There’s few opportunities in life to wear something as exquisite and elaborate as a wedding veil. While a veil may not be for every bride, we love how a veil can elevate your bridal look by framing your face, and elongating your silhouette.

Many brides ask us ‘do you wear the veil above or below the bun?’  Here are our top tips on deciding how to style your veil for your wedding day.

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Low to mid updos

Planning a low to mid set updo?  There’s three spots you can position the veil:

  • At the crown to elongate your silhouette
  • Directly on top of your updo
  • Tucked below it.

It’s a personal preference and will depend on a number of factors including the neckline of your dress, the volume in your hairstyle, and your height.

If the neckline on your dress is quite high or you will be wearing sleeves, consider wearing your veil higher on the head to balance out the heaviness of the fabric on your dress.

We also find that positioning the veil below the bun works well when styled with a low or open back. This creates a visual gap from behind which feels balanced and proportional.

If you’re thinking about wearing a wedding comb with your veil, consider the layered veil and headpiece look. Simply slide your veil comb between your updo and headpiece to create one seamless look.  If you prefer something a little more relaxed, position some delicate hair pins to the side of your veil.

High set updos

We love high set updos. Think a ballet bun reimagined with ultra luxe vibes to something a little more conservative. A high set updo will add height and a focal point from behind to frame your shoulders and back.

If you’re thinking high ballet bun, position the veil:

  • Directly on top of your updo
  • Just below the bun

If you choose to position your veil above the bun, keep in mind the overall silhouette and volume this will create. A headpiece can also be positioned below the bun, as seen below.

Hair out and half-up hairstyles

Soft tousled tresses and beautiful waves evoke a romantic look in an instant. Pair loose curls with your wedding veil positioned at the crown to frame your jawline and lengthen your silhouette. This will ensure your hairstyle won’t get weighed down and will instead flow elegantly down your back.

For half-up hairstyles, secure your veil at the point in which your hair is pinned up. This will provide a strong foundation for your veil to stay in place, as well as a headpiece for the perfect finishing touch.

Considering a blusher layer?

A very important consideration is whether you intend to wear a one or two tier veil. A blusher layer to pull over your face isn’t for every bride and it will depend on cultural or religious requirements, as well as personal preference.

The position of your veil’s comb in your hair will impact the length of your blusher. If you decide to wear a two tier veil below the bun, keep in mind that your blusher layer will need to be long enough so that when it’s pulled up and over your face, there’s enough length to cover your face, shoulders and your upper torso.

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Would you like styling advice?

We love to work with our brides to bring together their bridal looks. Feel free to email us photos of your wedding dress and hairstyle. We’d love to get back to you with some veil options and how best to style them.