE headpiece

Shop this look: VALENTINE earrings, FABLE bracelet