Have you noticed that often when someone gets engaged, they suddenly decide that they should grow their hair for their wedding day?

I can understand why people think this way – most wedding hairstyles require length to achieve most wedding updos and other wedding hairstyles.  However, you shouldn’t feel like you need long hair to feel like a bride on your wedding day.

There are a plenty of wedding hairstyles for short hair – and just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you can’t accessorise it!

Take a look at these gorgeous real brides. Adorable aren’t they?

Short bridal hairstyles

  • If you’re a vintage type girl, take a look at fingers waves. Finger waves are perfect for a vintage inspired wedding and can work beautifully in a range of different short hair lengths. You can also accessorise it with a headpiece if that takes your fancy.
  • If you’re a girly girl, try some sparkly pins or headbands.  A thin crystal headband or gorgeous side tiara can add a beautiful addition to any short hairstyle.
  • If you love curls, don’t count them out! Soften the look of short hair with a sweeping fringe. Add movement by adding waves or gently smoothing and flicking the ends using tongs or straightening irons. Even if it’s short you can still add a pretty crystal hairclip or tiara.
  • If you have short hair but want to achieve a wedding updo, that look is still achieveable. You just need a little bit of creativity and lots of teasing to create volume a the crown – and yes, you will need to master the bobby pin. Adding curls to your hair before you pin it back will give you even more volume and any stray hairs will add a pretty feminine touch.

Choosing accessories

  • Having short hair doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with crystal headbands, fabric flowers, rhinestone combs, birdcage veils or lace headpieces.
  • Let your accessories designer know that you have short hair and they will be able to recommend the perfect piece. They should also be able to alter a piece with different attachments so it will feel secure in your hair.
  • It’s really important to also consider that you will need to have enough hair to support the comb or clip. Steer away from headpieces featuring heavy metal detailing or accessories with weight to them.

Remember to be true to yourself. Your fiancé fell in love with you, not your hair. Think of who you are as an individual and that should influence your hairstyle. If you have had a short hairstyle every day for the past 5 years, stick with it! Your wedding is not the day to try new looks or new colours. Embrace your best features and try not look like a replica of someone else.

Love Percy