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An Evening in Florence

There’s very few opportunities in life to wear a wedding crown. And fortunately, there’s a crown to suit every bride from the showstopper piece that’s the icing on the cake to a crown that’s all about understated glamour and captures a mood of effortless ease.  Finding that perfect piece that reflects you, your wedding gown and perfectly frames your face shape can be a challenge.  But when chosen correctly, it can instantly elevate your bridal look and add a touch of magic to even the simplistic dress or bridal hairstyle.

Here’s our guide to this traditional bridal accessory that’s perfect for any bride wanting to walk gracefully down the aisle with an air of confidence that only she knows.

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1. The Showstopper

These truly are statement pieces for the bride who wants to make an entrance. Embrace something a little opulent and ornate.

Bringing it all together: Let the crown do all the talking. This look is perfect with hair up or loose waves. Team it with simple pearl drop earrings or statement floral earrings for the ultimate impact.

Flores is a floral wedding crown constructed from a dreamy palette of soft ivory, pale gold and silver tones. Inspired by the softness of light upon delicate blossoms, this floral display is bursting with overgrown details and intricate embellishments.  Feminine, fresh and utterly romantic, the Flores crown makes an extra luminous style statement.

Shop this look: FLORES crown

Designed for the bride with a love of nature and the sea, REINA’s fine detailing reflects an admiration for Mother Earth and the beautiful natural elements that can be foraged from the wild.

Shop this look:REINAcrown

Romantic, bold with a touch of bohemian luxe, the ROSEBURY takes bridal opulence to a whole new level.

Shop this look: ROSEBURY crown

The CASPIAN wedding crown is the ultimate in bridal opulence. With delicate and distinctive scalloped lines, reminiscent of French Chantilly lace, its elusive style is unabashedly feminine and bold – our favourite combination.

Shop this look: CASPIAN crown

Stand tall and true in these regal pieces with a touch of sophistication and a dash of old-world charm.

Bringing it all together: These crowns pair perfectly with a dramatic cathedral length veil with a blusher layer. A classic wedding veil will add a touch of royal romance.

The FLEUR silver bridal crown is bewitching in half light, striking in its simplicity yet magnetic in its finer details. It features antique silver details set amongst floral details and soft ivory pearls. The distinctive geometric arrangement is a tribute to the Art Deco era yet feels ethereal, fresh and chic.

Shop this look: FLEUR crown

A timeless artisanal treasure, the dreamy Antoinette crystal tiara will add effortless grandeur and decadence to your bridal look. Exquisitely designed with romantic elements, this dramatic headpiece features antique silver leaves encrusted with sparkly crystal details, soft ivory blooms and scattered pearls.

Shop this look: ANTOINETTE crown, CASPIAN crown

The Marisol bridal tiara is illuminating and beautifully decadent with its low profile and enchanting sparkly crystal details set onto an antique silver crown. This delicate piece is the perfect accompaniment to modern and chic bridal gowns, ethereal dresses and vintage-inspired gown of profound femininity.

Shop this look: MARISOL crown

Elegant with a hint of sweetness, the LAUDER beaded bridal crown is inspired by broderie anglais, scalloped edges and bold laces.

Shop this look: LAUDER crown

We explored texture and delicate detailing with the CRESCENT crystal crown. The crescent-like silhouette feels feminine and romantic. The classic palette of silver and ivory tones lends itself to traditional or modern bridal looks.

Shop this look: CRESCENT crown

3. Sleek and modern

For modern romantics seeking a sleek and clean silhouette, these modern crowns are simple yet refined. Perfect for a luxurious wedding day.
Bringing it all together: Tousled hair with long, loose waves, and free-spirited bridal earrings are the perfect accompaniment. 

Slightly mysterious with an edgey refinement, the HENRI makes a bold statement – a must have for the non-traditional bride not afraid to express her unique style.

Shop this look: HENRI crown

Simple and sophisticated, the Moss bridal tiara is a softly feminine headpiece that adds a refined yet subtle detail to modern wedding gowns and ethereal silhouettes. The delicate hand-beading and clean lines on this tiara feel effortlessly chic and elegant.

Shop this look:  MOSS bridal crown

The FRANCA flower crown was designed for fashion forward and daring brides seeking a bold yet feminine detail to finish her bridal look. This statement headpiece features an abundance of handcrafted blooms, bursting with delicate pearl and beaded details that will captivate and delight with its whimsical and striking silhouette. Style it alone or wear it with a full and frothy wedding veil for a romantic look that will turn heads.

Shop this look: FRANCA flower crown

The Duet bridal tiara is a beautiful display of old world details that are thoughtfully combined to form a breathtaking wedding crown you will love to own and pass on. An airy silhouette is framed by a double band and accentuated with delicate floral elements and fine hand beading.

This unique wedding crown will bring you to new heights with its romantic golden hues and soft ivory colour palette. We love to pair it with the Cascade earrings for an enchanting, next level bridal look.

Shop this look:  DUET wedding crown, MIRA wedding veil, CASCADE bridal earrings

4. Understated glamour

Spoil yourself without feeling over-done with a hint of feminine finery and cool elegance.
Bringing it all together: Whether it’s hair up or out, with or without a veil, these delicate headpieces go perfectly with a range of wedding dresses, bridal hairstyles and accessories.

Barely there with a hint of floral finery, the BLANCHETT offers the perfect touch of regal appeal in a clean and soft silhouette.

Shop this look: BLANCHETT crown

There’s a relaxed elegance to the RUBEN crystal bridal headband with its contemporary palette of soft ivory and antique silver tones. We love the balance of delicate vine-like details set onto a minimal silhouette.

Shop this look: RUBEN headband

The TEMPEST crown features unexpected details that captivate and delight. Designed for the bride who appreciates the perfectly imperfect and the raw beauty that comes from nature.

Shop this look: TEMPEST crown

Chat to a stylist

Inspired by our wedding crown collection? Send us a picture of your wedding dress and your hairstyle and we can custom design the perfect wedding heirloom to suit you.


Bride Pauline was in touch with us last year about commissioning a floral wedding headpiece for her wedding. Her ceremony and reception will be set in Old Westbury, Long Island in the USA, and she was after a headpiece that was a natural extension of her bridal aesthetic.

Pauline shared photos with us of her exquisite wedding gown, her half up hairstyle, and her favourite designs from our collection for inspiration.  And we swooned, oh how we swooned!

We see a lot of wedding dresses working with our brides. But the very moment we laid eyes on Pauline’s wedding dress we all gasped. Her chic gown burst with femininity, an abundance of lace details and an unforgettable silhouette featuring a full flowing skirt.

The inspiration

The FLORENCE headpiece was Pauline’s favourite from our collection. She sought a fuller headpiece in ivory, gold and subtle blush pink tones. Pauline loved the warmth of blush but didn’t want any dramatic pink elements, so we kept the blush tones to a minimum.

This floral wedding headpiece was inspired by the delicacy and beauty of baby’s breath and featured Pauline’s favourite elements from the Florence crown. While her headpiece is a full halo, we ensured it felt and looked lightweight whilst still bursting with floral elements.

How to style this floral headpiece

We love this crown because it suits perfectly imperfect loose curls, romantic updos and fuss free hair. This headpiece was designed to fit the circumference of Pauline’s head, and also allows for volume for when her hair is professionally styled. It secures to the hair with bobby pins which can be easily threaded through the loops at the ends of this headpiece.

This headpiece can be worn with or without a wedding veil. Pauline will be wearing our DAHLIA chapel veil on her wedding day so we ensured they would fit snuggling and seamlessly together.

If you love this crown, or if you would love a wedding headpiece custom made just for you, get in touch. Let’s create something beautiful.

Daniela discovered us through Instagram and fell in love with our work. She sent us an email with photographs of her wedding dress, potential hairstyles and also shared her thoughts on the type of gold wedding crown she had envisaged for her wedding day.

With her wedding in early December, we were excited at the prospect to work with her and we had a good amount of time to design and create a gold wedding crown and have it arrive with time to spare so she could bring it along to her dress fitting.

Daniela's bridal look

Daniela had chosen an exquisite lace wedding wedding dress which she will wear with a detachable full skirt and long train.  Her look channels all that is majestic and grande in a way that exudes timelessness and a classic sensibility.

She was still deciding between a ponytail and low set hair bun with middle part when we first started emailing so we designed a gold wedding crown which she could wear with both hairstyles depending on which option she decided to go with.

The inspiration behind this gold wedding crown

Daniela’s love for a pale gold finish rather than a stronger yellow gold undertone lead us to draw inspiration from the LYRIC headpiece. We loved the way the leaves and details on the LYRIC grow out and around from the centre and felt it would be the perfect foundation for her headpiece.

Her other favourite style was our ENCHANTED headpiece but as it’s profile was a little too low and the details were only available in a warmer yellow gold, we decided to carry across some of the defining floral elements across instead into her bespoke crown.

We lengthened the design of the LYRIC and reworked it onto a firmer base to support the crown style she loved. We brought in freshwater pearls from the ENCHANTED crown to add fullness to the piece, as well as extra texture and depth.  As the headpiece will be worn at the top of Daniela’s head, we also needed to design it with additional leaves and flowers so it would look beautiful and decadent from all angles.

Still looking for your perfect headpiece?

Finding that perfect headpiece can be a challenge because there are can be many options to choose from.  Sometimes having lots of choice can make it harder to make a decision.

If you’re still looking for your perfect headpiece or veil, feel free to get in touch with us via email and share thoughts and photos on the vision and style you have in mind.  We would love to work with you to talk through the options and what could work. If your perfect piece doesn’t exist but you feel elements of it can be seen across a few of our styles do let us know too as we would love to work with you to bring it life.

The HARVEST gold wedding crown is all about natural and organic floral styling.  Inspired by a love for wild flowers, this artfully arranged red and gold wedding crown is reminiscent of freshly picked flowers from a field of wild blossoms.

For the unique bride, this crown makes an elegant yet bold statement that’s whimsical and feminine for the modern romantic. If you’re yearning for something a little different and unconventional, working colour into your bridal look can be a fashion-forward way to make a beautiful statement.

Your accessories should represent your personal style and sensibilities, your likes and loves and your perception of beauty. For some brides, this might mean something a little unconventional and bold, or for other brides it might mean something more traditional and classic. Whatever your style, your bridal look should feel like a natural extension of your style.

Perfect pairing

We love to pair the HARVEST crown with delicate and dainty crystal earring drops. These ethereal and lightweight sets perfectly frame the face without competing with the bold red details scattered across the headpiece.

Our favourite combinations include the GEORGE, ISABEAU and ARLETTE crystal drop sets.

Shop this look: GEORGE earrings, ISABEAU earrings, ARLETTE earrings

Customisable in different colour palettes

This gold wedding crown features a beautiful balance of foraged red flowers, ruby red crystals and rose gold and blush elements set against gold toned detail.  As a bespoke accessories designer, all of our pieces can be customised to suit your bridal colour palette.

We think this unique piece would look beautiful in antique silver tones with scattered ivory flowers, soft natural freshwater pearls and empire blue details for a subtle touch of colour.

Fancy something a little more classic? Perhaps gold and ivory tones with champagne elements might be more your style.  Or antique silver with blush tones and soft ivory tones might feel a little more timeless and sophisticated. This beautiful piece – along with our bridal collection – can be customised to suit your wedding dress, hairstyle and personal preferences.

Shop this look: GEORGE earrings, ISABEAU earrings, ARLETTE earrings

How to style this gold wedding headpiece

Organic bridal styling is about effortless elegance. The HARVEST gold wedding tiara takes cues from the wilderness with boho luxe appeal. It’s designed to frame the face and hair as though it’s growing out of your hair and weaving along your hair line in a way that’s fluid and romantic.

We think this piece would style beautifully with a sheer bridal veil with a clean raw edge. Pair it with a drop veil such as the ROSELLA wedding veil or a classic cut shorter veil such as our BLAIR fingertip veil.

In terms of hair, think all out hair with loose curls, half up hairstyles or a soft romantic bun.

Wear it again after the wedding day

It’s always a good thing when you can wear something again after your wedding day. The HARVEST headpiece would perfectly suit spring races, engagement parties or anniversary dinners. Pair it with loose curls and all out messy hair for a look that’s bohemian inspired, soft and romantic.

Make it yours

If you’d love to chat about commissioning a custom headpiece, send us an email.

Send across details of your wedding dress and hairstyle, wedding venue and favourite colours. We can then get back to you with ideas and suggestions. We’d love to hear from you.

Some brides have a very sure sense of what they want, even though they are yet to set their eyes on it. Which is why bespoke is such a love of ours. The opportunity to partner with brides to create their dream wedding is such a passion. To handcraft something that has never been before, and to breathe life into, what is just an idea. What an absolute privilege!

The inspiration

For Alexandra, that was creating her dream wedding crown. One that was delicate, grand, regal and intricate. She loved gold and mushroom tones. Her dress was a custom design by a leading Australian wedding dress designer and she was going to wear gorgeous silver crystal earrings.

The final design

We created this delicate, yet intricate gold wedding crown. The space between elements gives it a sense of grandeur yet lightness, without feeling fussy or overworked.

The antique gold tonnes of the roses and winding vines, with mushroom pearl accents and silver crystal details are reminiscent of gold gilt Renaissance picture frames – oh so romantic and regal!

Set against the dark brunette of Alexandra’s hair, this piece is sure to wow. Congratulations Alexandra!! We hope you have the best day ever.

Design your dream wedding headpiece

If you’ve ever considered creating your own design, why not partner with us? We love working with brides to see their vision’s realised.