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An Evening in Florence

There’s something about the HELENA bridal headpiece which feels wildly feminine and enchanting. It could be its long vine-line silhouette, or the fact that it’s bursting with florals at various stages of bloom. We love its carefree styling that was inspired by the beauty of wildflowers – like freshly picked flowers woven into loose romantic hair.

Our inspiration

The loveliest bride Christina fell in love with our HELENA and was seeking variations to it to better suit her bridal look. Christina loved its detailing but wanted it in a soft blush, almost champagne, tone with more ivory tones scattered across it. Her vision matched our aesthetic and we too have a love for muted blush tones.

We tossed around a few ideas and settled on a headpiece which brought together the soft pinkish tones of the CHERRY BLOSSOM hair piece set on the silhouette of the HELENA.

We brought to life her vision by softening the gold tones with a champagne enamel finish which created a silvery shimmer. The muted metal colour palette feels intriguing and enchanted and we love how it reflects the light in the most beautiful way. The soft ombre effect feels luxurious, warm and inviting.

How to style this champagne bridal headpiece

Christina’s headpiece is designed to be worn at the back of the head to create a dramatic entrance as she walks down the aisle.

Its length and style means it can also be worn along the hairline too if she’d like the option of a second bridal look for the reception.  It’s a truly romantic and feminine piece that sets the mood for a magical wedding day.

Considering a custom headpiece or veil?

We work with brides worldwide to bring to life their bridal vision. No two brides are the same and we feel that there’s no one-size-fits-all headpiece.

If you’ve fallen in love with a style from our collection, get in touch and we would love to work with you to see how we can customise it to suit you and your wedding dress. Send us photos of your dress and bridal hairstyle and we can go from there.

Naz and Dan’s entire wedding day had a warm, golden glow about it, and Naz’s stunning bridal look was no exception. With our golden VERSAILLES hairpiece, flowing lace gown and oversized paper flowers, her look was enchanted and regal.

The wedding encapsulated the couple’s sunny personality. The day was described by their guests as ‘such a Dan and Naz wedding’, and for them, that was the ultimate compliment. From their wedding, we can gather that the couple is theatrical, fun-loving and romantic, as the day featured a ceremony in a cave, a masquerade ball and kidnapping! But we won’t reveal all the details just yet. Here’s how the day unfolded.

‘You Are My Home’

The theme of the wedding was ‘You are my home’ which had a special significance for Dan and Naz. They both had visa issues which began eight months prior to their wedding and Naz had to urgently leave Australia, unsure if she’d even make it back in time for the wedding.

“We started saying this phrase to each other, meaning that no matter where we end up, we are each other’s home.”

This theme echoed throughout the day, with their song selection, Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, and a beautiful teal sign at the venue which read ‘You are my home’.

Kidnapping the Guests

“When we were looking for ceremony locations, we knew we wanted something outside of the city,” says Naz. “We started to look into the Blue Mountains, and my fiancé (now husband) said, ‘Naz, how fun would it be to get married in the cave?’”.

The Blue Mountains is home to Australia’s most famous caves system – Jenolan Caves, which feature underground rivers and limestone formations. It was the perfect, majestic setting for their ceremony. Adding a layer of intrigue, they decided to keep the ceremony venue a secret from all their guests, including their parents.

“On the day, when all the guests arrived at Waldara [a country wedding venue] we told them that we had a secret, and then ‘kidnapped’ all of them into the buses!”

Only when they arrived was the surprise ceremony location revealed.

A Day-Long Celebration

In line with Dan’s heritage, they decided on a traditional British wedding, which means a whole day affair.

“First there is a ceremony (which we had at the Jenolan Caves), then the wedding breakfast, followed by lunch at Waldara, with some speeches and delicious food. Then people had a break, where they went for a walk around Waldara or relaxed by a fire pit (there were a few to choose from). Everyone then changed for the Masquerade Ball. It was an elegant party where all guests, including Dan and I, transformed into different looks.”

Naz’s bridal look

Naz was after a dress that expressed her personality. She narrowed her online search by googling Australian designs within her budget. She also looked to Pinterest and ‘real bride’ features on blogs, for further ideas until she found the Inca dress by Grace Loves Lace.

“I thought where else will I be able to wear this kind of style?” she says, laughing. “I also was looking for a comfortable dress. I know if something doesn’t sit on me right it will consume me on the day.”

She accessorised with hints of gold throughout the day and night. For the masqueraded reception ball she changed into a glittering silver dress and a gold face-painted mask. Her VERSAILLES headpiece stayed in her hair the entire day. She was attracted to delicate mesh leaves and gold and ivory palette of the piece, which she styled in a soft up-do.

“The moment I saw VERSAILLES I was in love. I knew I wanted something with golden leaves in my headpiece,” she says. “The Versailles is so delicate, exquisite and stunning.”


Best Piece of Advice

Naz’s best advice for choosing your bridal look is: be you. “Get a dress and accessories that resonates with you. Some people told me that they are not sure if the Inca dress would suit our venue. My response was:

‘I don’t care, I am wearing my Inca’. There are a lot of opinions about what style you ‘should’ wear for a beach wedding or rustic wedding. But I say go with what you want and wear your dream dress. If you want to wear a big princess dress for a beach wedding – go for it. It’s your day, all that matters is you and your husband-to-be.”

Special thanks to…

Sometimes all you need is that little extra detail to finish a bridal ensemble. It might be a strikingly simple veil, a delicate hair vine or perhaps some floral hair pins in your hair to create a ‘just picked from the garden’ look.

We love to design hair pins and bridal accessories that evoke a mood that’s equal parts relaxed and ethereal. Our full collection exemplifies our love for all things feminine and romantic.

Ultimately, when it comes to accessories, your finishing touches shouldn’t take away from the beauty of your wedding dress. Instead, they should complement and enhance the vibe of your look.

Shop this look: PETITE PINS

The inspiration

The inspiration behind the PETITE PINS hair pins was the CHERRY BLOSSOM hair piece set, a popular style from our recent collection, Le Jardin. We simplified the set for our brides seeking something just a little simpler but still equally beautiful.

These delicate hair pins feature the same colour palette just on a smaller scale. They can be customised in silver tones with the floral elements also customisable in ivory, blush or champagne.

Shop this look: PETITE PINS bridal hair pins

For a more traditional look, the PETITE PINS are also available in silver or pale gold tones with ivory flowers. The look is timeless and classic with a relaxed appeal.

How to style delicate bridal hair pins

This set of hair pins are unconventional in detailing yet classic in aesthetic. They’re the perfect set for bohemian brides, garden weddings or seaside nuptials.

Each piece has been crafted to look slightly mismatched for an organic and whimsical feel. Style these hair pins neatly in a row or spread them along your romantic half up hairstyle for a look that’s carefree and high style.

We recommend styling delicate hair pins with a minimalist veil such as our AUDREY chapel veil. If you’d like to style the pins to the side of an updo, these pins can easily be worn with a traditional wedding veil. One thing to keep in mind – try to avoid too many gathers in the veil as the bulky feel of the veil could overpower these delicate hair pins.

For a look that’s ultra feminine and chic, pair two sets totally six pieces across a half up hairstyle. A truly unique and romantic take on bridal styling.

Shop this look: PETITE PINS

Customisable to suit you

If you love these pins, or would love to chat about a custom set designed for your wedding dress and hairstyle, feel free to get in touch.

We’d love to work with you to create something beautiful.

Overflowing with luscious soft pink and golden details, we loved working with bride Britt to create her bespoke bridal hair comb and bring her vision to life. One of our favourite things is to transform our bride’s vision into reality, especially when there’s a romantic and beautiful colour palette to work with.

Britt loved the shape and size of the VERSE bridal hair comb and was inspired by the romantic colour palette of the WILD FLOWERS crown.  Over several emails, she shared images of her wedding dress, hairstyle and her favourite styles from the collection. We’d describe Britt’s style as luxe, bohemian and beautiful. Her dress is a lace beauty with warm undertones and she was looking for a unique hair piece to complete her look.

VERSE x WILD FLOWERS bridal hair comb

Sometimes our brides aren’t quite sure what they want or how to best accessorise their wedding dress and hairstyle. It’s always fun to talk through the various options and help her pull together her bridal look that reflects her unique personality and style. Other times we work with a bride, like Britt, who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask. We love these brides equally.

Bringing together the style of the VERSE headpiece with the WILD FLOWERS crown was a fun challenge. One of the main differences between these styles is balancing the sparkly elements of the VERSE with the matte details and aesthetic of the WILD FLOWER.

Verse X Wild Flowers Crown For Britt

The hybrid of these two styles turned out more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. We love how the golden crystal details add a soft shimmer and intensify the colour palette in the most beautiful way.

How to style the VERSE x WILD FLOWERS

The beauty of the VERSE piece is in its detailing and also its versatile design. It can be worn with or without a wedding veil. It can be styled along a romantic updo and on top of a half up hairstyle. We love the look of this bridal hair comb with a sheer drop veil or a more traditional veil.

Interested in a bespoke hair comb?

If you love this piece and would love to chat about your own bespoke creation, get in touch. Share photographs of your wedding dress and hairstyle, and share details of your favourite styles from our collection. We’ll then get back to you with ideas to bring your vision to life.

In searching for the perfect wedding accessories, you can quickly discover there are many directions you can go in. Regal and formal, relaxed and free-spirited or classic and chic? We love the essence of a flower halo to complete a bridal look but we also understand that sometimes you might want the formality of a wedding crown on your wedding day.

We understand the dilemma – there are only so many occasions in your life when you can wear a crown or tiara. It’s no wonder so many brides are torn on this decision!

We designed the ABIGAIL wedding crown for the free-spirited and modern bride.  A bride seeking something a little more polished and sophisticated combined with the organic styling of a floral halo.

We were inspired by the beauty of the night and the sweet fragrance of evening in bringing together this piece. It’s hard to deny that feeling you get when you walk past foliage in the evening and catch a scent so beautiful you wish you could bottle it. In addition to this, we love the simple beauty of a scrolling vine set high above your head – the perfect hybrid of a halo and a crown all in one.

How to style the ABIGAIL wedding crown

This enchanting piece feels classically chic yet relaxed, and can be easily styled in a range of wedding hairstyles.

The details and layout of this crown translates beautifully to modern clean updos, loose wedding hairstyles and even bohemian-inspired soft waves.

It can also be paired with a wedding veil – whether with a blusher or without. Although we must admit, we do love the idea of this crown under a sheer blusher as you walk down the aisle towards your beloved.

How to choose the right wedding crown

There’s a crown to suit every bride from the showstopper to understated glamour.

It’s a fair question and one that you generally wouldn’t think about in daily life. We’ve covered this and more here.

And of course, if you have any questions or would like to discuss which crown might be best for you, don’t hesitate to send us an email and we’d be happy to offer you styling advice.

While some bridal trends come and go, it’s fair to say that soft romantic blush tints aren’t going anywhere. Blush tones – whether with a peach or pink undertone – are inherently warm and inviting and perfectly suit the spirit of a wedding day.  We love to work with this colour palette and we adore this newest floral wedding headpiece we designed for the loveliest bride Nhi.

When bride Nhi was in touch with us to chat about customising the VERSAILLES headpiece with blush flowers, we instantly fell in love. Wedding accessories don’t necessarily need to be silver or classic ivory. Warmer tones can be just as beautiful – feminine, decadent and romantic.

Gold and blush floral headpieces

If a look of decadence is what you’re after, gold and blush tones might be perfect for you. Not just for the bride wearing a blush wedding dress, this colour palette can be worn with ivory and nude wedding dresses, plain ivory gowns and dresses with warmer beaded details.

One of our favourite things about this colour palette is how seamlessly it blends in with blonde and brunette hair tones. The golden leaves feel subtle and inviting, and the pop of warmth from the blush tones add an element of interest without the overwhelm.

Customised for you

We love to work with our brides one-on-one to bring their visions to life. We are an Australian based bridal designer and work worldwide with our brides via email. Feel free to contact us and send us photos of your wedding dress, bridal hairstyle, including any other details you feel will help us understand your vision and we can go from there. We’d love to work with you to create something beautiful.

We adored working with the loveliest bride Winnie to create a bespoke wedding headpiece for her upcoming wedding. Winnie’s favourite styles from the collection were the EDEN and the HELENA headpieces – much loved styles for their organic styling, delicate details and floral elements.

In creating her custom headpiece, we looked to these two styles for inspiration and customised the colour scheme and layout to suit her bridal look.

How to style this wedding headpiece

This special headpiece was designed to wind along Winnie’s hairline, featuring pearl and crystal details at perfect intervals to frame her loose curls and sweeping part to the right. Although it’s designed to be worn along the hairline, it can also be flipped over and worn backwards to captivate her guests from behind. It’s always lovely to offer our brides a second way of styling the one headpiece and there’s no doubt Winnie’s headpiece will exude whimsical and elegant appeal no matter how she chooses to wear it.

Rather than a formal crown or tiara, this piece is designed to be positioned directly on the hair to sit more as a wreath. The mid-section feels airy and spacious and the side clusters are slightly more detailed to perfectly frame her face.

Organic styling

There are so many things we love about Winnie’s bespoke headpiece.  There’s no denying we love its carefree spirit – as if it’s been plucked from among the vines. Its organic styling adds a touch of bohemian sophistication and the inviting tones of soft ivory, gold and touches of blush pink feel effortlessly chic.

To add a final touch of glamour to her ethereal organza and lace wedding gown, Winnie will be pairing this headpiece with our LOUVRE veil in soft ivory tones. This cathedral veil will frame the dramatic long train on her dress and create a look that’s regal and romantic.

Customised for you

If you’d love to chat about how we can customise our designs to suit your wedding dress and hairstyle, send us an email and share photographs. We’d love to work with you to help you bring together your bridal look.

Like most, we have a soft spot for delicate details. The combination of thoughtfulness, time and attention to detail is what our brand and work is all about and it’s our favourite way to spend our time.

We also love working directly with our brides around the world to bring their visions to life. We love to get into her head to understand her personal style and dreams for her special day.

We recently had the pleasure of working with bride Jessica to customise her BOTANICA crystal hair vine in a longer length to better suit her bridal hairstyle and gown.

A customised hair vine for Jessica

The BOTANICA headpiece is adored for its antique silver crystal details and floral elements.  It’s a piece full of texture and detail that’s equal parts feminine and enchanting.

The original piece extends to approximately 19cm.  To suit Jessica’s vision, we extended it to 25cm and widened the mid section so it felt proportional and balanced. We wanted to ensure the additional floral and vine-like details in the mid section were full enough to conceal a wedding veil tucked neatly underneath, but also didn’t overwhelm the piece with excessive details.

We adore the finished headpiece and are absolutely thrilled Jessica loves it too.

Style this with

This extended headpiece is perfectly suited to loose half up hairstyles, low set updos and all out hairstyles. The piece features metal hair combs positioned at the ends so you can easily manipulate the shape of the piece to curve to the contours of your head.

Pair this headpiece with gowns featuring intricate lacework and silver beading for a look that’s ethereal and sophisticated. The BOTANICA also suits clean modern lines and structured silhouettes.

Fancy a custom piece?

Get in touch and we would love to work with you to bring your vision to life.

We love a wedding tiara as much as the next bride and we were inspired by the beauty and delicacy of pearls in designing this exquisite piece. The AGNES delicate wedding tiara is our newest obsession – and it’s the perfect piece to indulge your inner royal.

The AGNES wedding tiara pays tribute to yesteryear with its antique inspired detailing and classic silver and ivory colour palette. It’s a statement piece that’s equal parts vintage-inspired and dainty, and bound by our signature feminine aesthetic.

The beauty of this piece lies in its fine and delicate details which have been offset by statement pearl focal points. We wanted to create a wedding tiara of medium height that perfectly framed the face and bridal hairstyles.

If you’re a lover of pearl details, pair it with the MIDSUMMER pearl drop earrings for a look that’s modern and chic.

We'd love to work with you to bring your vision to life

Our wedding accessories collection can be customised to suit you, your wedding dress and your bridal hairstyle. If you love a hair piece or wedding veil and would like it altered to suit you, get in touch and let’s chat. We’d love to work with you to create a beautiful heirloom for your wedding day.

How to style the AGNES wedding tiara with pearls

A fresh take on decadence, we love the look of this wedding tiara with structured modern silhouettes, flowy silk chiffon gowns and exquisite lace wedding dresses. It’s the perfect piece to capture a regal and romantic vibe.

Looking for inspiration for hairstyles to suit this wedding tiara? This pretty piece is perfect for formal updos, tousled bridal updos, loose waves and polished hairstyles.

This delicate crown pairs perfectly with the MIDSUMMER, MONTE and LOURDES earring sets.

Customisable to suit you

We love to offer our brides the option of customising our designs to suit your wedding dress, bridal hairstyle and personal preferences. If you’d love this crown with soft pink pearls instead of natural toned pearls, for example, do get in touch and let us know and we can certainly accommodate.

There’s a certain magic about the VERSAILLES wedding headpiece. A subtle and sweet tribute to Mother Nature that’s bursting with botanical details in a way that’s refined and sophisticated. This signature wedding headpiece from our collection became the inspiration for Cathy’s custom headpiece and we were honoured to have had the opportunity to create it for Cathy’s wedding day.

We love the subtle golden allure of this heirloom worthy piece. It feels uncomplicated, unbounded and bursting with botanical details. It’s the perfect piece if you’re inspired by the rawness of nature and the richness of golden colour palettes. When paired with an ivory wedding dress, the warmth of the golden hues contrast beautifully and creates a striking focal point.

As a bespoke bridal accessories designer, we are able to customise all of our bridal headpieces and veils to suit the hairstyles, wedding dresses and visions of our brides. A wedding headpiece doesn’t need to be a one-size-fits all addition to a bridal look, and we stand by our bespoke mandate to offer our brides versatility and flexibility with styling.

A gold wedding headpiece with floral elements for Cathy

Signature to our collections is a love for the botanics and a deep respect for nature.

We reimagined this gold wedding headpiece whilst staying true to the aesthetic of the VERSAILLES, reworking the elements so that its asymmetry was subtle yet purposeful – allowing Cathy to style it in her side swept hairstyle. This headpiece still has a certain symmetry to it which we adore, and means it can easily be worn with symmetrical hairstyles that are yearning for an organic accessory to soften the lines.

Creating the perfectly imperfect has its challenges – the balance of proportions, spacing and function. But with a bit of trial and experimentations, we’re thrilled with the end result and are even happier that Cathy loves it too.

Style it with

Cathy fell in love with an exquisite side swept bridal hairstyle that gently cascaded over her shoulder.  We wanted to create her wedding headpiece so that it accentuated her hairstyle as well as her wedding dress.  This beautiful piece could also be worn with half up hairstyles, a low set updo and even all out curls.

A wedding veil would be the perfect accompaniment – perfectly positioned between the two combs to sit seamlessly in her hair.

Interested in a custom headpiece?

If you love this piece, or would love to chat about a wedding headpiece customised for you, feel free to get in touch. Send across photos of your wedding dress, hairstyles and anything that inspires you and we can go from there.