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For lovers of wedding hairstyles, you can’t go pass the chignon wedding updo.  This variety of updo can feature twists, coils, braids and loose tendrils around the face. We love the modern variations—from relaxed to refined styles—because you’ll always look back on your wedding photos and love the timelessness of this look.

We love to accessorise a bridal chignon with intricate and detailed hair pieces that will instantly elevate your bridal look. Whether it’s a wedding headpiece or a bridal veil, a chignon is the perfect foundation to secure a beautiful heirloom piece.

Our favourite bridal chignons

Combining the classic chignon shape with an undone—almost messy—aesthetic, a relaxed bridal chignon is the ultimate in bohemian bridal styling. This look can take you to the red carpet, wedding aisle or your engagement party.  The look feels effortless, is anything but polished and can be styled with structured wedding gowns through to soft and billowy dresses.

Whether you have long, short, thick or fine hair – this relaxed hairstyle will work for you. The messy structure can be formed with the help of texturizers and hair extensions to add volume and thickness to the bun.

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How to accessorise a bridal chignon

The low set structure of a chignon is the perfect foundation for bridal hair accessories.

  • 1. Secure a hair comb or headpiece along the curve of your updo to create a striking focal point.
  • 2. This hairstyle styles beautifully with a headpiece that curves downwards.
  • 3. Secure some hair pins to the side to add a subtle detail without feeling overdone.
  • 4. Pair this look with a tiara or crown to bring attention to your face and to provide balance the shape of the chignon.
  • 5. Finish with a veil.

1. Choose an upwards facing headpiece to frame your hairstyle

A headpiece positioned at the back centre of your chignon will create the perfect focal point as you walk down the aisle. This look is beautiful for wedding gowns with low V backs, long sleeves or off-the-shoulder necklines as it will draw attention upwards and elongate your silhouette.

The beauty of an upwards facing headpiece is it will frame your hairstyle. We all know how long it can take to choose the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day so why not put it on full display.

Shop this look: VERSAILLES headpiece, MARION headpiece + ROSELLA veil, JASMINE headpiece, LYRIC bridal headpiece

2. Or a headpiece that curves downwards to frame your veil

A headpiece that curves downwards will direct the eye down towards the shoulders and frame your veil. There’s a feeling of effortlessness with this look as it curves around and down the contours of your chignon.

This look is beautiful with smaller earrings and suits both refined or relaxed bridal updos.

Shop this look: LAURETTE hair pins + THEODORE veil, HARLOW wedding headpiece, EVENING bridal headpiece, APPLE BLOSSOM hair pins

3. A hair piece to the side will feel relaxed

For a look that’s more relaxed, position a hair piece or pins to the side of your updo. This asymmetrical look feels at home with bohemian inspired hairstyles with loose tendrils around the face.

If you like the idea of smaller pins and a minimalist aesthetic, simple pearls scattered along your chignon can create an equally beautiful finish.

Shop this look: MAYA hair pins, LADY GREY wedding headpiece, OYSTER pearl hair pins, CHERRY BLOSSOM hair pieces

4. A crown will frame the face and provide balance to the chignon

Depending on your face shape and the size of your chignon, a crown will frame your face and provide balance to your overall bridal look. This is a beautiful way to style high necklines, long sleeves or covered backs as it will draw attention forwards.

Shop this look: FLEUR crown, FLORES crown + CASCADE floral earrings, BLANCHETT crown + GEORGE crystal earrings, ROSEBURY crown

Bridal headpieces and veils

Just because you love a bridal headpiece, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear it with a veil.

We adore this a chignon for its versatility which allows you to easily style it with a veil. For a touch of the traditional, choose a mid to long wedding veil, with or without a blusher layer. Simply position your veil comb to the top of your chignon and then position your headpiece into place.

We also love the idea of a mantilla or pearl veil styled around an updo.

Shop this look: ENCHANTED headpiece + AMORA veil, BOUQUET headpiece + ROSELLA veil,  CATALINA flora veil, AUDREY veil

It’s no wonder messy wedding updos are so popular. Polished hairstyles can sometimes feel too ‘bridal’ or formal but messier hairstyles feel contemporary, sophisticated and infinitely stylish.

Messy wedding hairstyles are, by their very nature, relaxed in form but this doesn’t mean they lack formal elegance. These relaxed hairstyles embody bohemian luxe appeal with romantic and whimsical undertones. Looser buns, tousled curls and soft waves around the face can beautifully frame cheek bones, jaw lines and draw attention to the eyes in the most effortless way.

The inherent uniqueness is also part of the appeal. It’s impossible to replicate a messy updo exactly. So much depends on your hair texture, length, colour, and of course, the experience and expertise of your hairstylist.

To ensure you get the look that’s right for you, we recommend organising a hair trial (or two) before your wedding day to ensure your hairstylist is able to capture the style you love. It can sometimes take a few goes to find the perfect messy hairstyle (or even the perfect hairstylist) for you that captures your vision.

You can never have too much hair inspiration and we’ve pulled together below our favourite 24 messy wedding updos that you’ll love.

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How To Style A Messy Wedding Updo

Our recommendations for styling a messy updo? We love to style messy hairstyles with hairpieces that feature delicate details that accentuate the curves of an updo.  Organic details blend effortlessly with the soft waves and twists of a messy hairstyle and the end result is harmonious, beautiful and elegant.

Wedding crowns, backwards facing headpieces and scattered hair pins style perfectly with messy hairstyles. The key is to think proportions and to choose a piece which picks up the colours and textures in your hair.

Smaller Hair Pins

If you love the look of braids, we recommend smaller hair pins such as the BRIAR-ROSE, LAURETTE or WHISPER hair pins scattered across your hair.

Shop this look: BRIAR-ROSE hair pins

Shop this look: LAURETTE hair pins

Shop this look: WHISPER hair pins

Wedding Crowns

For a more regal look, a delicate crown such as the FLORES, BLANCHETT, FLEUR or REINA are the perfect pieces to frame the front section of your hairstyle and face.

Shop this look: FLORES crown

Shop this look: BLANCHETT crown

Shop this look: FLEUR crown

Shop this look: REINA crown

Backwards Facing Headpieces

If your messy hair is on the simpler side and its main feature is soft wispy waves, we love to style this with a backwards facing headpiece to mimic and frame the gentle curves. Our favourite combinations include the HARLOW, CHERRY BLOSSOM, LYRIC, SOMERSET, BOTANICA, MARION, VERSAILLES or HONEYSUCKLE headpieces.

Shop this look: HARLOWheadpiece

Shop this look: CHERRY BLOSSOM headpiece

Shop this look: LYRIC headpiece

Shop this look: SOMERSET headpiece

Shop this look: BOTANICA headpiece

Shop this look: MARION headpiece

Shop this look: VERSAILLES headpiece

Shop this look: HONEYSUCKLE headpiece

Big messy hair often requires something smaller or more structured to frame it. We’re always happy to offer styling advice to our brides so feel free to send us photos of your wedding hair and dress and we’d be happy to offer advice and recommendations to suit.

Explore Our Range of Bridal Headpieces, Veils & Hair Accessories
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