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It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options when it comes to styling your wedding dress. As Australian designers of bespoke wedding accessories, we intimately understand the subtle differences between veil and headpiece lengths, silhouettes, colours and types and how these changes can instantly transform or accentuate a wedding dress.

We love what we do and as industry leaders in our field, we are here to guide you through the exciting journey of accessorising your bridal look. We can assist via email for our interstate or international brides, or in person in our Canberra showroom, with personalised recommendations that will make you feel utterly beautiful on your wedding day. Whether your style is minimalist/modern, romantic, classic/traditional, high fashion, bohemian or a beautiful combination of the aforementioned, we can guide you through the various decisions involved with choosing key pieces from our collections to curate your look.

Photo credits: Maras Creative

We are based in Canberra, Australia, and work with brides worldwide online. Contact us via email if you would like personalised styling advice and recommendations from a bridal stylist with selections from our bridal collections to accessorise your wedding dress.   Feel free to send us photos of your wedding dress and hairstyle, including mood boards, and we’d be more than happy to offer styling advice and recommendations before you submit your order.

In making our recommendations, we will factor in the style and proportions of your dress, the formality of your venue, the aesthetic of your bridal party, your height, as well as your personal preferences to ensure that your look reflects you, your bridal vision and the moments you’re looking to capture on your wedding day. These moments may include the ‘lift and kiss’ moment where your veil blusher is lifted before the kiss, the photo opportunities of your long veil floating freely or a headpiece that adds an element of regality to your look that makes you feel like royalty.

Above all else, we are driven by the need to help you feel like an elevated version of yourself on your wedding day. We want you to look and feel like magic.

Photo credits: Maras Creative

Need Help?

Every wedding gown and bride is different and the perfect accessories for you will not only depend on your gown but your personal style, vision, height and style. We love to work with our brides to create the perfect veil that you will love to keep as an heirloom after your wedding day.

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As a reflection to her coastal surroundings, hair stylist Anita Bauer captures the essence of Byron Bay with her coveted looks of relaxed updos, textured ponytails and soft glam waves. Her signature boho styling is shaping bridal hair trends for 2020, as she works her magic to create new looks that are romantic and relaxed.

While formalities and tradition are still important parts of wedding days, we’ve seen a shift towards more personalised weddings, where brides are inspired to embrace their individual style when it comes to creating their bridal look. The freedom to be relaxed and creative has led to a rise in boho bridal hair. This soft and effortless look is about creating movement and texture, with strands of hair escaping from buns, beachy waves, whimsical braids and floral detailing.

Anita is an expert in creating this look and we had the pleasure of collaborating with her for a recent photo shoot. We  loved seeing our LYRIC and BLANCHETT headpieces styled with her unique spin. If you’ve also fallen in love with this look, Anita is currently styling brides across Byron Bay, the Tweed region and Gold Coast.

She has also shared her tips for creating your dream hairstyle, tells us more about her signature style and discusses her favourite looks for the season.

What's your advice to brides who are deciding on their bridal hairstyle?

The most valuable advice: go with your intuitive feeling! The dream dress you choose will set the mood for the ‘overall look.’ Choosing a hairstyle to complement face shape and hair type is also really important. Keep in mind weather too! Based in Byron our warmer months are hot and beach weddings can be windy! A loose up style or textured pony are great options. Gather a collection of inspiration images to share and discuss the suitability with your hair stylist. Have fun with your style and enjoy being able to create a look that feels like you!

Do you think a hair trial is important?

Hair trials are an important part of the planning process! I love to team up hair and make up trials together which allows each bride to experience the ‘overall look.’ That’s the key, being able to see the visions from a picture translated to a look that complements and enhances the bride. It is the perfect time to try style options that aren’t worn on a daily basis, like an effortless textured updo or glam glossy waves. Experiencing the final style and feeling reassured that it is ‘The Look’, along with having spent the time getting to know your stylist, creates ease and confidence on the big day!

What are some of the main questions your brides ask you when they're working through their bridal look?

Being one of the most important day’s of a woman’s life, the most asked question when determining the hair style is “Does this look and feel like me?” Ultimately the style will reflect the bride’s personal taste, enhance her features and complement the aesthetic of the wedding day. Deciding whether a hairpiece will complement the style, whether it be fresh flowers, a veil, clips or decorative pins is also a popular question. What to do to achieve the look is an important consideration. This may require hair extensions, creating shape in the hair cut, freshening the colour or general hair maintenance.

What are some key hair trends you've been seeing across the board?

Soft glam waves, loose effortless half up styles, low textured updos and the new wave of the high buns are all in for the season. The pony is always a favourite and is worn low, either sleek or voluminous and textured. 2020 also brings hair details with pearls and soft petals, intricate hair pieces and statement veils to complete the modern day bride.

What would be your go-to bridal hairstyle? Updo, half up? Braids?

I love a textured up style that is soft, ‘done’ but ‘un-done’ and relaxed. The finer details are important which makes the style special. I do love a braid or twist and finishing off the style with anti-frizz gloss gives the wow factor!


The Starry Night wedding crown with stars hints at the magic above us. This celestial beauty was inspired by an enchanted night sky, featuring a soft golden palette and silver crystal elements that make a beautiful statement of refinement and femininity.

This hair piece wasn’t designed for wallflowers or the traditional bride. It was designed for dreamers and modern romantics, and brides seeking something a little different yet classic in styling.

Designing the star struck details

We looked to the sky above us in designing this sparkly golden crown.  In particular, the soft light of the moon as it reflects on the leaves below and the subtle sparkle of the infinite stars as we stare up into the darkness.

True to our signature aesthetic, we framed the twinkling stars with soft gold toned leaves, bringing together the earth and the sky in the most effortless way.

The low profile of this headpiece perfectly frames a range of face shapes and wedding dress necklines. As with our full collection, this piece is customisable so if you would prefer a taller profile, the details can be reworked to create a bolder statement.  In contrast, the details can also be reduced into more of a headband style piece for brides seeking something a little more low key.

Customisable to suit you

If you love this piece or would like it customised to better suit your bridal hairstyle and wedding dress, get in touch. Feel free to send across photos and links to your dress and bridal look. We would love to work with you to create a dreamy celestial inspired piece for your wedding day.

Overflowing with luscious soft pink and golden details, we loved working with bride Britt to create her bespoke bridal hair comb and bring her vision to life. One of our favourite things is to transform our bride’s vision into reality, especially when there’s a romantic and beautiful colour palette to work with.

Britt loved the shape and size of the VERSE bridal hair comb and was inspired by the romantic colour palette of the WILD FLOWERS crown.  Over several emails, she shared images of her wedding dress, hairstyle and her favourite styles from the collection. We’d describe Britt’s style as luxe, bohemian and beautiful. Her dress is a lace beauty with warm undertones and she was looking for a unique hair piece to complete her look.

VERSE x WILD FLOWERS bridal hair comb

Sometimes our brides aren’t quite sure what they want or how to best accessorise their wedding dress and hairstyle. It’s always fun to talk through the various options and help her pull together her bridal look that reflects her unique personality and style. Other times we work with a bride, like Britt, who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask. We love these brides equally.

Bringing together the style of the VERSE headpiece with the WILD FLOWERS crown was a fun challenge. One of the main differences between these styles is balancing the sparkly elements of the VERSE with the matte details and aesthetic of the WILD FLOWER.

Verse X Wild Flowers Crown For Britt

The hybrid of these two styles turned out more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. We love how the golden crystal details add a soft shimmer and intensify the colour palette in the most beautiful way.

How to style the VERSE x WILD FLOWERS

The beauty of the VERSE piece is in its detailing and also its versatile design. It can be worn with or without a wedding veil. It can be styled along a romantic updo and on top of a half up hairstyle. We love the look of this bridal hair comb with a sheer drop veil or a more traditional veil.

Interested in a bespoke hair comb?

If you love this piece and would love to chat about your own bespoke creation, get in touch. Share photographs of your wedding dress and hairstyle, and share details of your favourite styles from our collection. We’ll then get back to you with ideas to bring your vision to life.

Every bride is different and the vision we all have in our minds of how we’d like to look and feel on our wedding day varies so much between brides. The same wedding dress can completely transform with slight changes in accessories. If you’re looking to channel a regal and sophisticated vibe, a crown or tiara could be the way to go. Fancy a glamorous and chic look? Think long drop earrings and maybe a side swept look.

So much of this, of course, depends on your wedding dress and its neckline, your face shape and wedding hairstyle.

A bespoke floral wedding crown

We recently had the pleasure to work with bride Nancy to create her dream floral wedding crown. Nancy’s vision for her day was ultra chic and glamorous, choosing to wear an insanely glamorous wedding dress with the most beautiful floral and lace appliqué details. Its silhouette was extravagant yet timeless, and she was seeking a headpiece that pulled together all of these special qualities.

Nancy loved our GABRIEL floral halo but wanted a piece that sat in her hair more as a crown than a halo. She also sought for it to be taller and of larger proportions. We were able to take on board all of Nancy’s thoughts and feedbacks and incorporate them into a headpiece that felt balanced, proportional, and of course, beautiful.

Delicate rose appliqué details

One of our favourite details of this crown include the rose appliqué details that feature prominently across this piece. These rose elements perfectly complement the floral details on Nancy’s gown and add a timeless quality like no other flower.

When set amongst shimmering crystal details and antique silver leaf and vine elements, the silver and ivory colour palette speaks to heritage, tradition and glamour.

Customisable for you

If you love this floral wedding crown, or have your heart set on another style from our collection that isn’t quite right for your wedding dress or hairstyle, get in touch. We’d love to work with you to create the perfect crown or headpiece.

Delicate and small bridal hair pins can make a powerful statement. We love to recommend our smaller pin sets for brides who want versatility with styling or where their wedding gown just needs a small detail to complete their bridal look.

Smaller is sometimes more appropriate depending on the look you’d like to achieve.  A delicate piece can feel more balanced and proportional when paired with a simple sheath gown or a heavily embellished wedding dress.

If versatility with styling is on your wish list, smaller pins can be rearranged into a row or scattered around an updo for a look that’s effortless and romantic.

1. WHISPER hair pins

Feminine and whimsical, the WHISPER hair pins feature flowers in various stages of bloom. They were inspired by the beauty of wild flowers and the carefree styling of freshly picked flowers woven into loose hair. Available in soft blush, champagne, white or ivory tones.  They are ideal to scatter across a romantic updo or half up hairstyle.

Style these with

Shop this look: WHISPER hair pins

2. JUNIPER pearl hair pin

Echoing nature’s handiwork, the JUNIPER hair pin was inspired by the berries on the evergreen juniper plant. This minimalist hair pin features scattered pearls and is the perfect accent when a subtle detail touch is all you need to finish romantic and tousled hair.

This individual hair pin can be reworked onto a small comb upon request. If you would prefer a bolder look, it can be customised as a set of three to scatter along a half up hairstyle.

Style this with

Shop this look: JUNIPER hair pin

3. TEAROSE hair pin

Echoing nature’s handiwork, the JUNIPER hair pin was inspired by the berries on the evergreen juniper plant. This minimalist hair pin features scattered pearls and is the perfect accent when a subtle detail touch is all you need to finish romantic and tousled hair.

This individual hair pin can be reworked onto a small comb upon request. If you would prefer a bolder look, it can be customised as a set of three to scatter along a half up hairstyle.

Style this with

  • Minimalist sheer wedding veils attached to a small comb
  • Tousled and loose hairstyles
  • Low set updos
  • Half up hairstyles
  • Crystal or pearl earrings – TULIP, MIDSUMMER, ALLURA, NIGHTINGALE

Shop this look:  TEAROSE hair pin

4. LAURETTE hair pin set

A fresh take on decadence, the LAURETTE wedding hair pins make opulence feel effortless.   These hair pins are simple, dainty and sweet – the perfect set to wear in a loose updo as you fade into night with your beloved.

Designed to frame a romantic updo, these organically chic hair pins were inspired by the beauty of overgrown wild roses. LAURETTE is hand constructed with sumptuous florals and shimmering pearl buds in natural ivory tones. This enchanting floral set is glamorous and chic.

Style these with

Shop this look: LAURETTE hair pins

5. MEADOW hair pins

The MEADOW hair pins were designed to scatter into romantic and loose hairstyles to evoke a mood that’s equal parts relaxed and ethereal.

Each piece has been designed to be intentionally mismatched for an organic and whimsical feel. Style these hair pins neatly in a row or spread them along your romantic half up hairstyle for a look that’s carefree and high style.

Style these with

Shop this look: MEADOW hair pins

6. MAYBELLE bridal hair pin

The MAYBELLE floral hair pin is a beautifully uncomplicated and compact piece. A miniature bouquet of flowers featuring a touch of ‘something blue’.  The empire blue crystal details spray from beneath a perfectly formed clay rose.

Although it may be small, it is mighty. It brings together the essence of our Secret Garden collection in a way that’s understated and relaxed, and still bursting with old world regality.

Style this with

Shop this look: MAYBELLE hair pin

6. BRIAR-ROSE hair pins

An enticing and whimsical take on traditional hair pins. The set of 3 BRIAR-ROSE bridal hair pins are small and dainty, yet their exquisite detailing offers the perfect just picked from the garden look.

These classic and pretty pieces are a sweet serendipity of shimmering pearls, clear crystals and life-like flower buds. You’ll be proud to wear them again after the wedding day to anniversaries and dinners with your beloved.

Style these with

Shop this look: BRIAR-ROSE hair pins

7. MARQUISE hair comb

Inspired by the beauty of a wild and overgrown garden, the MARQUISE bridal comb is majestic yet strikingly simple. It evokes a sense of magic and serendipity, the perfect piece to achieve a polished, paired back aesthetic.

Style this with

Shop this look: MARQUISE comb

8. ARIES hair comb

The ARIES bridal hair comb is a beautifully balanced piece, handcrafted and designed for the modern romantic seeking a subtle yet detailed comb to finish her wedding day look. Absolutely exquisite, it features an organic floral silhouette bursting with intricately hand-woven details in ivory, silver and gold.

Style this with

Shop this look: ARIES comb

Customisable for you

We love to work with brides to customise our accessories to suit their bridal looks. We can create additional pieces to add to a set to better frame your wedding hairstyle, or we can rework some design elements so the beading matches your gown.

Feel free to send us photos of your wedding dress, bridal hairstyle and links to your favourite styles from our collection. We can then get back to you with ideas and recommendations.

Sometimes you find the prettiest bridal headpiece but it’s not quite right. It might be the colour, the size, or perhaps the way it’s designed isn’t 100% perfect for the vision you have in your head.

As wedding accessory designers, this is something we can completely understand and empathise with.  It’s exactly why we stand by our made to order and bespoke mandates.

We had the loveliest opportunity to work with Canadian bride Samantha to create a two-way bridal headpiece for her end May wedding day. Samantha loved the POETIC bridal headpiece but was looking for a headpiece which she could style in two different ways for her wedding ceremony and reception.

Customising Samantha's headpiece for her two bridal looks

For the ceremony, she was hoping to style it more as a headband at the top of her head. For the reception she was planning to wear it backwards to frame her bridal hairstyle.

We got to work on redesigning her headpiece so it was perfect for her two bridal looks. Wearing the same headpiece or accessory for both the ceremony and reception is a great way to get prolonged wear out of a piece. It also means that you can ensure continuity with details – i.e. you don’t have to change your earrings or other jewellery to match.

The delicate and organic details, as well as its boho chic styling, are just a few of the reasons why Samantha fell in love with the POETIC bridal headpiece the first place. So in redesigning Samantha’s piece, we wanted to ensure we retained the intrinsic nature and beauty of the piece.

To ensure the floral elements remained the perfect focal points of the piece, we repositioned the placement of the clay flowers to the sides for a more evenly distributed look.  We also scattered the delicate pearl and crystal elements along the mid section of the headpiece to ensure it could be styled with both looks.  It was a balancing act to ensure it didn’t look too bare in the mid section but we also didn’t take attention away from the clay flowers.

Samantha's ceremony bridal look

For her wedding ceremony, Samantha will be able to style her headpiece along the hair line as a headband by pinning the headpiece into place near the ears.

This beautiful look can still be paired with a wedding veil or pearl drop earrings, or even warn alone for a more simple look.

Samantha's reception bridal look

The headpiece attaches to the hair with little loops and Samantha’s hairstylist can easily position it into place with bobby pins hidden under the hair. By removing the bobby pins and flipping the headpiece to face backwards, Samantha is able to style her reception bridal look within a few minutes.

We love the look of this headpiece facing backwards and it would look gorgeous styled with half up/half down hairstyles or perhaps even all out hairstyles with soft curls.

Interested in your own custom heirloom?

If you’d love to chat about your own custom wedding accessories, feel free to get in touch by sending us photos of your wedding dress, bridal hairstyle and details of your favourite styles from our collection. We’d love to work with you to create your perfect heirloom pieces!

Into the Night

The 2018 wedding accessories collection

It’s into the evening hours that magic happens. Those early hours of softening light and the promise of the night ahead. The Into the Night collection was inspired by the beauty of a warm summer evening – that moment just as the day turns into dusk and the sky turns into an exquisite golden hue.

A tribute to the classic wedding ponytail

This collection offers some exquisite styling options for ponytail obsessed brides. We love the classic ponytail and love that they’ll be gracefully making their way down many aisles this wedding season.

We’ve paid tribute to this chic hairstyle with our new BORDEAUX, STELLAR, GEMINI and STARGAZER styles.

Customisable for you

We love to help our brides express their individual style and sensibilities through their accessories on their wedding day. There are no rules when it comes to styling your look. All of our designs are designed and handcrafted in our Australian studio. We are happy to accommodate custom changes to suit your hairstyle, wedding dress, jewellery and personal style.

We’d love to work with you to create something beautiful.

A very special thank you to:

  • Photography: Sophie Thompson
  • Stylist: Love Find Co
  • HMUA: Renee Sayad / The Future Mrs
  • Wedding dress designers: Marquise Bridal, Mina Mancini Couture, Made with Love Bridal
  • Model: Romy Van De Laar

We loved working on this layered beauty for South African bride, Sarah. Sarah dreamed of a lace wedding headpiece to complement her wedding dress. And, as her husband is Australian, she thought this would be the perfect way to bring a little ‘Australia’ into the festivities! Oh, what a beautiful sentiment and what an honour it was to be involved in their special day.

We design our pieces to be heirlooms and we love how brides are looking for unique ways to add a bit of their story and unique style into their wedding accessories. Many of our brides pass their pieces onto their daughters, sisters or friends after the wedding day. We feel so lucky to be part of their journeys. After the day has been and gone, and the dress is packed away, our beautiful pieces can be passed on or carefully stored in our signature navy boxes for safe keeping.

The inspiration behind Sarah's custom lace headpiece

Sarah was inspired by two very different headpieces from our collection: the clay flower and pearl details from our MARION headpiece and the lace elements from the MARIAH. Her wedding dress exudes classic appeal – a clean and modern silhouette, French lace details across the bodice and neckline, and a stunning plunging low back. With these details in mind, we started dreaming up her beautiful piece.

This headpiece was designed to be worn with or without a wedding veil. We wanted her headpiece to be a ‘veil cover’ and to frame the top section of the veil during the ceremony. Sarah will be styling her hair in a low set updo so this symmetrical piece will look beautiful even after she’s removed the veil for the reception.

Sarah will also be wearing a veil on her wedding day – our AUDREY minimalist veil – which will pair perfectly with this exquisite lace hair piece. We also love the  idea of this textured piece with an embellished veil also. Our LOREN chapel veil with pearls would also look incredible with this comb.

Style it with a drop veil

As Sarah will be styling her headpiece with our AUDREY chapel veil, we also captured it with a sheer drop veil below. Scroll below to find this beautiful piece paired with our BLAIR drop veil – a classic drop veil which features less gathers than the LOREN.

A bespoke piece for you

If you love this piece, feel free to get in touch and we can chat details. We’d love to work with you to create the perfect headpiece or veil for your wedding day. All of our pieces are handcrafted from scratch so all elements can be customised including details, dimensions and colours.

One of our favourite wedding looks is layering a wedding veil with a headpiece.  It’s a modern take on the traditional bridal comb or hair pins nestled into the side of a bun. It’s sophisticated and chic, and creates a mood of regality without wearing a tiara or crown.

A bridal headpiece is a great option for brides wanting to add a statement piece to their hair. They are decadent in detail, serve a function of framing your hairstyle and/or wedding veil, and creates a beautiful focal point from behind as you walk down the aisle.

Your wedding heirloom

If you love this piece, or would love to chat about creating a custom piece inspired by this blush and gold wedding headpiece, please feel free to get in touch. Let’s create something beautiful.

Shop this look: MARION hair comb + ROSELLA veil

How to layer your wedding veil and headpiece

When this look is styled correctly, it is simply breathtaking. Unfortunately, not all combs and veils can be styled together. The size of your headpiece and veil are important, as are the attachments on each piece.  We have designed many styles in our headpiece collection to achieve this look which, over the years, has become the signature look of our brand.

If there’s a piece from a collection you love but you aren’t sure if it will work with a veil, get in touch. We’d love to offer advice and recommendations.

To achieve the layered look, it’s important to think proportions, spacing and your hairstyle. The goal is to create a look where the headpiece and veil appear as one and pair seamlessly together.

Here are our tips to create a picture perfect headpiece and veil layered look.

Shop this look: ENCHANTED headpiece + WYNTER veil

It's all about the proportions

When choosing your bridal comb, consider its proportion relative to your veil comb. You’ll be positioning them next to each other so size is important. The body of your bridal headpiece should be wider (longer) than the width of your veil comb.  So if your veil’s comb is 3 inches long, your headpiece needs to be at least 4-5 inches long.

  • Extra wide veil comb? A veil comb that’s 4-4.5 inches or wider is best styled with a longer and narrow comb.  Delicate hair pins will appear disproportionate and too busy in the hair.
  • Plastic veil comb? Consider the thickness of the veil comb itself, particularly ones that are attached to thick plastic combs with a lot of tulle wrapping.  These veils are hard to work with because they appear heavy and chunky in the hair. We avoid plastic combs across our collections and we only use fine metal hair combs as they’re stronger, sturdy, flexible and lightweight.
  • Love a fuller veil with lots of volume?  Ensure your headpiece is wide enough to cover the veil comb. The VERSE comb is a smaller comb that pairs perfectly with a fuller AMORA wedding veil. At just over 5.5 inches wide, the VERSE is perfect to cover a wedding veil comb that’s up to 4 inches wide.
  • If you prefer a sheer wedding veil, a drop veil like our ROSELLA chapel veil or BLAIR fingertip veil will sit flat against the head and will ensure your bridal comb will sit flush against it.

Shop this look: SOMERSET headpiece + WYNTER veil

Shop this look: JASMINE headpiece + ROSELLA veil

Shop this look: VERSE hair comb + AMORA veil

Step 1: Secure your veil

The more accessories you have in your hair, the greater the base that is needed to support them. We suggest the layered look is best suited for an updo, but a half-up half-down or even loose wavy hairstyles can be achieved using a few simple techniques to secure those metal hair combs.

If you are wearing your hair all down, your hairstylist will most likely create a hidden foundation under the hair to support the piece in your hair. These extra precautions (extra hair pins!) will securely hold the headpiece and veil in place.

Shop this look: ENCHANTED headpiece + WYNTER veil

Step 1: Secure your veil

The more accessories you have in your hair, the greater the base that is needed to support them. We suggest the layered look is best suited for an updo, but a half-up half-down or even loose wavy hairstyles can be achieved using a few simple techniques to secure those metal hair combs.

If you are wearing your hair all down, your hairstylist will most likely create a hidden foundation under the hair to support the piece in your hair. These extra precautions (extra hair pins!) will securely hold the headpiece and veil in place.

2. Secure the headpiece on top of the veil

Once the veil is secured into place with bobby pins, you’re now ready to position the headpiece and pin it into place. It’s best to secure the veil first and then the headpiece on top of the veil’s comb for a more seamless finish.

Choose headpieces constructed using split combs or no comb at all

When styling your wedding comb and veil, make sure you take into account how they’re constructed. If you have two central combs (one on the veil and one in the middle of the headpiece), it will be possible to layer them one of top of the other but it may be more of a headache – literally – than it’s worth.

Look for headpieces designed around a split comb system or headpieces which don’t feature a comb at all. This way you can easily position the veil, position the headpiece and easily secure them into place. The two comb system is signature to our brand – we feel two combs allows extra flexibility with style around various hairstyles and head shapes. And of equal importance, it means you can style your headpiece with a veil. Just ensure the combs are wide enough to sit either side of the veil’s comb.

Customised wedding accessories to suit you

If you have found your wedding veil and are looking for a bridal headpiece to finish your look, we’d love to chat. Send us photos of your wedding dress, bridal veil and hairstyle and we can get back to you with ideas and recommendations to suit.

Our collections are all designed and handcrafted in-house so we are able to customise our designs to best suit the proportions of your veil and hairstyle.