It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options when it comes to styling your wedding dress. As Australian designers of bespoke wedding accessories, we intimately understand the subtle differences between veil and headpiece lengths, silhouettes, colours and types and how these changes can instantly transform or accentuate a wedding dress.

We love what we do and as industry leaders in our field, we are here to guide you through the exciting journey of accessorising your bridal look. We can assist via email for our interstate or international brides, or in person in our Canberra showroom, with personalised recommendations that will make you feel utterly beautiful on your wedding day. Whether your style is minimalist/modern, romantic, classic/traditional, high fashion, bohemian or a beautiful combination of the aforementioned, we can guide you through the various decisions involved with choosing key pieces from our collections to curate your look.

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We are based in Canberra, Australia, and work with brides worldwide online. Contact us via email if you would like personalised styling advice and recommendations from a bridal stylist with selections from our bridal collections to accessorise your wedding dress.   Feel free to send us photos of your wedding dress and hairstyle, including mood boards, and we’d be more than happy to offer styling advice and recommendations before you submit your order.

In making our recommendations, we will factor in the style and proportions of your dress, the formality of your venue, the aesthetic of your bridal party, your height, as well as your personal preferences to ensure that your look reflects you, your bridal vision and the moments you’re looking to capture on your wedding day. These moments may include the ‘lift and kiss’ moment where your veil blusher is lifted before the kiss, the photo opportunities of your long veil floating freely or a headpiece that adds an element of regality to your look that makes you feel like royalty.

Above all else, we are driven by the need to help you feel like an elevated version of yourself on your wedding day. We want you to look and feel like magic.

Photo credits: Maras Creative

Need Help?

Every wedding gown and bride is different and the perfect accessories for you will not only depend on your gown but your personal style, vision, height and style. We love to work with our brides to create the perfect veil that you will love to keep as an heirloom after your wedding day.

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