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An Evening in Florence

Daniela discovered us through Instagram and fell in love with our work. She sent us an email with photographs of her wedding dress, potential hairstyles and also shared her thoughts on the type of gold wedding crown she had envisaged for her wedding day.

With her wedding in early December, we were excited at the prospect to work with her and we had a good amount of time to design and create a gold wedding crown and have it arrive with time to spare so she could bring it along to her dress fitting.

Daniela's bridal look

Daniela had chosen an exquisite lace wedding wedding dress which she will wear with a detachable full skirt and long train.  Her look channels all that is majestic and grande in a way that exudes timelessness and a classic sensibility.

She was still deciding between a ponytail and low set hair bun with middle part when we first started emailing so we designed a gold wedding crown which she could wear with both hairstyles depending on which option she decided to go with.

The inspiration behind this gold wedding crown

Daniela’s love for a pale gold finish rather than a stronger yellow gold undertone lead us to draw inspiration from the LYRIC headpiece. We loved the way the leaves and details on the LYRIC grow out and around from the centre and felt it would be the perfect foundation for her headpiece.

Her other favourite style was our ENCHANTED headpiece but as it’s profile was a little too low and the details were only available in a warmer yellow gold, we decided to carry across some of the defining floral elements across instead into her bespoke crown.

We lengthened the design of the LYRIC and reworked it onto a firmer base to support the crown style she loved. We brought in freshwater pearls from the ENCHANTED crown to add fullness to the piece, as well as extra texture and depth.  As the headpiece will be worn at the top of Daniela’s head, we also needed to design it with additional leaves and flowers so it would look beautiful and decadent from all angles.

Still looking for your perfect headpiece?

Finding that perfect headpiece can be a challenge because there are can be many options to choose from.  Sometimes having lots of choice can make it harder to make a decision.

If you’re still looking for your perfect headpiece or veil, feel free to get in touch with us via email and share thoughts and photos on the vision and style you have in mind.  We would love to work with you to talk through the options and what could work. If your perfect piece doesn’t exist but you feel elements of it can be seen across a few of our styles do let us know too as we would love to work with you to bring it life.

The Starry Night wedding crown with stars hints at the magic above us. This celestial beauty was inspired by an enchanted night sky, featuring a soft golden palette and silver crystal elements that make a beautiful statement of refinement and femininity.

This hair piece wasn’t designed for wallflowers or the traditional bride. It was designed for dreamers and modern romantics, and brides seeking something a little different yet classic in styling.

Designing the star struck details

We looked to the sky above us in designing this sparkly golden crown.  In particular, the soft light of the moon as it reflects on the leaves below and the subtle sparkle of the infinite stars as we stare up into the darkness.

True to our signature aesthetic, we framed the twinkling stars with soft gold toned leaves, bringing together the earth and the sky in the most effortless way.

The low profile of this headpiece perfectly frames a range of face shapes and wedding dress necklines. As with our full collection, this piece is customisable so if you would prefer a taller profile, the details can be reworked to create a bolder statement.  In contrast, the details can also be reduced into more of a headband style piece for brides seeking something a little more low key.

Customisable to suit you

If you love this piece or would like it customised to better suit your bridal hairstyle and wedding dress, get in touch. Feel free to send across photos and links to your dress and bridal look. We would love to work with you to create a dreamy celestial inspired piece for your wedding day.

Overflowing with luscious soft pink and golden details, we loved working with bride Britt to create her bespoke bridal hair comb and bring her vision to life. One of our favourite things is to transform our bride’s vision into reality, especially when there’s a romantic and beautiful colour palette to work with.

Britt loved the shape and size of the VERSE bridal hair comb and was inspired by the romantic colour palette of the WILD FLOWERS crown.  Over several emails, she shared images of her wedding dress, hairstyle and her favourite styles from the collection. We’d describe Britt’s style as luxe, bohemian and beautiful. Her dress is a lace beauty with warm undertones and she was looking for a unique hair piece to complete her look.

VERSE x WILD FLOWERS bridal hair comb

Sometimes our brides aren’t quite sure what they want or how to best accessorise their wedding dress and hairstyle. It’s always fun to talk through the various options and help her pull together her bridal look that reflects her unique personality and style. Other times we work with a bride, like Britt, who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask. We love these brides equally.

Bringing together the style of the VERSE headpiece with the WILD FLOWERS crown was a fun challenge. One of the main differences between these styles is balancing the sparkly elements of the VERSE with the matte details and aesthetic of the WILD FLOWER.

Verse X Wild Flowers Crown For Britt

The hybrid of these two styles turned out more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. We love how the golden crystal details add a soft shimmer and intensify the colour palette in the most beautiful way.

How to style the VERSE x WILD FLOWERS

The beauty of the VERSE piece is in its detailing and also its versatile design. It can be worn with or without a wedding veil. It can be styled along a romantic updo and on top of a half up hairstyle. We love the look of this bridal hair comb with a sheer drop veil or a more traditional veil.

Interested in a bespoke hair comb?

If you love this piece and would love to chat about your own bespoke creation, get in touch. Share photographs of your wedding dress and hairstyle, and share details of your favourite styles from our collection. We’ll then get back to you with ideas to bring your vision to life.

The HARVEST gold wedding crown is all about natural and organic floral styling.  Inspired by a love for wild flowers, this artfully arranged red and gold wedding crown is reminiscent of freshly picked flowers from a field of wild blossoms.

For the unique bride, this crown makes an elegant yet bold statement that’s whimsical and feminine for the modern romantic. If you’re yearning for something a little different and unconventional, working colour into your bridal look can be a fashion-forward way to make a beautiful statement.

Your accessories should represent your personal style and sensibilities, your likes and loves and your perception of beauty. For some brides, this might mean something a little unconventional and bold, or for other brides it might mean something more traditional and classic. Whatever your style, your bridal look should feel like a natural extension of your style.

Perfect pairing

We love to pair the HARVEST crown with delicate and dainty crystal earring drops. These ethereal and lightweight sets perfectly frame the face without competing with the bold red details scattered across the headpiece.

Our favourite combinations include the GEORGE, ISABEAU and ARLETTE crystal drop sets.

Shop this look: GEORGE earrings, ISABEAU earrings, ARLETTE earrings

Customisable in different colour palettes

This gold wedding crown features a beautiful balance of foraged red flowers, ruby red crystals and rose gold and blush elements set against gold toned detail.  As a bespoke accessories designer, all of our pieces can be customised to suit your bridal colour palette.

We think this unique piece would look beautiful in antique silver tones with scattered ivory flowers, soft natural freshwater pearls and empire blue details for a subtle touch of colour.

Fancy something a little more classic? Perhaps gold and ivory tones with champagne elements might be more your style.  Or antique silver with blush tones and soft ivory tones might feel a little more timeless and sophisticated. This beautiful piece – along with our bridal collection – can be customised to suit your wedding dress, hairstyle and personal preferences.

Shop this look: GEORGE earrings, ISABEAU earrings, ARLETTE earrings

How to style this gold wedding headpiece

Organic bridal styling is about effortless elegance. The HARVEST gold wedding tiara takes cues from the wilderness with boho luxe appeal. It’s designed to frame the face and hair as though it’s growing out of your hair and weaving along your hair line in a way that’s fluid and romantic.

We think this piece would style beautifully with a sheer bridal veil with a clean raw edge. Pair it with a drop veil such as the ROSELLA wedding veil or a classic cut shorter veil such as our BLAIR fingertip veil.

In terms of hair, think all out hair with loose curls, half up hairstyles or a soft romantic bun.

Wear it again after the wedding day

It’s always a good thing when you can wear something again after your wedding day. The HARVEST headpiece would perfectly suit spring races, engagement parties or anniversary dinners. Pair it with loose curls and all out messy hair for a look that’s bohemian inspired, soft and romantic.

Make it yours

If you’d love to chat about commissioning a custom headpiece, send us an email.

Send across details of your wedding dress and hairstyle, wedding venue and favourite colours. We can then get back to you with ideas and suggestions. We’d love to hear from you.

There’s a certain magic about the VERSAILLES wedding headpiece. A subtle and sweet tribute to Mother Nature that’s bursting with botanical details in a way that’s refined and sophisticated. This signature wedding headpiece from our collection became the inspiration for Cathy’s custom headpiece and we were honoured to have had the opportunity to create it for Cathy’s wedding day.

We love the subtle golden allure of this heirloom worthy piece. It feels uncomplicated, unbounded and bursting with botanical details. It’s the perfect piece if you’re inspired by the rawness of nature and the richness of golden colour palettes. When paired with an ivory wedding dress, the warmth of the golden hues contrast beautifully and creates a striking focal point.

As a bespoke bridal accessories designer, we are able to customise all of our bridal headpieces and veils to suit the hairstyles, wedding dresses and visions of our brides. A wedding headpiece doesn’t need to be a one-size-fits all addition to a bridal look, and we stand by our bespoke mandate to offer our brides versatility and flexibility with styling.

A gold wedding headpiece with floral elements for Cathy

Signature to our collections is a love for the botanics and a deep respect for nature.

We reimagined this gold wedding headpiece whilst staying true to the aesthetic of the VERSAILLES, reworking the elements so that its asymmetry was subtle yet purposeful – allowing Cathy to style it in her side swept hairstyle. This headpiece still has a certain symmetry to it which we adore, and means it can easily be worn with symmetrical hairstyles that are yearning for an organic accessory to soften the lines.

Creating the perfectly imperfect has its challenges – the balance of proportions, spacing and function. But with a bit of trial and experimentations, we’re thrilled with the end result and are even happier that Cathy loves it too.

Style it with

Cathy fell in love with an exquisite side swept bridal hairstyle that gently cascaded over her shoulder.  We wanted to create her wedding headpiece so that it accentuated her hairstyle as well as her wedding dress.  This beautiful piece could also be worn with half up hairstyles, a low set updo and even all out curls.

A wedding veil would be the perfect accompaniment – perfectly positioned between the two combs to sit seamlessly in her hair.

Interested in a custom headpiece?

If you love this piece, or would love to chat about a wedding headpiece customised for you, feel free to get in touch. Send across photos of your wedding dress, hairstyles and anything that inspires you and we can go from there.

The recent royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the studio abuzz with lots of beautiful brides requesting statement wedding crowns and veils for their weddings. We’ve always gone weak at the knees when it comes to accessorising a bridal look, and it was so exciting to see Meghan’s wedding look focus so heavily on her dramatic veil and wedding crown to frame her exquisite gown. And that gown? Can we just talk about that for a second? Oh my, what a glorious gown by Claire Waight Keller of Givenchy.

A pearl and gold wedding crown

We recently completed a beautiful pearl and gold wedding crown for the loveliest Sydney bride, Yasmine. Yasmine was inspired by the CAMBRIDGE and REINA crowns and was looking for a custom crown that pulled together her favourite elements.

We were smitten with her lace wedding gown and sought to carry across some of the lace patterns from her dress onto her headpiece. That’s what we love about bespoke – the ability to bring to life our bride’s vision and also to incorporate elements from the rest of the bridal look for a more seamless finish.

The end result? We adore it, and we’d love to hear your feedback too. The gold and light ivory colour palette feels fresh and inviting – reminiscent of a golden garden scrolling along a delicate wrought iron gate.

This beautiful crown is delicate yet makes a profound statement of femininity with a nod to antiquity. An enchanting and ethereal piece that still feels modern and romantic.

How to style a pearl and gold wedding crown

The delicate crown we designed for Yasmine would pair beautifully with a set of pearl drop earrings. The beauty of this piece is in its intricate and spacious detailing, creating a lightweight focal point that can be framed with our favourite earring sets – the BELLA, LOURDES, VALENTINE, MONTAGUE and PROVENCE pearl drop earrings.

Pair this headpiece with romantic updos, all out bridal hairstyles such as loose curls, and half up hairstyles.

Considering a custom wedding crown?

We love to work with our brides one-on-one to handcraft their perfect wedding heirlooms. If you’re inspired by any styles from our collection and would like them tweaked to better suit your style and vision, feel free to get in touch.