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It may feel like a bridal trend with pearl hair accessories adorning the locks of many present day brides. However, pearls have been worn by brides for decades and royalty for centuries.  Among the many elements that make up your bridal ensemble, pearl hair accessories stand out as a timeless choice that adds an air of sophistication and grace. From delicate pins to intricate combs, pearls have the power to transform your wedding hair into a work of art.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the wonderful world of pearls and offer you tips on how to choose and style them for your special day.

Choosing the right pearl hair accessories

  1. Consider your dress: The style of your wedding gown can guide your choice of pearl hair accessories. Whether your dress captures a vintage-inspired mood or features a contemporary silhouette, this will be important in narrowing down your choices. If your dress features intricate lace or beadwork, opt for a simpler set of hair pins or a headband. For a minimalist dress, pair this with a more elaborate pearl crown or pearl wedding veil.
  2. Hairstyle matters: Delicate hair pins are perfect for updos or half up hairstyles. Thinking about wearing your hair all out? Side combs, headbands, tiaras or crowns will add glamour to loose curls.
  3. What’s your style? Do you prefer the look of classic elegance or do you gravitate towards modern/edgy chic? Let your style shine through with your accessories. Choose styles that align with your vision and resonate with you personally.
  4. Balance and proportion: It’s important to consider the size and proportion of the accessory with the rest of your look – including your hairstyle and face shape.

Styling ideas for pearl hair accessories

  • Pearl tiaras and crowns: We love to pair pearl tiaras and crowns with relaxed looks through to dresses with formal appeal. They suit both updos and down hairstyles and complement almost all bridal looks.
  • Delicate hair pins: Small hair pin sets or an individual pearl spray can look exquisite in a textured or smooth updo. Simple and sweet, they won’t overpower your look.
  • Pearl wedding veils: We recommend pearl veils where the pearls aren’t evenly distributed as this can interrupt the flow of your look, especially if you are wearing a blusher layer over your face. Our veils are all customisable including each pearl placement can be modified to suit the lines and style of your dress.

Shop this look: ALLEGRA pearl crown, bespoke OYSTER pearl hair pins, STARBURST/AURORA/ZOE earrings, CASPIAN pearl crown, BELLE bridal hair comb, MARA pearl birdcage veil, Bespoke pearl juliet cap veil

Mix and match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your pearls with other elements including crystals, flowers or lace for a textured and luxurious effect.

Shop this look: RIVERSONG pearl veil

Caring for your pearl hair accessories

Whether your hair accessories feature real freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal pearls or glass pearls, pearl hair accessories are delicate and require gentle care. Store them in a safe and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid exposing them to moisture or harsh chemicals such as hair spray and perfume. And finally, always handle them with clean hands to prevent any oil transfer.

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Arna’s admiration of the ocean can be traced back to her childhood, growing up in a seaside town in the far south of Tasmania. Her father is an Abalone diver and he would bring home shells with mesmerising mother-of-pearl patterns in blue, green and pink tones. Her husband shares similar childhood memories. Jed is from the eastern suburbs of Sydney, close to the beautiful Clovelly and Coogee beaches.

To honour this shared love, Arna and Jed’s wedding took place on the coast of Tasmania, overlooking the tranquil waters of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel and Bruny Island. Arna walked down the aisle in a pearl wedding veil, our exquisite pearl drenched Dewberry.

Setting the Scene

Both the ceremony and reception were held at Peppermint Grove, in Woodbridge, Tasmania. Arna and Jed wanted to create an elegant and warm atmosphere, and styled the venue with lots of candles, greenery and white roses.

“We both are very much family orientated and wanted to bring everyone together in a relaxed environment, which was made naturally easy with our gorgeous water-side venue nestled in a calm cove overlooking Bruny Island,” says Arna.

Arna’s Beautiful Bow Gown

Wedding dress shopping was both an enjoyable and eye-opening experience for Arna. Once they found her perfect dress, Arna and her mum were sad the experience was over!

“I had a style in mind and after trying so many dresses in that style, I realised they just didn’t suit me at all,” says Arna. “That’s when I started to wonder if maybe a simple, classic style would suit me better. After some research around the local bridal boutiques, Timeless Elegance said that they had just received some new designs that they thought might interest me and sent me a photo of ‘Lily’. At first I wasn’t sure as it was very figure hugging. I tried it on and it was an instant… “mm, yes!” It’s gorgeous bow fell perfectly over my shoulder without it being too ‘ bow-ie’ and gave the dress some simple interest, it just felt right.”

Arna’s advice to brides-to-be is to start dress shopping early (from when Arna ordered her dress to when it arrived, it was about 8 and a half months) and to not be afraid to try a dress on that isn’t your style – as you might be pleasantly surprised!

A pearl wedding veil

A testament to her love of the water, Arna styled her dress with our pearl Dewberry veil – a single tier veil in chapel length, featuring a beautiful sprinkling of crystal pearls.

“I originally wasn’t going to wear a veil… I personally thought it was too old fashioned and unnecessary. However, once I had decided on my dress, I thought maybe I’ll just try a veil on to see what it would look like… I fell in love again!” says Arna. “But I didn’t want just a plain tulle. I didn’t even research veils, I kept thinking about them for weeks until I thought – a pearl veil! I love pearls and so I started googling pearl veils and came across Tania Maras and absolutely fell in love with Dewberry.”

To complement her veil, Arna’s hair was styled side swept with a pearl hair clip and vintage waves.

Best Advice

“Have the wedding you want. It’s great to get other people’s opinions and ideas, but at the end of the day, it’s yours and it truly is one of the best times of your lives,” says Arna. “Take it all in and enjoy the process, it’s a lot of fun!”

Best Advice

“Have the wedding you want. It’s great to get other people’s opinions and ideas, but at the end of the day, it’s yours and it truly is one of the best times of your lives,” says Arna. “Take it all in and enjoy the process, it’s a lot of fun!”


The soft, billowy beauty of a veil can completely transform your bridal look with its movement and drape.  And while we love minimalist and traditional veils, an embellished wedding veil adorned with laces, crystals or pearls can feel fresh and infinitely romantic.

The design possibilities of embellished veils are endless. From veils that are dripped in feather-soft organza blooms, to veils dotted with soft ivory pearls and dazzling crystals, embellishments add texture and detail to an otherwise blank canvas. With lengths and styles customisable to suit you, your veil can beautifully complement your body shape and dress and capture your personality.

Dramatic veils also pair beautifully with modern silhouettes, from on-trend body suits to barely-there dresses. For a look that’s enchanting and sensual, find our styling tips on how to style and make a statement with your wedding veil.

Shop this look: RIVIERA veil

Floral veils

Our floral veils are layered with lace motifs, organza flowers and bead work, with each layer adding texture and dimension. The effect from a far is romantic and dreamy, as the floral elements set onto sheer tulle give the illusion that they’re floating over you. But the veils are just as beautiful up close, where the detailed bead work can be fully appreciated.

A floral veil doesn’t need to feel heavily embellished or overwhelming. The organic details can be applied to the top of the veil only – to frame your shoulders and hairstyle – as seen in the CATALINA, WEEPING CHERRY and RIVIERA veils. If your dress is more detailed across the top with lace sleeves or a beaded bodice, the floral details can float along the train of the veil and drape behind you as walk – as seen in NIGHT GARDEN veil. If you’d like head-to-toe florals, then the ATHENA veil might be perfect for you.  All veils can be made with or without a blusher layer and in varying lengths.

Wear it with:

  • A heavily embellished veil is striking when contrasted against modern gowns and clean silhouettes. To keep the look clean and balanced, choose a plain dress with minimal embellishments, and also minimal jewellery. This will allow the details of the veil to shine whilst accentuating your overall silhouette.
  • If your style is a little more extra, pair a floral veil with a lace wedding dress with a similar lace pattern. The RIVIERA veil with embellishments across the top and side sections of the veil allows the back details of your dress to peek through.

Shop this look: RIVIERA veil

“Floral veils tick all the right boxes for an ultra glamorous and luxurious wedding. These wedding veils are not for the fainthearted – they are designed for bold and confident brides,”  Tania Maras, designer and Creative Director.

Pearl veils

Pearls feel classical and timeless, and a scattering of pearls on a veil can have a modern and chic effect. Even if your look is a little more traditional, a pearl veil can exudes a more contemporary vibe compared  to a more traditional or vintage-inspired lace trimmed veil.

Reminiscent of drifting snow flakes, our pearl veils are made with soft bridal illusion tulle and crystal pearls. The pearls are attached by hand, with special attention to placement,  so that the overall effect is balanced, flattering and seamless.

The pearl details can be placed on the top, as seen on the THEODORE veil, or along the bottom of the veil – the LUMIERE veil. For a look that’s next level, the pearl embellishments can be applied and scattered all over. It’s everything we love about the NADIA veil. Our veils can be made with or without a blusher and available in cathedral, chapel or fingertip lengths.

Wear it with:

  • Try a bold bridal look and style your pearl veil with a sleek, figure-hugging gown or playsuit. The key is the placement of the pearls including its size, density and general layout.
  • Just looking for a touch of detail? Consider pearl accents closer to, or directly on, the comb.

Shop this look: NADIA veil

Crystal veils

Crystal accents were once only for the bling-obsessed bride. No longer a detail to be feared, our range of crystal veils have been designed to reflect a more captivating and intriguing mood. The result is added drama and romance to a bridal look – without the excessive ‘bling’ factor.

In designing our collection of crystal veils, we looked to the night sky for inspiration. Each shimmering crystal has been meticulously applied by hand to catch the light and enlighten your bridal look in an effortless, celestial and ethereal way.

One of our most versatile crystal veil designs is the airy and dramatic MORNING MIST veil. This veil features crystals that are scattered around the face, shoulders and neckline. For sparkle from head to toe, the DEWBERRY feels dreamy and dramatic without the overwhelm.

Wear it with:

  • Sparkly crystal details pair beautifully with lace wedding dresses, minimalist silhouettes and details, and a wide range of modern and traditional necklines and fabrics.
  • For an avant-garde approach, pair our crystal veils with barely-there gowns or dresses with high splits.

Shop this look: MIDNIGHT veil

“We recommend crystal veils for the bride who isn’t afraid to make a high style bridal statement on her wedding day,” Tania Maras, Designer and Creative Director.

At Tania Maras, we offer bespoke veils and a styling service where we can work with you one-on-one to create your dream veil, without you needing to visit the studio. If you would a like a statement veil made to suit you, please get in touch. Contact us through our contact page or send us an email directly ([email protected]).


Long and elegant wedding veils will always take centre stage on a wedding day. If you’re a bit like us, you might be drawn to something just a little different – a modern interpretation of the classics. We share our favourite romantic veils we know you’ll fall in love with.

Sparkly crystals

A sparkly veil doesn’t need to make you feel like you’re disco ball. If you’re partial to just a hint of shimmer or a slight glint, a sparkly veil with lightly scattered delicate crystals will add that little extra detail that’s perfectly balanced without taking away from your face or the beauty of your wedding dress.

Etoile | Crystal wedding veil
Masterfully applied to frame this modern and sleek veil along the hemline.

Margaux | Crystal chapel wedding veil
A classic silhouette, dramatised by shimmering crystals from head to toe.

Subtle pearls

If you’re after a veil that’s alluring, yet dramatic, subtle pearl details can add the perfect detail. Decadent, yet dainty in nature, pearls add that touch of drama and sophistication.

If you’re wearing a blusher, look for a veil where the pearls don’t cover your face, but add suggestive notes to your temples and cheekbones. Or opt for a veil that creates a gorgeous focus around the hair line or train.

Theodore | Pearl chapel wedding veil
The placement of the pearls across the top section of the veil only, allows the dress to take centre stage.

Loren | Chapel wedding veil with pearls
Featuring linear hand-beaded pearls and beads from head to toe for a soft feminine and romantic touch.

Lumiere | Fingertip veil with pearls
The scattering of soft ivory pearls across the piece is both mesmerising and modern in appeal.


Lovely lace will always be in fashion, but there are so many variations out there! A truly modern take on the traditional lace veil, is an elegant thin lace detail set back an inch or two from the veil hemline, creating the most soft and alluring cascading waves.

Lisette | Fingertip wedding veil with lace
Lisette is framed with a delicate floral lace that’s unashamedly feminine and minimally chic.

Odette | Chapel wedding veil with lace
The Odette chapel wedding veil features a delicate lace vine trim that flutters along the edge of the veil in the most effortless way.


Applique is a technique that transfers gorgeous lace cut-outs onto another fabric – in the case of veils – tulle. For a truly modern yet romantic take on this classic technique, look for veils that sparingly apply the lace, and where the lace frames the face but never covers it.

Emmie | Chapel length wedding veil with lace
Handcrafted from lightweight bridal tulle with exquisite French lace details, this modern yet classically styled veil will become a beloved heirloom.