Half up half down hairstyles will never go out of style.  They’re one of the most popular hairstyles amongst brides, and also the most practical. They offer the best of both worlds – soft and romantic curls and a polished glamour that comes with an updo.

A half up hairstyle isn’t just for long haired brides. Pinned back hair suits short, medium or long hair. Keep in mind, a lot of the looks you see below can be recreated with the help of hair extensions so don’t feel discouraged if your hair isn’t as thick and luscious as the inspiration shots.  While hairstylists can’t perform miracles, they can certainly work their magic with their industry tricks, tools and techniques.

The thing we love the most about a half updo is it creates the perfect foundation to secure a veil or hair adornment. And, of course, it keeps the hair off your face which is always a good thing if you’re planning an outdoor wedding. We’re all for beautiful hairstyles, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice practicality when choosing your wedding day hair!

If you love a practical and pretty look as much as the next girl, another notable consideration is the versatility of a half up hairstyle. Many brides choose a romantic updo for the ceremony and then remove some of the pins at the nape of the neck to reveal loosely curled hair that’s been held in place for the first half of the day.  Just be sure to let your hairstylist know your intentions to change your hairstyle after the ceremony. This way they can design your updo so that it can easily transform into a half up hairstyle with the removal of a few hair pins.

Let’s wait no longer! We’ve pulled together 37 of the most beautiful half up half down hairstyles for the modern bride. They’re soft, feminine and chic and we just know you’ll love them.

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Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

A braided half up hairstyle is all about texture and detail. You don’t need to be bohemian inspired to pull off this romantic look. Soft braids suit modern to vintage brides, and even traditional bridal looks.

As this hairstyle is often textured at the sides or back, we recommend a delicate hair vine to scroll along the contours of the braid. Alternatively, a delicate crown to frame your face will offer that perfect finishing touch without taking attention away from your hairstyle or wedding dress.

Twisted Half Up Hairstyles

Not quite a braid and definitely not boring. A twisted half up hairstyle feels relaxed, glamorous, and arguably, more effortless than braids. It’s the perfect look if you wish to adorn your hair with a detailed bridal headpiece or wedding crown. It exudes sophistication without the formality and it’s easily one of our all time favourite bridal looks.

Half Up Hairstyles With Volume

Sometimes you don’t want too many fussy details on your wedding day. This is often the case if your wedding gown is quite elaborate or detailed. For a cleaner and modern look, we love a bit of volume at the crown. It’s a simple detail yet impactful, elongating the face and your overall silhouette.

Half Up Pony Tails

There’s a certain playfulness that comes with a half up ponytail. You know the look – fresh and relaxed, it almost just needs a pretty bow to complete the look.  But a half up hairstyle doesn’t have to feel overly girly. Mess it up or add a few small plaits or braids into the mix for a dreamy look perfect for the modern bride.

How To Accessorise Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair

Half up wedding hairstyles feels feminine and romantic so we recommend accessories that capture the dreamy yet sophisticated spirit of your bridal look.

Choose from backwards facing headpieces, a delicate wedding crown, statement earrings or a wedding veil positioned at the crown to complement this look perfectly.

Our collections feature some beautiful wedding accessories that pair perfectly with half up hairstyles. And of course, all of our designs are handcrafted in-house and fully customisable so we can accommodate custom requests.

If you’d like to get in touch to chat about your bridal look, send us an email. We’d love to work with you to create something beautiful for your wedding day.

Explore Our Range of Bridal Headpieces, Veils & Hair Accessories
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