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It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options when it comes to styling your wedding dress. As Australian designers of bespoke wedding accessories, we intimately understand the subtle differences between veil and headpiece lengths, silhouettes, colours and types and how these changes can instantly transform or accentuate a wedding dress.

We love what we do and as industry leaders in our field, we are here to guide you through the exciting journey of accessorising your bridal look. We can assist via email for our interstate or international brides, or in person in our Canberra showroom, with personalised recommendations that will make you feel utterly beautiful on your wedding day. Whether your style is minimalist/modern, romantic, classic/traditional, high fashion, bohemian or a beautiful combination of the aforementioned, we can guide you through the various decisions involved with choosing key pieces from our collections to curate your look.

Photo credits: Maras Creative

We are based in Canberra, Australia, and work with brides worldwide online. Contact us via email if you would like personalised styling advice and recommendations from a bridal stylist with selections from our bridal collections to accessorise your wedding dress.   Feel free to send us photos of your wedding dress and hairstyle, including mood boards, and we’d be more than happy to offer styling advice and recommendations before you submit your order.

In making our recommendations, we will factor in the style and proportions of your dress, the formality of your venue, the aesthetic of your bridal party, your height, as well as your personal preferences to ensure that your look reflects you, your bridal vision and the moments you’re looking to capture on your wedding day. These moments may include the ‘lift and kiss’ moment where your veil blusher is lifted before the kiss, the photo opportunities of your long veil floating freely or a headpiece that adds an element of regality to your look that makes you feel like royalty.

Above all else, we are driven by the need to help you feel like an elevated version of yourself on your wedding day. We want you to look and feel like magic.

Photo credits: Maras Creative

Need Help?

Every wedding gown and bride is different and the perfect accessories for you will not only depend on your gown but your personal style, vision, height and style. We love to work with our brides to create the perfect veil that you will love to keep as an heirloom after your wedding day.

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We’ve all been there. We’ve all oscillated between wanting timeless bridal hair accessories while also craving something a little different to capture who we are.

At the end of the day, we can have both. A timeless veil or headpiece can be styled in a way that feels unexpected yet chic. Two brides can wear the same combination of accessories and look completely different because of their unique perspective on pulling together their looks.

Your wedding day isn’t the day to be experimental but it also doesn’t need to be a day to play it too safe. If a denim jacket or pearl clutch purse at your reception calls your name, let this be the focal point of your look and choose simpler accessories to complement your hero piece.

Bridal trends will always exist but the art of choosing timeless bridal hair accessories comes down to a focus on quality, thoughtful design and beautiful timeless details.

Some important things to consider:

  • Look to the silhouette, style and proportions of your dress and choose accessories that won’t take away from your gown but instead offer a unique element that takes your look to a different place. If your dress is simple, contrast it with a statement veil such as the Orchid or Night Garden veils to add a new point of interest.
  • If you have always dreamed of a wearing a wedding crown and your gown features a V neckline, choose a tiara with a soft central peak to balance the V shape of your dress. A tiara like the Antoinette suits V necks and sweetheart necklines due to its soft scalloped silhouette.
  • The silhouette of a simple long skirt can be elevated by accessorising your look with equally romantic floral details that will complement the fluidity of your train. The Claris veil is long, sheer and floaty. The perfect accompaniment to simple bridal looks.
  • Look for any horizontal lines on your dress (waist line, off the shoulder neckline, hem line) and use this as a guide for choosing your veil. A ballgown dress with a strong waistline will pair beautifully with the Pepe waist length veil or the Amora long veil with a blusher that falls to the waist.
  • Not too keen on a headpiece but also don’t want a long veil? The Mara pearl birdcage veil is the best of both worlds and suits simple or elaborate wedding gowns.

Less is often more. Choose one or two pieces that you adore and they will make you feel like magic.

Bridal hair accessories to fall in love with

Fall in love with these timeless looks that will elevate your look in an instant.  Each piece can be customised to suit you, your wedding dress and bridal hairstyle.

Shop this look: ANTOINETTE wedding tiara, PHILIPPE earrings

Shop this look: MARA pearl birdcage veil, ELLIS bridal earrings

Shop this look: EVELEIGH bridal headpiece, DANTE bridal earrings, FREYA bridal headpiece

Shop this look: HEPBURN chapel veil with bows

Shop this look: ELODIE wedding hair comb, LILIAN bridal earrings

Need Styling Advice?

Need styling advice to bring together your bridal look? Get in touch with photos of your wedding gown and your favourite pieces from the collection. We would love to offer ideas and recommendations on pieces to suit, including how our pieces can be customised to suit you.

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Nothing says spring wedding more than bursts of floral wedding hair accessories, light-as-air wedding veils and romantic colour accents. Marking the beginning of a new season, a springtime wedding symbolises renewal, new energy and a celebration of beauty. During Covid times, the idea of coming together during such a beautiful time in nature’s cycle is one to be cherished.

In addition to the joys that comes with reconnecting and mingling with loved ones after a cold and harsh winter, a springtime wedding offers an abundance of florals and greenery that creates the perfect backdrop for an utterly romantic wedding day.  Add to that the whiff of fragrance in the air and the warmth of the new season’s sun, and your wedding day will be one to remember for years to come.

Bring this mood into your bridal look with some simple floral bridal accessories in your hair, couture details on your veil or a softly tousled hairstyle to capture a breezy and effortless vibe. We love to incorporate warm tones of blush and pale gold into bridal hairstyles to accentuate the warmth and free-spirited nature of springtime.

Our must have bridal accessories for spring weddings include embellished veils, delicate hair flower pins and floral crowns to set the mood for a luxurious and captivating wedding day.

DUET bridal crown + CASCADE floral earrings


Whimsical elements are a must when it comes to adding a touch of romance to your bridal look. Softly scattered to one side of an updo or nestled along the contours of a half up hairstyle, floral hair pins will add the perfect details to your hair as you walk down the aisle.

Shop this look: POSY pins, JOSETE hair pins, CHERRY BLOSSOM set


An embellished veil captures the mood of a springtime wedding like no other accessory. Adorned in florals, lace, pearls, crystals, or all of the above, an embellished veil will instantly elevate the simplest wedding gown and perfectly frame a dramatic gown. Our exquisite veils are designed and handcrafted in-house so we can design and create a wedding veil to suit your wedding gown without drawing attention away from the beautiful details on your dress.

Shop this look: FLORENCE veil, CARMEN veil, ATHENA veil, RIVIERA veil


For some brides, a wedding isn’t a wedding without a beautiful crown. Like the icing on a cake, a wedding crown can transform a bridal look from bohemian luxe to contemporary and chic to a countryside romantic look with just a few tweaks to the detailing. Whether your crown features a tall profile, a low set profile or something in between, there’s a crown for every face shape and bridal style.

Shop this look: FLORES wedding crown, CASPIAN pearl crown, DUET crown, FRANCA floral crown


A hair vine featuring floral and foliage is an effortless way to frame a half up hairstyle or a romantic updo. It’s also the perfect adornment to finish the top of a wedding veil so it seamlessly transitions into a frothy or minimalist veil. After the ceremony, remove your veil and leave the headpiece in place to finish your reception hairstyle.


Need styling advice to bring together your bridal look? Get in touch with photos of your wedding gown and your favourite pieces from the collection. We would love to offer ideas and recommendations on pieces to suit, including how our pieces can be customised to suit you.

Right from a young age Kahla knew she wanted wear a veil on her wedding day. She and her twin sister use to take it in turns to dress up as a bride and wear a towel on their head in their pretend backyard weddings. Thankfully, Kahla no longer needs to improvise with heavy terry towelling! The soft floaty tulle, blusher layer and seamless design of the AMORA veil was the perfect alternative for her wedding day. The veil complemented her stunning wedding day look, while fulfilling her childhood dreams.

Kahla and Zane married in Townsville, a north Queensland city overlooking the Great Barrier Reef. With family and friends (and their dogs!) involved in the wedding festivities, the day beautifully celebrated their relationship and the close connections they have with loved ones.

Kahla's dream look

Kahla coveted a bridal look that was timeless and elegant, she didn’t want to look at pictures of her wedding in years to come and “cringe and giggle about the fashions of the time.” 

Trying on dresses in a range of styles, materials and sizes, Kahla said she decided on a Made With Love gown for a number of reasons…

  1. Queensland designer
  2. The dresses are modern with a classic feel
  3. They suited the warmer climate
  4. Not unreasonable in price range for the stunning dress you got in the end.

Meeting all of the ‘must have’ requirements, Made with Love’s Ella gown was `The One’.

“My checklist items included: a stunning train, a belt at the waist, sweetheart cut neckline and as my nanny says: it was a ‘show off that figure while you’re young’ kind of dress. I really didn’t picture myself in a full lace dress, but it was just perfect for me,” says Kahla.

Having found her dream dress, Kahla searched and researched the perfect veil design.

“The Tania Maras veil and accessory collection made for a hard choice. Every piece in the range is so delicate and beautiful. I was very happy with the delicate tulle on the comb of my AMORA veil. Looking through my photos, the veil really created a soft romantic look with the modern almost bold lace on my dress.”

Although Kahla loves wearing her her long hair down in waves, she needed a more practical hairstyle to withstand the warm September weather in North Queensland.

“The smart but beautiful choice was an up do with soft waves into the low bun, which suited the veil, dress and weather,” she says.

Special Moments

Kahla and Zane’s nearest and dearest had special roles on their wedding day. From their dogs’ involvement in the ceremony to a delicious potluck dessert table, the day was a celebration of love and family.

“Our ceremony was held at the Townsville Heritage Centre. We had our dogs walk down the aisle and involved in the photos. They are some of my happiest photos from the entire day.”

“We weren’t really allowed to throw rose petals on the day, but my one bridezilla request of ‘being showered with flower petals’ while walking back down the aisle required my brother in law to bring his leaf blower to clean it up once the ceremony had finished. We all had a good laugh at those photos.”

“The reception was at The Ville Resort-Casino. My mum and dad had gotten married there 31 years before and my dad has worked there for 30 years, so we loved that it had been a big part of my life growing up in Townsville. Coming from a family of ballroom dancers, I had also dreamed of our first dance and gliding across that floor, my poor husband had big shoes to fill. Luckily he doesn’t have two left feet and learnt to dance for me.”

“We asked our closest friends and family to bring their most favourite and famous dessert for our dessert table. It felt as though it was another family BBQ with the best homemade cannoli, tiramisu, chocolate mudecake and cheesecake slices to stuff our bellies and celebrate another special milestone with these important people in our lives.”

Best advice

“The options really are endless and it’s what you want to do as a couple,” says Kahla. “Keep in mind there comes a point where there are too many opinions and advice, so make sure you have an A team who are supportive and honest when you need to talk about everything and anything wedding related, whether it be in the evening or at 2 am in the morning!”

“We asked our closest friends and family to bring their most favourite and famous dessert for our dessert table. It felt as though it was another family BBQ with the best homemade cannoli, tiramisu, chocolate mudecake and cheesecake slices to stuff our bellies and celebrate another special milestone with these important people in our lives.”

Special thanks to…

Fiona and Craig’s wedding ceremony took place in a twelfth-century church followed by a reception in a Renaissance castle. These historic locations were the ultimate spots to celebrate their love for each other and create the traditional Scottish wedding they dreamed of.

The wedding locations needed to be particularly beautiful to match Fiona’s grace and elegance. She ignored bridal trends and chose a look that reflected her personal style – a classic lace gown, with cap sleeves and sweetheart neckline. As Fiona loved the idea of wearing flowers in her hair, the SOMERSET headpiece was the perfect accessory, as it features an everlasting floral arrangement of clay flowers and pearl and crystal sprigs.

Historic locations

Edinburgh-based Fiona and Craig wanted their wedding to be relaxed and traditional and they wanted their guests to feel at home. They achieved this with their stunning venues and classic styling.

“We got married in a picturesque twelfth-century church which has family connections and is such a unique and meaningful place. Our reception took place at Winton Castle near Edinburgh which dates back to the year 1190,” says Fiona. “Our ceremony and reception venues both had a really warm ambience and romantic feel to them and all that was needed was some flowers and candles. Both locations were really stunning on their own – it made sense to let the beauty of the venues speak for themselves!”

Family is really important to us – Grandparents in particular. My husband Craig’s grandmother and grandfather were an important part of the day and we were absolutely delighted that his grandfather said a few words in the church on behalf of the rest of our grandparents, who are no longer with us. This was a really emotional and meaningful moment for us – there were certainly a few tears from our guests!”

The perfect dress

Fiona advises brides-to-be to take plenty of time to research and ponder potential dresses, to make sure what you’re buying is the right option for you.

“It is easy to make a purchase to tick something off your list but, in the end, I was really pleased I’d taken the time and care to be sure whatever I was buying was right for me,” says Fiona.

When choosing her dress, she knew she wanted a timeless style that was suitable for the warm May weather in Scotland. With a few tweaks, Fiona’s dress was customised to suit her style and the weather.  

“I tried on a particular dress that had gorgeous long lace sleeves which I loved but had the potential to be a little too hot. The owner of the shop where I bought my dress cleverly tucked the long lace sleeves into the inside of the dress and then appeared with these gorgeous small pieces of lace that she draped over my shoulders and pinned into place. It just instantly worked and looked really fresh,” says Fiona. “The lace cap sleeves with the lace bodice worked so well with the plain silk organza skirt that was separated by a ribbon at the waist. It was everything I had in my head and they were even able to change the dress to include the v-shaped back that I was looking for.”

Somerset headpiece

In the lead up to her wedding, Fiona used her daily commute as an opportunity to browse through Pinterest and Instagram for bridal ideas.

“I kept coming across images of beautiful hairpieces and saved them all to a folder. I kept adding images for a few months when I had a spare few moments and when I came to actually check where the pieces were from, I realised that the vast majority were from the same designer, which is when I discovered Tania Maras! As soon as I visited the website, I knew that nothing else would compare,” says Fiona.

Fiona decided on the exquisite SOMERSET headpiece in silver tones, which features delicate blooms surrounded by pearls and crystal branches .

“I love flowers and really loved the idea of having flowers in my hair for the wedding. Once I had found Tania’s designs, I realised that I could have a hairpiece which had delicate flowers in it that I could keep forever. I actually bought my hairpiece before I found my wedding dress which I think says a lot! I love the idea that I can wear it for special occasions for years to come and that hopefully one day I will be able to pass it on.”

Best advice

“Everyone who gave us advice said the same thing – take the time to enjoy it, whatever happens! It is also a good idea to start making a list of ‘must-have’ wedding photos that you don’t want to miss, a month or so before the wedding. The day does go by so quickly so dance as much as you can and take a moment to watch everyone smiling and enjoying the wonderful day you have worked so hard on!”

Special Thanks to…

Tania, designer and Creative Director of Tania Maras Bridal, celebrates the 10-year anniversary of her business at the beginning of this year. What started out as a side hustle designing and manufacturing clutch purses has morphed into a leading bridal accessories brand.  Her forward-thinking approach, vast skill set and unmatched eye for creating beautiful designs, have captured the attention and admiration of brides worldwide.  Here, she shares her insights, stories and lessons that have shaped her business.

1. Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of your business is a huge achievement (congratulations!). What have been some of the highlights over the last decade?

Thank you! Being able to go full-time with what started as a side hustle while I was in my office job is one of my greatest career highlights. Now I have two young children, I’m able to balance work and family life. I’m surrounded by a supportive team who have allowed me to be a mum and also a boss. I’m very lucky. Learning to delegate has been the hardest thing, and building a team of dedicated and talented creatives who love what they do as much as I do, is also an important achievement for me. As is creating a beautiful studio where coming to work is always a pleasure.

2. You started your creative journey by designing and manufacturing clutch purses. Would you tell us a bit about this experience and how it led to bridal accessories?

I loved the process of designing and handcrafting clutch purses – ones that are both beautiful and practical. My collections featured a range of prints and colours, in casual as well as formal designs. The support I received from my customers was so positive and they would request custom pieces in softer colour palettes for their bridal parties and their bridal looks. From there I ventured into the art of silk flower making, and then wire work, and here we are.

3.) Your business has evolved substantially over the years. What has sparked these changes to your business? And why do you think its important to try new things, expand and go in different directions?

The bridal industry has changed dramatically over the past decade and I feel this is because brides have evolved. Women are questioning and redefining the wedding traditions that don’t resonate with them and their values, as well as what is traditionally expected of them. Brides want to create a day that’s the perfect expression of themselves and their partners, so it’s much more of a personal event.

My goal is to help each bride find a piece or pieces that speak to her on a personal level, either from the collection, or by designing a bespoke piece to suit their individual style. Previously brides were the recipient of heirlooms from their grandmothers and mothers, but I’ve found over the years that brides now want to start their own traditions and find their own heirlooms to create a legacy which they can pass onto their daughters.

With Rachel’s love of all things vintage, she and her fiancé, James, spent months treasure hunting through charity shops and car boot sales to find special pieces for their wedding venue styling. Their months of rummaging were well worth the effort. They were married in a country barn in Wales, and filled the venue with their vintage candle holder finds, fairy lights and flowers, to achieve the perfect rustic, romantic, fairy tale theme.

This theme was also echoed in Rachel’s stunning bridal look. With her off the shoulder lace gown and flowing hair adorned with our regal FLEUR crown, she was a garden princess.

Classic styling

Rachel and James’ ceremony and reception took place at Pencoed House Estate, which is an old, family run barn in the South Wales countryside. The estate features manicured gardens contrasted with wild woodland, providing the perfect setting for their fairy tale wedding.

“I knew I wanted lots of flowers, and I based a lot of the theme around a flower called Protea (my absolute favourite),” says Rachel. “This was used on our invitations, incorporated in my bouquet and in the centre pieces on the tables,” says Rachel.

The rustic vibe was enhanced with the brass and cut glass candle holders the couple found at second hand stores, which they used at the ceremony and on the reception tables. The also used brown paper bags with a drawing printed on them, as favour bags.

“James got an illustration of us done for my birthday a few years ago and we love it so much we got it printed onto brown favour bags which we then used for Welsh cakes for all the guests.”

Music also played an important role in achieving a relaxed and intimate vibe.

“James and I hired an amazing band for the entire day who were special to us after watching the singer busk numerous times the years before we got married. He sang Crazy Love by Van Morrison which is a special song for my dad and I. He later sang our first dance song which was Times Like These by the Foo Fighters, the lyrics are so beautiful.”

Rachel's bridal look

Rachel was coveting an old Hollywood style but with a relaxed edge for her bridal look. She achieved this with a stunning off the shoulder gown, Hollywood waves and a gold crown.

“I wear a lot of Bardot dresses and jumpsuits and I knew this flattered my figure the most, so I knew exactly the shape I wanted before trying any dresses on,” says Rachel. “When we first got engaged my best friend bought me a bridal magazine and after flicking through it, I saw my dream dress! A gorgeous off the shoulder, embellished lace fish tail dress by Pronovias sister brand, St. Patrick. I searched the designer to see where they stocked it in my area. I found it in a bridal shop a short distance away. It was the very first dress I tried on and fell in love with it straight away.”

In keeping with the rustic, fairy tale mood of the day, our gold, vintage inspired FLEUR crown was the ultimate accessory for  pulling together this look.

“I found Tania on Instagram and fell in love with all the pieces. I actually found it difficult to chose which tiara to go for as I was torn between two others. I’ve always been a bit of princess growing up (haha) so I knew a tiara was definitely appropriate. Being a hairdresser I did a lot of research on how to wear my hair on the day – it was styled down in a Hollywood wave but still soft and natural as I wanted to feel special but very much still myself,” says Rachel.

“The advice I would give to any bride is to be your true, authentic self, wear what makes YOU feel amazing and don’t try to please anybody else.”

Best tips

Rachel’s tips to couples planning their wedding is to organise your time. Save time, plan your time and take your time to enjoy your special day. She also suggests not worrying about the small stuff.

“It looks great in a photograph but it’s not worth losing sleep over!” she says.

And most importantly…

“The best advice I would give is: take it all in. It’s so cliché and you hear it all the time but the day really does go by in a flash.”

Special Thanks to...

From colour pops to cake pops, ‘sweet and colourful’ would be an accurate description of Cameron and Jeremiah’s glorious wedding. The colour theme was evocative of a sunset, which beautifully matched the happy vibes on the day and couple’s rosy future together. Cameron’s gorgeous bridal look was right on theme. Wearing a delicate lace gown, a romantic updo and our dainty CHERRY BLOSSOM hair pieces as the icing on top, her look was sweetness personified.

From start to finish, the wedding day captured Cameron and Jeremiah’s sense of fun and their love for each other. The day began peacefully with a waterfront ceremony, featuring a harp player, and ended with a bang, as fireworks lit up the night sky.

Design inspo

Cameron and Jeremiah worked together to carefully plan out every aspect of their wedding day (except the fireworks, they were a surprise organised by Cameron’s dad!). When they couldn’t effectively communicate their ideas via words, they took to Pinterest.

“When we felt stuck in a conversation, we knew it was time to find a photo to illustrate what we were thinking, what we liked, and what we disliked,” explains Cameron. “We built shared albums in Pinterest and kept a collection of ideas on Trello. When it came time to talk to vendors, Jeremiah compiled everything into a design look book that was invaluable in communicating our vision.”

Colour played a big part in setting the theme for the day. The tones of rhododendron flowers featured on everything from the invitations and bouquet, to the table decorations and bridal accessories.

“We wanted to go against the muted colours that have been in style for weddings over the past couple of years and invite our guests into a colourful celebration of life and love. We have both experienced hardships in the past few years and wanted our celebration to feel as happy and colourful as we feel to have found each other. The vibrant rhododendrons that bloom across the Blue Ridge Mountains (USA) in May inspired our colour palette of bright pinks, fresh greens, and deep blues. We balanced these intense colours with whimsical accents and textures to evoke a fairy tale secret garden.”

“The advice I would give to any bride is to be your true, authentic self, wear what makes YOU feel amazing and don’t try to please anybody else.”

Channelling Princess vibes

With her rosy cheeks, green eyes and blond hair, Cameron is a natural beauty. Her look was elevated on her wedding day with a delicate lace gown and minimalist accessorising. She ended up trying on 20 dresses before deciding on the very first gown she put on.

“I’ve known I wanted lace somewhere on my dress since I was a little girl. My mother and both of my grandmothers had lace on their wedding dresses, and I grew up admiring their wedding portraits. I think it’s a timeless look. I felt like a princess!” says Cameron.

Cameron was one of our first brides to order the CHERRY BLOSSOM hair piece set, which she had styled in an intricate bun. This romantic set comes in a set of three (one comb and two matching hair pins) in soft champagne, pale gold and blush tones. Cameron also purchased an additional two pins for her maid of honour.

“I wanted something elegant but dainty, not too noticeable from afar but a true masterpiece up close. When I saw on your Instagram that the CHERRY BLOSSOM  set was coming out soon, I immediately messaged to see if it was possible to receive a set in time for my wedding. To my surprise, Tania said yes! I loved that it was so close to the colour of my bridesmaids’ dress and that it looked great with our colours,” she says.

“I ordered the two small pins for my sister, who was my maid of honour. I wanted her to have something special as a keepsake for years to come. I like to think that if we have girls of our own, they might like to wear them at their weddings. I chose not to wear a veil because I wanted people to see the back of my dress and my hair, but especially my beautiful hair pieces.”

Special touches

The day was filled with lots of personalised details, including a special tribute to Cameron’s late husband and his sister, who both passed away in 2016. They were honoured with a presentation of roses during the ceremony.

As for the reception, special elements transformed the night into a truly memorable occasion for the couple and their guests.

“In addition to our cake, our cake decorator made cake pops in the style of my wedding dress and Jeremiah’s blue suit. They were a huge hit with our guests,” says Cameron.

“We rented a Volkswagen photobooth and with that came a guest book where guests could paste a copy of their photo strip and write us a message.”

And of course, the fireworks finale was a magical surprise for the couple.


Bride Kate melded her love of the tropics and Old Hollywood to create a hybrid theme that had all the glamour and style of a Wes Anderson movie set. Even the venue looked like it came straight from The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Although not set in Europe, Kate and Grant’s wedding took place in an equally exotic location. They were married at Hotel Galvez, a Texas (USA) hotel built in 1911 which overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. The hotel is grand and historic, with lots of palm trees, and this formed the basis of the wedding theme. With her ballgown, ROSEBURY crown and tropical bouquet, Kate’s glamorous bridal look was red-carpet ready!

The ‘Tropulence’ theme

The beachfront Hotel Galvez features lavish ballrooms and tropical gardens, and these features took centre stage when Kate was planning the wedding.

“The venue was so beautiful already that I really wanted to incorporate all those details and just turn it up a notch,” says Kate. “The theme ended up being Tropical Glam with a little bit of an Old Hollywood feel.  I was reading a wedding blog the other day and they were talking about a ‘Tropulence’ theme – Tropical Opulence. And I was like “That’s it!” I had no idea; I was just doing what I liked.”


To Kate’s surprise, her wedding dress was completely different to the dress she’d imagined wearing, which is why she suggests not rejecting dresses until you try them on first.

“If you would have asked me what kind of dress I was going to wear when I first got engaged, I would have told you all fitted, no poofyness, and no strapless because I didn’t want to be bothered with pulling up my dress all night! But after trying on some fit and flare type dresses – while I loved the way they looked – I felt like I couldn’t really move, walk, or sit down. I love to dance and one of the things I was most looking forward to about our wedding was our amazing band so I ended up going a different direction with my dress.”

Kate choose a strapless Reem Acra gown with an embellished lace bodice which sat snugly on her hips. The dress had a tulle skirt, which she detached for the reception, to reveal a flowy organza skirt.

“The tulle skirt had these layers of horsehair netting to give it this beautiful structure. One of the layers was pure glitter which really sold me because I’m extra like that.”

Kate was attracted to the gold tones and crystal details of the ROSEBURY crown, which beautifully matched the beading on her dress. She styled the crown closer to the back of her head, allowing strands of hair to frame her face.

“I chose Old Hollywood curls for my hairstyle. Inspiration was a photo of Blake Lively on the red carpet, who is GOALS!,” says Kate.

Kate’s budgeting tip: If you need a place to cut back on budget, pick the shoes – no one will see them!

Musical moments

In line with Kate’s love of dancing and music, there were a couple of special musical surprises throughout the day.

“For our recessional music I had the string quartet play the Star Wars theme song. It was a surprise for my husband, as we are both huge Star Wars fans, he was stoked!,” says Kate. “My dad is a musician and he and my uncle performed the Beatles song ‘Twist and Shout’ to kick off the dancing during the reception. This was another surprise – I thought he might play a sappy song, but this was so much better! I’m a huge Beatles fan and my dad pulled it off perfectly and really got the party going!”

Best Advice

Kate has three top pieces of advice for couples planning their wedding day…

  • Have a discussion early on about what is important to each of you, how much each one of you wants to be involved or what you want to be involved with. For instance, Grant couldn’t care less about flowers or theme or any of that but he wanted to pick food and what he and his groomsmen were wearing. Also, talk about budget upfront and who will pay for what so there is less heartache as your day approaches. And if you can afford it, get a good wedding planner! They make a huge difference and ease a ton of stress.
  • If you can, take your time. Our engagement was one year and 10 months. This gave us time to do some wedding stuff and then take a break, and then do some more wedding stuff, and take another break, etc. We also had first pick for every vendor we wanted – no one was already booked. I highly recommend having a long engagement. I was able to enjoy the process and wasn’t stressed to constantly be making decisions or settling for things I didn’t want. Plus, I loved being engaged.
  • An important thing to remember is that there will likely be fights, but try to remember that this day is for both of you. You can work it all out. And when the day finally arrives try to enjoy every second of it, bask in the love that you share and be surrounded by your friends and family who love you too. And if you do that, I promise it will be the BEST. DAY. EVER.

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With regal gardens, lush woodlands and blue skies, Aimee and Greg Keane’s wedding day was storybook perfect. Set in the idyllic Irish countryside, the day had all the charm and romance of a fairy tale wedding.

The setting was absolutely picturesque, but Aimee’s bridal look outshone it all. Aimee loved the simple style of her dress, with its boat neckline, long sleeves and sparkly belt. Along with her bright blue eyes and auburn hair, her look was fresh and elegant. When it came to accessorising, she needed a suitably regal headpiece. The HENRI crown was the perfect piece to adorn her look.

Setting the scene

Location and ambience played a big part in Aimee and Greg’s wedding, as it set the theme for the whole day. After a ceremony at the local church, the reception took place at the Castle Oaks House in County Limerick (Ireland), which boasted vibrant foliage, manicured gardens and lots of country charm.

“One of the key elements was our venue, Castle Oaks House, as it is a stunning old Georgian manor house and is surrounded by beautiful gardens on the banks of the River Shannon. As it was such a classic looming house, I wanted our day to match that,” says Aimee.

The goal was to create a timeless wedding theme, and they achieved this with classic and simple styling. They also added a few personal and fun elements to make the day extra special.

“We had light-up love letters, a photobooth and what I really loved was the custom drawing of our venue with us in it. All the guests could sign it on the day. It’s now hanging in our sitting room and it’s a lovely reminder of the day. We also hired a keg of beer so that everyone had free pints when they arrived to the reception. That went down a treat.”

Achieving a classic bridal look

Aimee spent six months researching wedding dresses, before she found her perfect dress, which had everything she was looking for. It was simple with minimal embellishment, but the style and cut of the dress were classic and flattering.

“When I was looking online I kept being drawn to the more simplistic dresses so that’s why I loved my dress when I saw it as it had all the aspects I wanted… sleeves, simple with a little bit of bling in the belt, a stunning back and a long train. I just knew it was the dress for me when I saw it online and luckily it was even more beautiful on.”

She wanted her accessories to have a point of difference and make a statement. The HENRI crown fitted this brief.

“It was simple yet dramatic and so unusual… I had never seen a piece like it”.

She styled the crown in a loose, romantic up do, with soft tendrils framing her face.

“When I found my wedding dress, I knew I wanted to find really unusual accessories. As my dress was quite plain, I knew it could take a few statement accessories. I came across Tania Maras on Facebook one day and when I went into her website, I knew I wanted one of her pieces… I wanted them all actually!”

Best Advice

“My best advice is; it’s your special day so do it your way. You will never please everyone so don’t worry yourself trying to. We had the most amazing day with our loved ones and it was so special, so you can’t afford regrets. It always works out in the end. Also, the day goes way too fast so try to take it all in and enjoy it as much as you can.”

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