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The aesthetic of our work brings together feminine and delicate details with clean lines and classic silhouettes. We love wild and organic elements, soft draping and a touch of the bohemian as seen in this exquisite crystal bridal headpiece for bride Rachel.

All of our loves came together when we recently worked with Rachel to create a crystal bridal headpiece for her October wedding. Rachel emailed us photos and links of her wedding dress and bridal hairstyle including details of her vision. She gave us the most magical and beautiful canvas to work with – her Galia Lahav gown was a piece of sheer beauty and her vision was to pair it with a romantic updo or half up hairstyle along with a wedding veil.

A classic beauty for Rachel

We loved Rachel’s bridal look for its striking silhouette, whimsical aesthetic and plunging neckline. To add an element of classic styling to her look, we worked with her bring together the florals and foliage from our ABIGAIL comb and paired it with the silhouette of the WISTERIA headpiece.

The antique silver leaves are adorned with sparkly crystal elements and the soft handcrafted flowers feature pearl stamens that feel effortless and romantic, and were the perfect details to accentuate her exquisite wedding gown.

We love way Rachel’s bespoke headpiece will curves along her updo or half up hairstyle and will beautifully frame her wedding veil.

Can't find your perfect crystal bridal headpiece?

We are here to guide you through the exciting journey of accessorising your wedding dress and bridal looks.

We would love to work with you to bring together your vision. Email us photos of your wedding gown, bridal hairstyle and examples of styles you love from our collection. We can then get back to you with ideas and recommendations.



The LYRIC headpiece is a much loved style from the collection, featuring an elegant willow-like design which offers a carefree detail to natural and relaxed bridal hairstyles. The pale golden palette combined with soft ivory flowers evoke a mood of bohemia and when paired with a classic wedding gown, the look is next level.

To our joy, our New Zealand bride Taylor loved the detailing and look of the LYRIC style but it was a little too long for her classic wedding gown which featured an elegant boat neckline and low cowl back. We love to work one-on-one with our brides and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Taylor to modify the design to better suit her look.

A classic wedding gown and relaxed updo

Taylor’s bridal look is the ultimate in classic styling. Her vision was to pair the boat neckline and cowl back of her Trish Peng wedding gown with a beautiful relaxed low set updo. These timeless details are an elegant combination and we wanted to ensure her headpiece accentuated the lines on her gown and the aesthetic of her overall look.

Proportions are very important when we design our pieces. Where a headpiece is too large, it can overwhelm the other details and can draw attention away from the beauty of a dress or bridal hairstyle. Ensuring Taylor’s headpiece was balanced and proportional to the rest of her look was our main priority.

A bespoke floral comb for Taylor

We scaled back the length of the original LYRIC headpiece by 10cm so its dimensions matched our LUCILLE headpiece.

This shortened length allowed it to sit in her hair with a soft curve which was proportional to her updo and also mimicked the lines of her low cowl back.

Taylor had also chosen a cathedral length veil with a tulle wrapped comb so this was another factor we needed to consider when designing her headpiece.  To ensure the comb of her veil would be covered sufficiently, we filled in the centre with extra flower details, more pale golden leaves in various sizes and additional pearl sprigs to add fullness and texture.

The finished headpiece feels effortless, classic and sophisticated – the perfect accessory to complete her bridal ensemble.

We are thrilled Taylor loves her headpiece.

Need Styling Advice?

We are an Australian based designer of wedding accessories and veils.  But more than that, we are bridal stylists who love to help our brides pull together their whole bridal look.

Feel free to email us with photos of your wedding dress and hairstyle, including links to styles from our collection so we can get a feel for your style. We can then get back to you with ideas and recommendations. We love to have an understanding of your whole bridal picture – the venue, your bridal hairstyle, your bridesmaids dresses, your bouquet, even your wedding shoes. This helps us understand the essence of your style and all the other important details that need to come together.

There’s no need for an appointment to work with us.  We work with brides worldwide via email and can design and create wedding headpieces and veils to suit your wedding dress and bridal hairstyle. We ship worldwide and can accommodate rush orders if your wedding is fast approaching.

There’s something about the HELENA bridal headpiece which feels wildly feminine and enchanting. It could be its long vine-line silhouette, or the fact that it’s bursting with florals at various stages of bloom. We love its carefree styling that was inspired by the beauty of wildflowers – like freshly picked flowers woven into loose romantic hair.

Our inspiration

The loveliest bride Christina fell in love with our HELENA and was seeking variations to it to better suit her bridal look. Christina loved its detailing but wanted it in a soft blush, almost champagne, tone with more ivory tones scattered across it. Her vision matched our aesthetic and we too have a love for muted blush tones.

We tossed around a few ideas and settled on a headpiece which brought together the soft pinkish tones of the CHERRY BLOSSOM hair piece set on the silhouette of the HELENA.

We brought to life her vision by softening the gold tones with a champagne enamel finish which created a silvery shimmer. The muted metal colour palette feels intriguing and enchanted and we love how it reflects the light in the most beautiful way. The soft ombre effect feels luxurious, warm and inviting.

How to style this champagne bridal headpiece

Christina’s headpiece is designed to be worn at the back of the head to create a dramatic entrance as she walks down the aisle.

Its length and style means it can also be worn along the hairline too if she’d like the option of a second bridal look for the reception.  It’s a truly romantic and feminine piece that sets the mood for a magical wedding day.

Considering a custom headpiece or veil?

We work with brides worldwide to bring to life their bridal vision. No two brides are the same and we feel that there’s no one-size-fits-all headpiece.

If you’ve fallen in love with a style from our collection, get in touch and we would love to work with you to see how we can customise it to suit you and your wedding dress. Send us photos of your dress and bridal hairstyle and we can go from there.

“Soft, romantic and gentle”, the three words bride Leona used to describe her vision for her delicate hair vine.  After months of dreaming and searching online, the loveliest Leona was in touch with us about a bespoke headpiece for her late April wedding.  Leona loved our use of clay flowers in our headpieces, particularly the EDEN, MARJORIE and CASSIA headpieces. She preferred a more simple design with a classic colour palette of ivory/soft silver tones.

A custom headpiece to suit Leona's wedding dress

To bring together Leona’s bridal look, she shared with us photos of her wedding dress which featured exquisite floral details embroidered onto a fine lace.  She also picked a classic and chic updo that perfectly accentuated the neckline on her dress.

Taking into account the delicate floral details on Leona’s dress and her classic hairstyle, we got to work dreaming up her special headpiece.

A custom delicate hair vine

The headpiece we designed for Leona featured a combination of clay flowers, including our smallest flowers yet. Delicate and dainty details were scattered along her piece in an organic and untamed manner. We complemented these fine florals with shimmering crystals and pearl accents to add texture.

Let's chat about your custom headpiece

If you have a vision for your wedding accessories, or if you’re finding it difficult to find your perfect pieces, get in touch. Email us photos of your wedding dress, bridal hairstyle and a selection of pieces from our collection you love. From there we can get back to you with ideas and recommendations.

We would love to work with you to bring your bridal vision to life.

Overflowing with luscious soft pink and golden details, we loved working with bride Britt to create her bespoke bridal hair comb and bring her vision to life. One of our favourite things is to transform our bride’s vision into reality, especially when there’s a romantic and beautiful colour palette to work with.

Britt loved the shape and size of the VERSE bridal hair comb and was inspired by the romantic colour palette of the WILD FLOWERS crown.  Over several emails, she shared images of her wedding dress, hairstyle and her favourite styles from the collection. We’d describe Britt’s style as luxe, bohemian and beautiful. Her dress is a lace beauty with warm undertones and she was looking for a unique hair piece to complete her look.

VERSE x WILD FLOWERS bridal hair comb

Sometimes our brides aren’t quite sure what they want or how to best accessorise their wedding dress and hairstyle. It’s always fun to talk through the various options and help her pull together her bridal look that reflects her unique personality and style. Other times we work with a bride, like Britt, who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask. We love these brides equally.

Bringing together the style of the VERSE headpiece with the WILD FLOWERS crown was a fun challenge. One of the main differences between these styles is balancing the sparkly elements of the VERSE with the matte details and aesthetic of the WILD FLOWER.

Verse X Wild Flowers Crown For Britt

The hybrid of these two styles turned out more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. We love how the golden crystal details add a soft shimmer and intensify the colour palette in the most beautiful way.

How to style the VERSE x WILD FLOWERS

The beauty of the VERSE piece is in its detailing and also its versatile design. It can be worn with or without a wedding veil. It can be styled along a romantic updo and on top of a half up hairstyle. We love the look of this bridal hair comb with a sheer drop veil or a more traditional veil.

Interested in a bespoke hair comb?

If you love this piece and would love to chat about your own bespoke creation, get in touch. Share photographs of your wedding dress and hairstyle, and share details of your favourite styles from our collection. We’ll then get back to you with ideas to bring your vision to life.

Why do we offer bespoke? Because there’s thousands of wedding dresses out there, and thousands of hairstyles, multiple face shapes, so many different hair types.  We truly don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to our wedding accessories and veils because our brides are all so unique.  You might prefer a blush and silver hair comb but the headpiece you love seems to only be available in gold and ivory? Perhaps not, get in touch and there’s a really good chance we can design it for you in the colour palette of your choice.

All of our designs are designed and handcrafted in our Canberra, Australia studio. This gives us complete control over the whole design and construction process and we always encourage our brides to send us photos of their wedding dresses, hairstyles and face shapes so we can recommend the best styles for them.

A bespoke blush and silver hair comb

Bride Jacqueline is a perfect example of how we love to assist our brides. Jacqui loved the blush and silver details of our TEAROSE hair pin but preferred the styling of the ARTEMIS hair comb. While the styles are similar in size, there are differences between them which limit how they can be worn. So, we tweaked the design of TEAROSE so that Jacqui could wear it to the side of her head to frame her side swept hairstyle. We filled it in a little, lengthened it a tad, shifted some of the details, positioned it on a comb and ensured that when styled on the right, the details were all facing the correct way.

We love this chic and petite hair piece. It’s dainty and delicate – the perfect size for side swept hairstyles but also any wedding updo or loose bridal hairstyle.

Interested in a custom wedding accessory?

If you love any of our styles from our collection but would like them tweaked in any way to suit your hairstyle, wedding dress or jewellery, feel free to get in touch and send us photos. We’d love to see how we can help you complete your bridal look.

Learn more about our bespoke service and browse a small sample of our recent designs in our gallery.