We first started chatting to Italian bride Anna in January 2020 about an antique silver and sparkly crystal wedding crown for her wedding day. Anna had fallen in love with the idea of a crown that represented her grandmother, that she could wear on her wedding day and keep for years to come. She chose the dandelion and oak leaves as symbols of her. Dandelions: delicate and whimsical by nature. Oak leaves that they create the perfect contrast: solid leaves that grow from strong, woody branches. We loved the sentiment behind her vision and were excited to help her bring this vision to life for her.

A crystal wedding crown for Anna

We got to work sourcing components that would be suitable to create her bespoke crown. By March 2020, we had sourced components and were ready to start work on her delicate headpiece. And then the pandemic hit. The world started to change, especially in Italy where numbers of infections started to rise quickly.  We always loved receiving emails from Anna but from March, each time she responded, we waited with baited breath hoping for the news that she, and her family, were safe and well.

Unfortunately, we later received a heartbreaking email from Anna that her grandmother had passed away. Not from the virus but from another condition. Our hearts broke.
We were honoured to have the opportunity to create this crown for Anna. We are thrilled she loves it and will wear it on her wedding day later in 2021.

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