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We know there’s a lot to consider when planning your wedding, especially if you’ve had to replan your wedding due to Covid reschedules.  To help you plan your bridal look for the 2022 wedding season, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite updo hairstyles that are next level gorgeous. These bridal hairstyles feel chic, feminine and modern – perfect for modern brides who want their wedding gown to be on full display. We know you’ll love these elegant polished buns and tousled relaxed updos as much as we do.

It’s important to be practical also. These hairstyles are perfect to accommodate a wedding veil and also provide a supportive foundation for bridal headpieces and wedding crowns. Some of these are so simple you could also have a go at recreating them yourselves if you find yourself planning a last minute elopement and can’t book an available hairstylist. There are many hair tutorials online (try Pinterest, Instagram or Youtube) – have a play and see what works for you and your face shape.

Elegant polished updos

A simple updo doesn’t need to feel boring. Balance a small tight bun with volume at the crown to give your hairstyle height and dimension. If your hair is on the thinner or shorter side, consider working a hair donut or hair extensions into your look to add bulk.

A polished updo can be worn with almost any wedding dress. Depending on your face shape and personal preference, you might prefer some soft tendrils around your face and neck to soften the look.

How to Accessorise:

The beauty of a polished updo is you can keep things simple or use your bridal bun as the perfect foundation for your statement accessories. Style your updo with a pair of statement earrings or simple pearl drops. Alternatively, a classic drop veil can look just as beautiful as a fully embellished veil with this hairstyle. Consider the amount of drama and grandeur you wish to create and let this dictate how you accessorise this look.

The neckline and style of your dress will be an important factor in choosing your accessories. I.e. have you chosen a polished updo because your dress features an exaggerated silhouette with lots of texture and detail? Or are you looking to achieve a minimalist look overall?  Either way, less is more and choose one or two key accessories to define your look.

Photo credits: 1. Morgan Oreeda | 2. Tonie Christine | 3. Anita Bauer Hair | 4. via Ivory Tribe | 5. via Karen Willis Holmes | 6. via The Anti-Bride | 7. via Wedding Forward | 8. Elle Quebec

Relaxed updo hairstyles

A relaxed updo isn’t just for weekends or casual get togethers with friends. Tousled wavy updos have found their way down many wedding aisles over the years and the new season won’t be dissimilar. We love to style this look with more relaxed wedding venues and bridal gowns.  This soft and romantic look suits almost all face shapes and hair lengths.

How to Accessorise:

  • A relaxed updo is often characterised by texture through soft waves, curls or twists. Complement these details with small accents in your hair or a bold headpiece to sit above your bun or along your hairline.
  • Opt for soft and romantic makeup – accentuating your cheekbones, lips and eyes.
  • Some simple floral sprigs might be all you need to complete your relaxed and romantic look.

Photo credits: 1. via Pinterest | 2. Ash and Co Bridal Hair | 3. Mikaella Bridal | 4. Sarah W Hair | 5. via Pinterest | 6. via Pinterest | 7. Becca Hunton | 8. via The White Files | 9. Sarah W Hair

Need help choosing your wedding accesories?

We work with brides worldwide and we would love to offer advice and recommendations to finish your bridal look. Our wedding accessories collections can be customised to suit your dress and hairstyle. Feel free to send across photos of your wedding dress, face shape and preferred bridal hairstyles and we can get back to you.

I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t have a hair trial before my wedding. It was something that was important to me so I could visualise the overall look and to ensure I would feel comfortable on my big day.

But hair trials aren’t for everyone – many brides are unable to book a hair trial for a number of reasons. Lack of time, budget restrictions and logistics – think destination weddings in another country or on an exotic island. And other brides just might not feel the need to. It’s a personal decision and will depend on your circumstances and what you feel comfortable with.

If you are planning a local wedding and you will be using your regular hairdresser or hairstylist, you may not feel its necessary to book a trial.  If so, have confidence knowing that your regular stylist will have a good understanding of you, your vision, your hair type and face shape.

If you are planning a destination wedding, your wedding day hairstyle is really important – perhaps consider choosing a less complex hairstyle for peace of mind. Perhaps a beautiful blow wave, loose curls or even a simple bun to suit the venue and location of your wedding.

However, if you are seeking a more elaborate hairstyle, or one that’s different to what you’re used to, the following 5 tips may help ease your wedding day hair fears.

1. Do some research

Find inspiration images of hairstyles you love. Browse our Pinterest account or wedding magazines and gather hairstyles that you think will suit you, your hair type and bridal look.  It’s best to find a few different styles to choose from in case your favourite style doesn’t work with your hair type, length or face shape.

2. Chat to your wedding hair stylist

Either via email or over the phone well before your wedding day.

Send through your inspiration images and also information about your hair length, texture, thickness and face shape. This will help your hairstylist get a better understanding of who you are, your vision and what they will be working with on the day.
Browse your hairstylist’s portfolio to see if they have created similar styles for past brides. Otherwise, ask your hairstylist whether they have had much experience with this style and whether they think it will work with your hair type/length.

3. Be realistic

If you have thin medium length hair, a Kim K hairstyle will just disappoint you.  If you have naturally straight hair that won’t hold a curl, opt for hairstyles that won’t require lots of tight curls. Factor in additional time on the day so your hairstylist will have time to make adjustments.

4. Think practically

Is your venue in the middle of summer with the potential for high humidity? Or beachside? Or do you normally wear your hair up because you hate your hair getting in the way? Then updos might be more practical. The aim is for you to look your best but also to feel as comfortable as possible so pick a hairstyle that reflects you and will bring out your best. A happy and comfortable bride is a beautiful bride!

5. Plan your accessories

If you are planning to wear accessories in your hair, be sure to tell your hairstylist so they can plan for it.

Chat to your accessories designer to ensure the headpiece and fastener is suitable for your chosen hairstyle. They should be able to recommend a comb, clip or another attachment that will best suit your hairstyle and hair type.

Ensure your chosen hairstyle will support the weight of your headpiece. Most headpieces are lightweight however elaborate bridal hair pieces or extra long veils will need to be well supported.

If you are planning to wear long veil, practice wearing it around the house. It’s a bit like wearing in your new wedding shoes!

Photo credits: Sophie Thomspon

For lovers of wedding hairstyles, you can’t go pass the chignon wedding updo.  This variety of updo can feature twists, coils, braids and loose tendrils around the face. We love the modern variations—from relaxed to refined styles—because you’ll always look back on your wedding photos and love the timelessness of this look.

We love to accessorise a bridal chignon with intricate and detailed hair pieces that will instantly elevate your bridal look. Whether it’s a wedding headpiece or a bridal veil, a chignon is the perfect foundation to secure a beautiful heirloom piece.

Our favourite bridal chignons

Combining the classic chignon shape with an undone—almost messy—aesthetic, a relaxed bridal chignon is the ultimate in bohemian bridal styling. This look can take you to the red carpet, wedding aisle or your engagement party.  The look feels effortless, is anything but polished and can be styled with structured wedding gowns through to soft and billowy dresses.

Whether you have long, short, thick or fine hair – this relaxed hairstyle will work for you. The messy structure can be formed with the help of texturizers and hair extensions to add volume and thickness to the bun.

Photo credits:  1 | 2 | 3

How to accessorise a bridal chignon

The low set structure of a chignon is the perfect foundation for bridal hair accessories.

  • 1. Secure a hair comb or headpiece along the curve of your updo to create a striking focal point.
  • 2. This hairstyle styles beautifully with a headpiece that curves downwards.
  • 3. Secure some hair pins to the side to add a subtle detail without feeling overdone.
  • 4. Pair this look with a tiara or crown to bring attention to your face and to provide balance the shape of the chignon.
  • 5. Finish with a veil.

1. Choose an upwards facing headpiece to frame your hairstyle

A headpiece positioned at the back centre of your chignon will create the perfect focal point as you walk down the aisle. This look is beautiful for wedding gowns with low V backs, long sleeves or off-the-shoulder necklines as it will draw attention upwards and elongate your silhouette.

The beauty of an upwards facing headpiece is it will frame your hairstyle. We all know how long it can take to choose the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day so why not put it on full display.

Shop this look: VERSAILLES headpiece, MARION headpiece + ROSELLA veil, JASMINE headpiece, LYRIC bridal headpiece

2. Or a headpiece that curves downwards to frame your veil

A headpiece that curves downwards will direct the eye down towards the shoulders and frame your veil. There’s a feeling of effortlessness with this look as it curves around and down the contours of your chignon.

This look is beautiful with smaller earrings and suits both refined or relaxed bridal updos.

Shop this look: LAURETTE hair pins + THEODORE veil, HARLOW wedding headpiece, EVENING bridal headpiece, APPLE BLOSSOM hair pins

3. A hair piece to the side will feel relaxed

For a look that’s more relaxed, position a hair piece or pins to the side of your updo. This asymmetrical look feels at home with bohemian inspired hairstyles with loose tendrils around the face.

If you like the idea of smaller pins and a minimalist aesthetic, simple pearls scattered along your chignon can create an equally beautiful finish.

Shop this look: MAYA hair pins, LADY GREY wedding headpiece, OYSTER pearl hair pins, CHERRY BLOSSOM hair pieces

4. A crown will frame the face and provide balance to the chignon

Depending on your face shape and the size of your chignon, a crown will frame your face and provide balance to your overall bridal look. This is a beautiful way to style high necklines, long sleeves or covered backs as it will draw attention forwards.

Shop this look: FLEUR crown, FLORES crown + CASCADE floral earrings, BLANCHETT crown + GEORGE crystal earrings, ROSEBURY crown

Bridal headpieces and veils

Just because you love a bridal headpiece, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear it with a veil.

We adore this a chignon for its versatility which allows you to easily style it with a veil. For a touch of the traditional, choose a mid to long wedding veil, with or without a blusher layer. Simply position your veil comb to the top of your chignon and then position your headpiece into place.

We also love the idea of a mantilla or pearl veil styled around an updo.

Shop this look: ENCHANTED headpiece + AMORA veil, BOUQUET headpiece + ROSELLA veil,  CATALINA flora veil, AUDREY veil

When you think curtain bangs, Alexa Chung often comes to mind. This gorgeous look also graces the faces of Sienna Miller, Zooey Deschanel, Camila Cabello and Jennifer Lopez, and has been popping up all over Pinterest.

For some, curtain bangs are fast becoming a trend that’s much loved. For others, it’s a daily necessity.

We love a bride with a fringe.  There’s so much to love about an effortless centre part and soft wispy strands around the face. It’s a versatile hairstyle which combines bohemian luxe with girl-next-door, and with the right accessories, it makes a bold fashion-forward statement as you walk down the aisle.

The curtain fringe is the choice for those who want a less dramatic fringe without the bluntness. It suits a range of face shapes and frames the eyes in the most effortless way. The fringed look may be slightly parted and it is more feathered in appearance, perhaps even choppy. Generally it’s light and wispy and it’s also the style of choice for those brides who prefer a middle part or are perhaps trying to grow out their fringe.

Here are some of our favourite curtain bangs and fringes which we think would look oh-so-chic walking down the aisle.

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Curtain bangs with a wedding updo

A soft fringe that’s split in the middle is perfect for the bride who wants to explore having a fringe without going all the way.

Those sections of hair that gracefully fall to the sides of the brows and cheekbones compliments the face without feeling overpowering. In fact, not only is it oh-so-flattering but it’s a practical way for those brides who are trying to grow out their fringes.

We love this style because it’s easy to style and looks beautiful with all lengths of hair from a short layered cut to long flowing lengths.

Loose waves with curtain bangs

For some, the straight blunt bang might bring back memories from school… and maybe not in a good way.

We love the look of curtain bangs for formal looks because it still feels soft, relaxed and exudes boho chic vibes with long flowing gowns.

Gone are the days of a solid and straight fringe.  Today’s version features a slightly rounded edge and draws attention to the eyes and cheekbones in a way that’s romantic and feminine.

Ponytails and soft fringes

The ponytail is another bridal look we are love. Chic with a hint of the riviera, a bride in a ponytail is a look that screams confident bride who isn’t afraid to be herself.

Styling tips

  • Frame curtain bangs with a delicate headband, crown or hair vine that runs along the base of the fringe to frame the face. Our favourite pick would be the FLEUR crown.
  • Draw attention to the back of your head with some delicate hair pins scattered to the side of your head near an updo or ponytail.
  • Skip the headpiece and go straight for a pair of statement bridal earrings – a match made in bridal heaven!

If you’re looking to accessorise a ponytail, you will love our BORDEAUX veil which is a mid-length veil designed specifically to showcase the beloved ponytail.

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We often wish we could travel to every wedding of our gorgeous brides. Their love stories are infectious. For our Japanese bride Lena, who lives in the US and her Danish beau; their love spanned three continents, cultures and traditions. Rather than asking their friends and family to travel great lengths, they took their love and party to them – celebrating with two fabulous weddings!

Gorgeous Lena honoured her beautiful mother by wearing her dress and veil. So much detail went in to redesigning the vintage lace to perfectly fit Lena’s elegant long, lithe frame.

Lena contacted us to create a bespoke piece to wear with an updo that would complement her beautiful lace-edged veil. Inspired by our EVERLY, we customised a headpiece with sparkly crystals in navette, tear drop and round shapes. The crystals add a classic, romantic quality that work so elegantly with the delicate beading details of Lena’s dress.

Danish wedding | Elegant lines

We’ve had a few brides host two weddings. And most like to differentiate each with something a little different.

For Lena – she chose to style her hair differently, starting with a romantic chignon at her Danish celebration.

Nestled into the top of her updo, the customised EVERLY headpiece creates a beautiful line at the nape of her neck. The veil comb has been aligned with the headpiece, sitting just behind, that when the blusher is removed, drapes from the same position.

Danish wedding photographer: Philip Helm

Japanese wedding | Royal classique

For their Japanese wedding, Lena wore her hair in a high ballerina bun with a centre part. Creating an almost tiara-like look, the EVERLY has been wrapped around the front and sides of the updo.

Tucked between the headpiece and ballerina bun, is the veil comb – with Lena looking ever so like a royal bride.

Image: Masahiro Murakoshi