A ponytail is my default hairstyle, when I am working in the studio I like to get in the zone and a ponytail is a quick, easy and carefree option to let me focus on making beautiful pieces. A wedding worthy ponytail is a whole different category, I’m talking about the style of ponytails which are beautifully orchestrated and say ‘polished ponytail’ rather than ‘I just threw this up so I can get to work’.

A wedding worthy ponytail is suitable for a bride, bridesmaids or flower girls and there are so many different styles and bridal accessories to add the perfect finishing touches.

The Soft and Wavy Ponytail

The Soft and Wavy Ponytail is a beautiful look if you want something that looks romantic, classic and not too severe. A soft and wavy ponytail can be worn with a side or center part and up high or down low at the nape. Loose strands of hair around the face can also add shape to the face. When accessorising a soft and wavy hairstyle you want an accessory that compliments, rather than competes with, the volume, I recommend a beautiful hairpin or hair flowers.

Off to the Side Ponytail

An Off the Side Ponytail can be a beautiful compliment to a dress that has a simple neckline or even to balance a one-shouldered gown. The pony can be straight, slightly curled or include twists or a braid for more of a relaxed elegance look. Off to the Side ponytails can be fashioned beautifully with hair flowers.

The Sleek Ponytail

The Sleek Ponytail is straight, contemporary and very modern. The Sleek Ponytail ensures all flyaways are secure so this is a great hairstyle for an event on a very windy day for an ultra glamorous affair. The Sleek Ponytail can have lift in the front section to add structure and dimension or teasing at the crown for a lower ponytail and a slightly more vintage look. A section of hair can even be wrapped around the ponytail to create a stylish finish. A Sleek Ponytail can be accessorised with a beautiful comb, headband or even a beautiful hair clasp.