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An Evening in Florence

Wedding tiaras are a must for a fairytale wedding. Bridal trends have changed over the years and so too has the bridal tiara. Our favourite wedding tiaras feel majestic, enchanted and ornate, and less like something you’d find in a costume box.

Fall in love with 11 of our most coveted wedding tiaras. All customisable to suit you, your wedding dress and bridal hairstyle.

1. ANTOINETTE wedding tiara

A timeless artisanal treasure, the dreamy ANTOINETTE crystal tiara will add effortless grandeur and decadence to your bridal look.

Exquisitely designed with romantic elements, this dramatic headpiece features antique silver leaves encrusted with sparkly crystal details, soft ivory blooms and scattered pearls.

Shop this look: ANTOINETTE crystal tiara

2. FLORES bridal crown

FLORES is a floral wedding crown constructed from a dreamy palette of soft ivory, pale gold and silver tones. Inspired by the softness of light upon delicate blossoms, this floral display is bursting with overgrown details and intricate embellishments.

Feminine, fresh and utterly romantic, the Flores crown makes an extra luminous style statement.

Shop this look: FLORES wedding crown

3. MEDICI wedding crown

For lovers of refined femininity, the MEDICI crystal wedding crown features a classic silhouette adorned in sparkly Austrian crystals that catch the light in the most beautiful way.

This dreamy piece offers old world detailing in a modern aesthetic and pairs beautifully with classic, modern, traditional and vintage-inspired wedding gowns.

Shop this lookMEDICI crystal crown

4. HENRI bridal headpiece

A simple yet high impact piece, the HENRI bridal crown is designed for sophisticated brides and modern romantics. A clean silhouette with an edge, it makes a bold statement and sets the mood of raw romanticism.

HENRI is a must have for unconventional brides who aren’t afraid to express her unique style.

Shop this look: HENRI bridal headpiece

5. BLANCHETT delicate crown

The BLANCHETT delicate tiara crown is the definition of effortlessly cool bridal luxury. Barely there with a hint of floral finery, the BLANCHETT offers the perfect touch of regal appeal in a clean and soft silhouette.

6. ROSEBURY bridal headpiece

Golden vines entwine to create the ROSEBURY crystal wedding crown. The details on this heirloom headpiece feel delicate and dainty whilst beautifully creating a high impact finish to your bridal look.

Romantic, bold with a touch of bohemian luxe, the Rosebury takes bridal opulence to a whole new level of elegance.

Shop this look: ROSEBURY bridal tiara

7. CASPIAN pearl bridal headpiece

An ethereal and textured beauty, the CASPIAN pearl bridal tiara is decadent and beautiful on every level. Featuring a striking silhouette with a peaked centre, CASPIAN was designed with a classic colour palette of soft silver and ivory tones and features freshwater and Austrian pearls and fine beading artfully arranged to frame your face and wedding gown.

Shop this look: CASPIAN pearl wedding crown

8. REINA gold wedding crown

A hypnotic beauty, the REINA wedding crown is opulent, feminine and rich in botanical detailing.

Much loved for its gold sculptural blooms set onto delicate details, this striking piece beautifully merges regality with a touch of bohemian wonder.

Shop this look: REINA wedding crown

9. FLEUR bridal crown

The FLEUR bridal crown is bewitching in half light, striking in its simplicity yet magnetic in its finer details. It features antique silver or golden details set amongst floral details and soft ivory pearls.

The distinctive geometric arrangement is a tribute to the Art Deco era yet feels ethereal, fresh and chic.

Shop this look: FLEUR wedding crown

10. DUET bridal crown

The DUET bridal tiara is a beautiful display of old world details that are thoughtfully combined to form a breathtaking wedding crown you will love to own and pass on.

An airy silhouette is framed by a double band and accentuated with delicate floral elements and fine hand beading.

Shop this look: DUET bridal tiara

11. MARISOL crystal crown

The MARISOL bridal tiara is illuminating and beautifully decadent with its low profile and enchanting sparkly crystal details set onto an antique silver crown.

This delicate piece is the perfect accompaniment to modern and chic bridal gowns, ethereal dresses and vintage-inspired gown of profound femininity.

Shop this look: MARISOL bridal tiara

Need bridal styling advice?

Need styling advice to bring together your bridal look? Get in touch with photos of your wedding gown and your favourite pieces from the collection. We would love to offer ideas and recommendations on pieces to suit, including how our pieces can be customised to suit you.

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You may have discovered during your wedding dress journey, the spectrum of ‘white’ and ‘ivory’ is far and wide. Not all ‘white’ tones are created equal and the same applies to ‘ivory’. The colour ‘ivory’ can vary dramatically between designers and depending on the fabric, it can range from off-white to warm ivory tones.

The majority of our brides walk down the aisle in light or medium ivory wedding gowns as these tones work well with almost all skin and hair colour tones. However, a brilliant white gown and white wedding crown will always have its place as it exudes a classic sophistication and timelessness.

A white wedding crown for Samantha

We recently worked with Canadian bride Samantha to design a white wedding crown for her elegant gown. Samantha’s wedding dress is equal parts classic and sophisticated, featuring a low V back, slightly off-the-shoulder silhouette and dramatic train.  In designing her crown, the style and silhouette of her dress became the main source of inspiration.

We love to pair a traditional white wedding dress with a silver headpiece with crystals or true white floral accents to finish the look. If your dress features a more modern silhouette or clean lines, both gold and silver tones can be worn. It depends so much on the vibe and look you’re hoping to achieve.

Ivory or white accessories for a white wedding dress?

A question we are often asked is whether a white wedding dress should be paired with white or ivory accessories. The answer really depends on the shade of white – i.e. whether the white has a cool, neutral or warm undertone.

If your dress is a cool or neutral white, it’s best to pair it with white accessories otherwise it can feel too stark in comparison and the accessory can look aged. If your dress is off-white or warmer, we like to recommend light ivory tones.

Our headpiece and veil collections can be customised in ivory or white tones, with ivory as the default colour due to popularity.  Our white flowers are a beautiful shade of neutral white with a matte porcelain-like finish.

If you aren’t sure which colour to choose, feel free to contact us directly and we would be happy to offer advice and recommendations based on any photos and samples you can send us.

Searching for a white headpiece or wedding veil?

We’d love to work with you to customise our designs in white tones to better suit your wedding dress fabrics. Feel free to send us photos of your wedding dress and bridal hairstyle.  We would love to offer advice and recommendations.

In searching for the perfect wedding accessories, you can quickly discover there are many directions you can go in. Regal and formal, relaxed and free-spirited or classic and chic? We love the essence of a flower halo to complete a bridal look but we also understand that sometimes you might want the formality of a wedding crown on your wedding day.

We understand the dilemma – there are only so many occasions in your life when you can wear a crown or tiara. It’s no wonder so many brides are torn on this decision!

We designed the ABIGAIL wedding crown for the free-spirited and modern bride.  A bride seeking something a little more polished and sophisticated combined with the organic styling of a floral halo.

We were inspired by the beauty of the night and the sweet fragrance of evening in bringing together this piece. It’s hard to deny that feeling you get when you walk past foliage in the evening and catch a scent so beautiful you wish you could bottle it. In addition to this, we love the simple beauty of a scrolling vine set high above your head – the perfect hybrid of a halo and a crown all in one.

How to style the ABIGAIL wedding crown

This enchanting piece feels classically chic yet relaxed, and can be easily styled in a range of wedding hairstyles.

The details and layout of this crown translates beautifully to modern clean updos, loose wedding hairstyles and even bohemian-inspired soft waves.

It can also be paired with a wedding veil – whether with a blusher or without. Although we must admit, we do love the idea of this crown under a sheer blusher as you walk down the aisle towards your beloved.

How to choose the right wedding crown

There’s a crown to suit every bride from the showstopper to understated glamour.

It’s a fair question and one that you generally wouldn’t think about in daily life. We’ve covered this and more here.

And of course, if you have any questions or would like to discuss which crown might be best for you, don’t hesitate to send us an email and we’d be happy to offer you styling advice.

We love a wedding tiara as much as the next bride and we were inspired by the beauty and delicacy of pearls in designing this exquisite piece. The AGNES delicate wedding tiara is our newest obsession – and it’s the perfect piece to indulge your inner royal.

The AGNES wedding tiara pays tribute to yesteryear with its antique inspired detailing and classic silver and ivory colour palette. It’s a statement piece that’s equal parts vintage-inspired and dainty, and bound by our signature feminine aesthetic.

The beauty of this piece lies in its fine and delicate details which have been offset by statement pearl focal points. We wanted to create a wedding tiara of medium height that perfectly framed the face and bridal hairstyles.

If you’re a lover of pearl details, pair it with the MIDSUMMER pearl drop earrings for a look that’s modern and chic.

We'd love to work with you to bring your vision to life

Our wedding accessories collection can be customised to suit you, your wedding dress and your bridal hairstyle. If you love a hair piece or wedding veil and would like it altered to suit you, get in touch and let’s chat. We’d love to work with you to create a beautiful heirloom for your wedding day.

How to style the AGNES wedding tiara with pearls

A fresh take on decadence, we love the look of this wedding tiara with structured modern silhouettes, flowy silk chiffon gowns and exquisite lace wedding dresses. It’s the perfect piece to capture a regal and romantic vibe.

Looking for inspiration for hairstyles to suit this wedding tiara? This pretty piece is perfect for formal updos, tousled bridal updos, loose waves and polished hairstyles.

This delicate crown pairs perfectly with the MIDSUMMER, MONTE and LOURDES earring sets.

Customisable to suit you

We love to offer our brides the option of customising our designs to suit your wedding dress, bridal hairstyle and personal preferences. If you’d love this crown with soft pink pearls instead of natural toned pearls, for example, do get in touch and let us know and we can certainly accommodate.

A silver wedding crown with pearls is one that will never go out of style. It’s refined, sophisticated and luxurious. It ticks all the right boxes – not too sparkly, a beautiful balance of texture and detail, and not to forget, feminine and striking.

Finding that perfect headpiece or wedding crown can be a challenge. Matching details and colours is one thing. But then to also factor in your face shape, hairstyle, proportions and your hair type all need to be taken into consideration. This is exactly why we live by our custom made mandate – because not all brides are alike.

We love the look of a wedding crown with pearls because we feel the subtle shimmer of a pearl adds the loveliest feminine touch to a headpiece. Freshwater pearls combine perfectly with sparkly crystal elements in a way that’s sophisticated and timeless.

The inspiration - Ryonna's wedding dress

The loveliest bride Ryonna was in touch about a custom wedding crown for her wedding day. She plans to wear two statement wedding gowns – a striking ball gown with sculptural ruffled details along the neckline in soft ivory tones. The second look will be a blush/champagne dress of equal beauty and delicacy.

We worked with Ryonna to create her perfect crown – one that brought together her favourite details from our collection, and one that complemented both dresses and her hairstyle.

Bride Ryonna loved the floral motifs of our FLEUR crown and ROSEBURY crowns, the delicacy of our TEMPEST crown and the fullness of our CARLA tiara. She also sought a silver and ivory palette against her dark hair.

A custom silver wedding crown with pearls

In designing this crown, we embarked on a unique scalloped edge to complement the lines of the ruffled edge on her ball gown. Her designer wedding dresses featured couture craftsmanship, delicate beaded elements and strong lines which all needed to be taken into account. It’s important that a headpiece or accessories don’t draw attention away from the dress. Instead, the perfect headpiece should accentuate the gown, as well as the face shape and proportions of the bride wearing it.

Custom wedding crowns and bridal accessories

Finding the right crown for you and your wedding dress depends on a lot of factors. Firstly, your wedding dress – of course! And of equal importance are other considerations including your face shape, wedding hairstyle, position of your hairline, hair type, your height and proportions, your bridal jewellery, your skin tone and your hair colour… Not to mention the venue of your wedding. A seaside wedding calls for quite different accessories to a cathedral or backyard wedding. And of course, there’s cultural considerations and superstitions that also need to be taken into account.

We specialise in custom wedding accessories because we understand the challenge of finding that perfect dress. We absolutely and whole heartedly understand the challenges of finding accessories to bring together the whole bridal look in a way that feels like you and not like a bridal costume that’s been handed to you.

If you’re looking for the perfect details to finish your bridal look, feel free to get in touch. Send us photos of your wedding dress including close up photos, images from your hair trial (if any), your bridal jewellery, shoes, and your face shape. We’d love to work with you to create your bridal heirloom.