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Juliet cap veils play an important part in styling your vintage-inspired bridal look. From the wedding dress to the bouquet, each element of your look can set the mood of your event. The accessories you choose to complete your dress should make a statement: the wedding veil especially as it frames you from your head to your toes.  For modern romantics looking for a nod to the past, juliet cap veils are a striking piece to add modern day glamour to even the simplest wedding dress.

Above: HARRIET Juliet cap and detachable veil

A glimpse into history

It is believed the juliet cap veil derives its name from the iconic Shakespearean character, Juliet, in the original “Romeo and Juliet”. This delicate headpiece and veil style was popularised in the early 20th century and became a symbol of grace and femininity. The unique design features a small, close-fitting cap that adorns the head, graced with lace, embroidery and hand beading. To finish the look, a soft sheer veil is attached to cascade down the bride’s shoulders and onto the dress.

The style has been worn throughout the decades by modern muses including Jackie Onassis Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Kate Moss as seen below.

Above: Grace Kelly, Jackie Onassis Kennedy, Kate Moss

Modern day brides

We have a seen a resurgence of this veil style over the years. The juliet cap veil has evolved, as with any timeless bridal accessory, and our collection of veils has been adapted to cater to contemporary tastes. We love to experiment with different materials, embellishments and cap styles allowing our brides to capture an element of the past whilst embracing their femininity.

Above: LADY LAUREL juliet cap veil

Timeless and versatile

There is so much to love about a juliet cap veil that beautifully frames the face and hairline. It combines a headpiece with a veil and can be made in varying lengths to suit your height and dress style. Whether your vision is bold and dramatic or soft and simple, we can design a cap veil to align with your vision.

Above: CARMEN juliet cap veil

Fall in love with juliet cap veils

We have pulled together a few more beautiful juliet cap veils from the collection that are a testament to the enduring appeal of this vintage-inspired accessory. We design and handcraft all veils in-house so we are able to modify the design, details and lengths to suit you and your wedding gown.

Above: HARRIET juliet cap veil

Above: AUGUSTINE juliet cap veil

Need Help?

Every wedding gown and bride is different and the perfect accessories for you will not only depend on your gown but your personal style, vision, height and style. We love to work with our brides to create the perfect veil that you will love to keep as an heirloom after your wedding day.

We are based in Australia and ship worldwide.

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We’ve all been there. We’ve all oscillated between wanting timeless bridal hair accessories while also craving something a little different to capture who we are.

At the end of the day, we can have both. A timeless veil or headpiece can be styled in a way that feels unexpected yet chic. Two brides can wear the same combination of accessories and look completely different because of their unique perspective on pulling together their looks.

Your wedding day isn’t the day to be experimental but it also doesn’t need to be a day to play it too safe. If a denim jacket or pearl clutch purse at your reception calls your name, let this be the focal point of your look and choose simpler accessories to complement your hero piece.

Bridal trends will always exist but the art of choosing timeless bridal hair accessories comes down to a focus on quality, thoughtful design and beautiful timeless details.

Some important things to consider:

  • Look to the silhouette, style and proportions of your dress and choose accessories that won’t take away from your gown but instead offer a unique element that takes your look to a different place. If your dress is simple, contrast it with a statement veil such as the Orchid or Night Garden veils to add a new point of interest.
  • If you have always dreamed of a wearing a wedding crown and your gown features a V neckline, choose a tiara with a soft central peak to balance the V shape of your dress. A tiara like the Antoinette suits V necks and sweetheart necklines due to its soft scalloped silhouette.
  • The silhouette of a simple long skirt can be elevated by accessorising your look with equally romantic floral details that will complement the fluidity of your train. The Claris veil is long, sheer and floaty. The perfect accompaniment to simple bridal looks.
  • Look for any horizontal lines on your dress (waist line, off the shoulder neckline, hem line) and use this as a guide for choosing your veil. A ballgown dress with a strong waistline will pair beautifully with the Pepe waist length veil or the Amora long veil with a blusher that falls to the waist.
  • Not too keen on a headpiece but also don’t want a long veil? The Mara pearl birdcage veil is the best of both worlds and suits simple or elaborate wedding gowns.

Less is often more. Choose one or two pieces that you adore and they will make you feel like magic.

Bridal hair accessories to fall in love with

Fall in love with these timeless looks that will elevate your look in an instant.  Each piece can be customised to suit you, your wedding dress and bridal hairstyle.

Shop this look: ANTOINETTE wedding tiara, PHILIPPE earrings

Shop this look: MARA pearl birdcage veil, ELLIS bridal earrings

Shop this look: EVELEIGH bridal headpiece, DANTE bridal earrings, FREYA bridal headpiece

Shop this look: HEPBURN chapel veil with bows

Shop this look: ELODIE wedding hair comb, LILIAN bridal earrings

Need Styling Advice?

Need styling advice to bring together your bridal look? Get in touch with photos of your wedding gown and your favourite pieces from the collection. We would love to offer ideas and recommendations on pieces to suit, including how our pieces can be customised to suit you.

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The abundance of material and delicate nature of a wedding veil is part of its beauty. However, this also means they require extra special care when steaming, storing, transporting and cleaning them before and after your wedding day.

Whether your veil features metres of fine tulle, intricate laces or detailed beading, we’ve pulled together a guide to help you care for your veil and to keep it in perfect condition for your wedding day and beyond, as a heirloom to pass on.

Storing your wedding veil

If you have ordered your veil direct from us, it will arrive beautifully and safely packaged in a gift box for you to unravel. Once you have unboxed your veil, we recommend you hang it up straight away on the clip provided with your veil. Ideally keep the veil out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry area. Perhaps the corner of a spare room or in your wardrobe. You can also hang a veil in a garment bag to protect it from dust, but we recommend that the garment bag is made from breathable fabric and is long enough to accommodate a longer veil.

Veils such as mantilla veils or veils without combs can also be hung up on clothes hangers. Once the veil is folded neatly, slip it onto a triangular shaped hanger and store in a cool, dry place away from the sun.

Remember to keep the box your veil came in and to store it wrapped in acid free tissue paper, as you can use this to transport your veil and store it in after your wedding date.

We recommend storing your veil in a safe place away from animals and loose fur. If your veil is extra long, ensure the train is safely tucked away so it doesn’t get stepped on or caught under wardrobe doors.

Removing creases

The best way to handle creases on a veil is to prevent them. When folding your veil, try to fold your veil lightly and avoid excessive pressure to prevent heavy creasing.

To remove creases, steam is your best friend. With steam, gravity and a bit of time, the creases will drop out. Hang up your veil and gently apply steam to it using a garment steamer or hang it in the bathroom during a hot shower.

If you don’t have access to a garment steamer, your wedding dress alterations professional or local dry cleaner may have be able to steam your veil for you.

Once steamed your veil will feel a little damp so it’s best to keep the veil on its hanger to allow your veil to dry and to minimise future creases before your wedding day.

We do not recommend ironing your veil as incorrect temperatures may melt and discolour your veil.

Transporting your veil

Whether it’s a dress fitting, a hair trial or a trip to a destination wedding location, at some stage you may need to safely transport your veil. We recommend that you refold your veil and place it back in its box.

To refold your veil, follow these steps.

  1. First, find a flat surface like a dining table or a hallway
  2. Lay the veil on tissue paper lengthwise. The paper will support the netting between folds and it’s important to use white, acid-free tissue paper as this won’t damage or discolour the tulle over time
  3. Smooth out the veil
  4. Fold in the veil crosswise
  5. Tape to secure
  6. Gently fold the veil to fit in the box


The embellishments applied to our wedding veils are applied by hand. If cared for properly, your veil will last for many years to come. For veils featuring 3D florals, we highly recommend ensuring you do not place heavy objects or firmly fold up the veil as this can crush the florals and distort its appearance.

If you need to spot clean around an embellishment, avoid rough handling near an embellishment as vigorous rubbing can damage or lift embellishments.

Washing instructions

Be mindful to handle your veil with clean hands and be conscious of contact with your makeup. If your veil is marked, do not wash in the washing machine or soak it in water. Your veil can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth or baby wipes with dabbing movements.

To remove pet hair or lint, we recommend using sticky tape or a lint roller.

Veil fabrics

Wedding veils are made from a range of delicate fabrics and nettings. They are commonly made from synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester and can also be made from natural fibres including silk. Vintage veils were often made from cotton and silk fibres so are prone to discolouration and deterioration overtime due to sunlight, insects/bugs and heat.

It is important to consider the fibres of your veil when thinking about how to best care for it. A veil made from nylon is more durable than silk however it is less resistant to heat so can melt under high temperatures. A silk veil is best stored folded as over time gravity will impact the fibres/weave and will distort its shape.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in the UK have a helpful guide on caring for and restoring vintage wedding dresses and veils:

With proper love and care, your wedding veil will become a beautiful heirloom for you to pass on to your daughters, sisters or dear friend.

Need styling advice?

We are here to guide you through the exciting journey of accessorising your wedding dress and bridal looks.

We would love to work with you to bring together your vision. Email us photos of your wedding gown, bridal hairstyle and examples of styles you love from our collection. We can then get back to you with ideas and recommendations.


It’s not every day we get to work with a bride seeking a runway-worthy embellished wedding veil. When US bride Monica first shared her vision with us for her Syrian Orthodox church ceremony, we were in bridal heaven.

Without sharing too many details, Monica’s wedding dress is truly spectacular with a regal cathedral train and classic silhouette.  She had envisaged a veil which would add to the grandeur and beauty of her gown whilst bringing an element of the runway to her look. We were thrilled to accept the challenge and couldn’t wait to bring her vision to life.

Above: A bespoke runway-worthy wedding veil for bride Monica

From concept to reality

The specs were simple and clear which we loved.  The veil needed to be a commanding 411cm long and feature her favourite embellishments from our RIVIERA wedding veil. The vision was one of high style and intricate beauty. Think head to toe florals and beyond.

This was a labour of love to say the least. We knew from the outset this veil would take many months to create from scratch. Once we started, our inner perfectionists kicked in and we were immersed in the fine details until they were just right.

In total, Monica’s bespoke wedding veil took 6 full months to create from initially cutting the plain tulle fabric through to stitching on the last beaded details and securing the hair comb.

We painstaking hand cut hundreds of lace appliques to form floral and leaf motifs which were pinned and secured to the tulle fabric. Hundreds of sheer petals were lovingly hand formed into flowers, then individually hand beaded with crystal pearls, shimmering crystals and tiny silver seed beads. Crystal pearls were then applied for an extra luxurious detail. The end result? The most breathtaking veil we have ever had the opportunity to create.

Note: The dress worn in the images below is a studio dress and not Monica’s actual wedding dress.

Above: A bespoke runway-worthy wedding veil for bride Monica

Practical considerations

In designing this veil for Monica, it was essential to take into account a number of practical considerations:

A 411cm embellished veil will be heavier than a simple chapel length veil. While not a ‘heavy’ veil in the literal sense, it is important that the placement of embellishments are balanced to ensure the veil drapes and drags along the ground evenly.

Accentuating a wedding dress:
The lace and floral details around Monica’s neck, shoulders and waist line are slightly more spread out to ensure the veil doesn’t overwhelm her frame and allows for the silhouette of her wedding dress to show through.

Managing an extra long veil:
To ensure Monica’s veil sits correctly as she walks down the aisle, we secured discreet loops for her fingers (thumb, index or pinky fingers) which she can use as she walks down the aisle. Creating these finger loops means that when she’s holding her bouquet and walking towards her groom, her veil will sit forward and will be pulled behind her evenly. We have positioned them in such a way that they won’t be noticeable.

In effect, Monica’s veil will have 4 points of contact to ensure the weight of the veil is carried evenly. 1.  It will be secured to her hair with a comb; 2 and 3. It will be pulled along by her fingers on each side via the discreet finger loops; and 4. The regal cathedral length train on her wedding dress will carry the rest of the weight.

Above: A bespoke runway-worthy wedding veil for bride Monica

A one-of-a-kind wedding veil

It was a pleasure to work with Monica to bring her bridal vision to life. We feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to create such a spectacular piece of art. A true labour of love.

If you are interested in a one-of-a-kind wedding veil, we would love to work with you. Please get in touch with photos of your wedding dress, details of your vision and bridal hairstyle. We can then go from there.

Above: A bespoke runway-worthy wedding veil for bride Monica

Right from a young age Kahla knew she wanted wear a veil on her wedding day. She and her twin sister use to take it in turns to dress up as a bride and wear a towel on their head in their pretend backyard weddings. Thankfully, Kahla no longer needs to improvise with heavy terry towelling! The soft floaty tulle, blusher layer and seamless design of the AMORA veil was the perfect alternative for her wedding day. The veil complemented her stunning wedding day look, while fulfilling her childhood dreams.

Kahla and Zane married in Townsville, a north Queensland city overlooking the Great Barrier Reef. With family and friends (and their dogs!) involved in the wedding festivities, the day beautifully celebrated their relationship and the close connections they have with loved ones.

Kahla's dream look

Kahla coveted a bridal look that was timeless and elegant, she didn’t want to look at pictures of her wedding in years to come and “cringe and giggle about the fashions of the time.” 

Trying on dresses in a range of styles, materials and sizes, Kahla said she decided on a Made With Love gown for a number of reasons…

  1. Queensland designer
  2. The dresses are modern with a classic feel
  3. They suited the warmer climate
  4. Not unreasonable in price range for the stunning dress you got in the end.

Meeting all of the ‘must have’ requirements, Made with Love’s Ella gown was `The One’.

“My checklist items included: a stunning train, a belt at the waist, sweetheart cut neckline and as my nanny says: it was a ‘show off that figure while you’re young’ kind of dress. I really didn’t picture myself in a full lace dress, but it was just perfect for me,” says Kahla.

Having found her dream dress, Kahla searched and researched the perfect veil design.

“The Tania Maras veil and accessory collection made for a hard choice. Every piece in the range is so delicate and beautiful. I was very happy with the delicate tulle on the comb of my AMORA veil. Looking through my photos, the veil really created a soft romantic look with the modern almost bold lace on my dress.”

Although Kahla loves wearing her her long hair down in waves, she needed a more practical hairstyle to withstand the warm September weather in North Queensland.

“The smart but beautiful choice was an up do with soft waves into the low bun, which suited the veil, dress and weather,” she says.

Special Moments

Kahla and Zane’s nearest and dearest had special roles on their wedding day. From their dogs’ involvement in the ceremony to a delicious potluck dessert table, the day was a celebration of love and family.

“Our ceremony was held at the Townsville Heritage Centre. We had our dogs walk down the aisle and involved in the photos. They are some of my happiest photos from the entire day.”

“We weren’t really allowed to throw rose petals on the day, but my one bridezilla request of ‘being showered with flower petals’ while walking back down the aisle required my brother in law to bring his leaf blower to clean it up once the ceremony had finished. We all had a good laugh at those photos.”

“The reception was at The Ville Resort-Casino. My mum and dad had gotten married there 31 years before and my dad has worked there for 30 years, so we loved that it had been a big part of my life growing up in Townsville. Coming from a family of ballroom dancers, I had also dreamed of our first dance and gliding across that floor, my poor husband had big shoes to fill. Luckily he doesn’t have two left feet and learnt to dance for me.”

“We asked our closest friends and family to bring their most favourite and famous dessert for our dessert table. It felt as though it was another family BBQ with the best homemade cannoli, tiramisu, chocolate mudecake and cheesecake slices to stuff our bellies and celebrate another special milestone with these important people in our lives.”

Best advice

“The options really are endless and it’s what you want to do as a couple,” says Kahla. “Keep in mind there comes a point where there are too many opinions and advice, so make sure you have an A team who are supportive and honest when you need to talk about everything and anything wedding related, whether it be in the evening or at 2 am in the morning!”

“We asked our closest friends and family to bring their most favourite and famous dessert for our dessert table. It felt as though it was another family BBQ with the best homemade cannoli, tiramisu, chocolate mudecake and cheesecake slices to stuff our bellies and celebrate another special milestone with these important people in our lives.”

Special thanks to…

What happens when you fall in love with a few floral wedding headpieces and can’t decide which one to go for? Well, for US bride Tristan, she found herself in this exact situation when she discovered our CHERRY BLOSSOM set, and the MARION and the VERSAILLES headpieces.

When Tristan got in touch with her vision and predicament, we were instantly excited at the prospect of bringing together her favourite styles to create her perfect floral wedding headpiece. The styles she fell in love with all shared a number of common features: beautiful florals, an effortless regality and most importantly, their construction methods and aesthetics were similar which made it possible to bring her vision to life.

We believe that custom wedding accessories are just as important as having a wedding dress tailored and tweaked to suit your body shape and height. We all have different face shapes, hair thickness and types, and style, and we love to offer our brides the ability to tweak our designs so they are perfect for them.

Tristan's bridal look

Tristan had chosen an exquisite white wedding gown by Essence of Australia for her outdoor, garden wedding in Miami at a private Spanish style villa called Villa Woodbine.

Her bridal hairstyle is the epitome of style with hair mostly down and slightly pinned back with a boho style braid which she can tuck her veil into.

She shared pictures from her dress fitting of her wedding dress with her veil and we designed her hairpieces to take into account the width of her veil comb and the hairstyle she’d picked.

Combining a floral wedding headpiece with hair pins

The beauty of a larger headpiece and two matching pins is it will offer countless ways to style your hair. For Tristan, the larger floral headpiece is designed to frame her wedding veil and the two additional hair pins can be scattered as she pleases to add sense of whimsy. She can secure the pins at the ends of the piece to elongate the main headpiece or she can position them in the centre of the headpiece to fill it in and create more volume.

After the ceremony, Tristan can remove her veil and the hairpieces can stay in place or be restyled into a different configuration.

Interested in a bespoke headpiece?

We would love to work with you to bring your vision to life. If you have your heart set on a different combination of hairpieces, or perhaps would like to know how certain styles can be reworked to match your or our veils, get in touch. We’d love to work with you to create something beautiful.

Whether you’re getting married in a church or out in the outdoors, a long wedding veil can add the perfect amount of grandeur and drama to a wedding dress. A long veil is, without a doubt, the defining wedding accessory that can instantly transform a bridal look with its timeless appeal and elongated silhouette.

A ‘long’ wedding veil is a relative term. How long is long? How long is a piece of string? What’s long for one bride might barely touch the floor for another. Throw in the added complexity of the length and width of the train on your dress, your height, your heel height, your venue…. and it’s no wonder it can be difficult to determine the best length for you.

Read below to learn more about how to choose the best long wedding veil for your dress.

Shop this look: THEODORE pearl chapel veil

When styling our brides, we want you to channel your inner royal, rather than be swamped in fabric with no way out. Our wedding veils are made to order so we are able to customise the length of our veils to suit your height, heel height and the length and width of your train

Which length is best?

Is a floor length, chapel veil or cathedral veil best for you? This is where it can get a bit grey. Why? Because so much depends on the style of your dress, the fabric it is made from, your height, and any distinctive horizontal lines that are visible on the dress.

Some brides like their veil to extend beyond the length of their train so their train and dress appear longer and grander. Other brides choose to have their veils puddle on the train so that it blends into the fabric of the skirt and won’t get in the way on the dance floor. And other brides want their veil to fall exactly to where their dress train ends as a longer length might feel excessive. It’s very much a personal preference.

We do have general guidelines which we apply:

The silhouette of your dress

Generally speaking, we feel that:

  • A ball gown: A full ball gown will look balanced with a veil that extends beyond the length of the train. Why? Because a ball gown is by its very nature a statement of grandeur so a longer veil with a classic silhouette will feel like a natural pairing. If you would prefer a shorter veil, a waist or fingertip length veil will also be flattering.
  • A fit and flare gown:  A fit and flare gown starts to flare out just under the hip and a longer veil will complement this style beautifully. Whether a chapel or cathedral length veil is better for you will depend on the actual length of your train. However, a floor or waltz length veil will interrupt the flow of your silhouette as these lengths end too abruptly and will interfere with the fit and flare silhouette.
  • A mermaid gown: As the name suggests, the skirt starts to flare out just above the knee, reminiscent of a mermaid. A fingertip length veil is an easy choice. However if you would like a longer veil, choose one that extends beyond the length of your actual train as it will feel like an extension of the distinctive mermaid’s tail.
  • A sheath dress: A figure hugging silhouette with a train is best suited with veil that matches the length of the train or extends beyond it. A column shape is quite simple visually so a veil that falls short will be quite noticeable. We often find a veil that’s at least 15cm longer than the end of the train will be flattering.
  • A floor length dress: If your dress has little to no train, a floor length or chapel length veil will suit it beautifully. Floor length doesn’t necessarily mean it should just touch the floor and match your height. A floor length veil flows better when it can create a tiny puddle on the ground, even if it’s just a 15cm longer.

Shop this look: OLIVIA floor wedding veil

The fabric of your dress

The fabric a dress is made from plays a huge role in how the dress and train will drape and flow onto the ground.

A gown made from frothy organza will provide structure to a veil as the dress will act as a frame on which the veil will sit. If your dress is made from a smooth satin or plain fabric, a veil that falls short of the length of this style of dress will be quite visible. However, if the train on a ball gown features a textured fabric of ruffles and 3D flowers, the end of the train will blend in better so a shorter veil won’t be as noticeable.

Horizontal lines

There are multiple horizontal lines that are visible on a dress. It could be the line that runs across your shoulders on an off-the-shoulder neckline. Or the line that’s created on a plunging back. Or there’s the line where the bodice is sewn onto the skirt at the waist on a ball gown. Or perhaps even a peplum detail. There can also be lines further down if your dress features a mermaid silhouette where the skirt starts to flare out above the knee.

The lines on a dress aren’t limited to the neckline or the silhouette of the dress. There can also be lines in the patterns of the lacework or the fabric. Think ruffles on a skirt or a dress where multiple laces are mixed and matched to create a distinctive pattern.

The importance of lines comes back to not wanting to take away from the beauty of the dress. Adding a new line with a shorter veil can interfere with how the dress flows. For example, if your dress features an oversized bow on the back, it’s best to avoid a veil that falls to the same spot.

Your height

A veil that’s 2 metres long will look very different on a bride who is 4’9 compared to a bride who’s 6’1.  This doesn’t mean a bride on the shorter side should only wear a shorter veil and that long veils aren’t an option.

Quite the opposite. A shorter bride can certainly wear a long veil so long as the veil isn’t excessively long in proportion to her silhouette. There are many shorter brides who wear wedding gowns with long trains and similarly, her veil can be just as long. The key is to ensure that the silhouette overall is balanced.

Next step: How to measure

If your wedding will be outdoors or if you have a short wedding aisle, choosing the right length will be really important.

The best way to determine your ideal length is to pull out a measuring tape. Grab a friend too to help you take an accurate measurement.

  • Put on your wedding dress and bridal shoes.  If you don’t have your shoes, guess how tall your shoes might be and add that to the final number.
  • Style your hair in a similar way to your wedding day hair as this will impact where the veil comb will sit.
  • Position the tape measure at the point in your hair where you plan to secure the veil comb.  This will be the top of your head if you’re planning to wear a mantilla veil.  If you’re planning an updo or half up hairstyle, this might be the crown of your head or a little lower.
  • Let the tape measure drape down onto the skirt and train of your dress.
  • Write the measurement down.

If you don’t have a long tape measure on hand, try using a long piece of ribbon or string. You can then measure the string in sections with a ruler.

If you haven’t picked a hairstyle yet, don’t worry. The difference will only be a few inches which won’t impact the length of your veil dramatically. However, this will be important if you are looking for a blusher layer as comb placement will impact where your blusher will fall to.

If your veil has a defined lace edge

It will flow better to have a slightly longer veil than shorter veil if your veil has a distinctive edge. If you do want a shorter veil with a lace trim, find one that’s significantly shorter.  A fingertip or waltz length veil will look more balanced overall compared to a chapel length veil on a cathedral length dress which will end too abruptly.

An overview: Wedding veil lengths

1. Floor length veil – 190cm or 75 inches

Our made to order mandate means we can design your veil your way – whether you love to have it pooling a little on the ground, or not quite reaching it.

The floor length veil is your introduction to long wedding veils. As the name suggests, a floor length veil is designed to gracefully touch the floor and is ideal for sheath or fitted wedding dresses without a train. We love to suggest a floor length veil for more casual weddings or for brides who want to wear their veil all day and all night – including for the bridal waltz. Our made to order mandate means we can design your veil your way – whether you love to have it pooling a little on the ground, or not quite reaching it. It’s up to you!

2. Chapel veil – 230cm or 90 inches

A beautifully versatile length, we love the chapel veil for its timeless beauty.

A beautifully versatile length, we love the chapel veil for its timeless beauty. A chapel veil complements a wide range of wedding dresses, from ballroom gowns to dazzling red carpet worthy dresses. For the vertically challenged brides, we find that veils that create a little puddle on the floor elongate the silhouette which always looks incredible.

Shop this look: WYNTER classic chapel veil

3. Cathedral veil – 300cm or 118 inches

If you want to make a statement, this is your go-to veil.

The cathedral veil is little grander than the versatile chapel veil and is best suited for cathedral and church weddings with long aisles. If you want to make a statement, this is your go-to veil. Some useful advice to know is that longer veils are often wider too. So bare in mind the potential proportions of your veil to your dress.

4. Royal cathedral veil – 400cm or 157 inches

This fabulous length looks amazing for medium to taller brides with a very long runway to walk down.

Lastly, we have the ever glorious royal cathedral length veil. Measuring anywhere from 4 metres plus, this fabulous length looks amazing for medium to taller brides with a very long runway to walk down.

Shop this look: ETOILE crystal wedding veil

Custom made for you

There are thousands of wedding dresses out there and it’s no wonder finding the perfect veil can be difficult. What you find on the rack in bridal boutiques may not be the right length, width or colour for your dress. A custom made veil  might be just the thing for you.

We work with brides worldwide to design and create their wedding veils taking into account their wedding dress, hairstyle, height and venues.

Feel free to send us an email with photos of your bridal look and we’d be happy to get back to you with ideas on how your favourite veil can be customised to suit you.

Wedding veils are as unique as their brides and the wedding dresses they’re designed to accompany. From a chapel length veil which adds a touch of drama to a wedding gown, to a vintage-inspired birdcage veil that evokes a sense of mystery yet sophistication.

There are many lengths, widths, styles and embellishments on offer. It’s no wonder that many brides-to-be planning their weddings can feel a little overwhelmed. Especially when they’re purchasing a veil online and can’t feel the veil, see how the veil drapes or try it on with their dress.

To help you choose the perfect veil, we’ll cover 3 important considerations to get you on your way to finding your perfect match.

Shop this look: RIVIERA wedding veil

1.) Your wedding dress

The best starting point is the shape and style of your wedding dress. As a general guide, your veil should accentuate and be proportional to your dress.  This means it shouldn’t overpower or take away from the details of the dress. Doing so can be distracting and also interrupt the flow of your overall look.

If your dress is busy and features lots of pretty details, find a simple veil with a clean raw edge. If your dress is simple, choose a veil with intricate details such as a lace embellishment or floral accents to add dimension to your gown.

We like to look for any focal points on the dress which we use as guidance for the veil. Often a veil will look best cut just above or below any horizontal lines. If your veil falls where a focal point begins, for example a defined waist line, this can have the effect of visually cutting you in half.

Your veil length should cut just above or below a defined waist line, hem line or key details.

Floral embellishments around the shoulders beautifully frame off-the-shoulder wedding

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Classic silhouettes

  • Sheath: Slim, fitted wedding dresses work beautifully with longer veils. Gowns without a train or a short train are gorgeous when paired with a floor length or chapel length veil. As a guide – look for a veil that is slightly longer than the hem or train of your gown. Other beautiful options include birdcage veils or fingertip veils if you’d prefer something a little shorter.
  • Mermaid/trumpet: To complement the mermaid or trumpet silhouette, look for a long and narrow veil to walk down the aisle or a mid-length or fingertip veil to showcase your flared skirt.
  • A-line: It’s all about proportions when it comes to choosing a veil for your a-line wedding gown. Take your pick from a fingertip, waltz length or chapel length veil to showcase the gorgeous bodice of your dress.
  • Full skirts: A popular choice for full skirt wedding gowns is a mid-length veil. Anything from a hip length or fingertip length will work a treat. But don’t be afraid to choose a chapel or cathedral length veil for a full skirt but bear in mind that you will need to carry around the veil after the ceremony to ensure you don’t step on it. When deciding on the best length of mid-length veil, choose a veil length that falls a minimum of 3″ below the back neckline of your gown.

Generally speaking, a fingertip length veil is a timeless and classic option that works beautifully with a range of different wedding dresses. It is also a versatile choice for a range of different venues – from the church to a beach or garden wedding.

2.) Your venue

Much like your wedding gown, your veil should be consistent with the formality of your wedding. For some church weddings, it may be customary to wear a veil with or without a blusher. However, a less formal or chapel veil (or shorter) may be the perfect accessory for a beachside or garden ceremony.

It may be customary to wear a blusher or cover your shoulders.

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3.) Your hairstyle

When choosing your wedding veil, it’s really important to consider your bridal hairstyle.

If you choose to wear a veil, your veil may need a supportive base such as a bridal bun, messy updo, or half up/half down hairstyle.  The longer or heavier your veil, the more supportive your bun or hairstyle will need to be.

The great thing about bridal hairstyles is your wedding veil can be made to frame your bridal hairstyle from behind. Instead of a metal bridal comb, your veil can be customised with cotton loops instead of a comb which means that your hairstylist can pin the veil to the natural curve of your bun.

Measuring up

Your hairstyle will affect how your veil sits and where the end of the veil will fall. If you’re planning on a big bridal bun, the veil may need to sit above the bun. As a result, your veil may appear slightly shorter.

To ensure you choose a veil in the right length, ask a friend or your mum to measure your height to get an idea of what length you will need. Veils are usually secured to your hair with a hair comb so measure from the point where you’d like the hair comb to sit (keeping in mind your wedding hairstyle) and where you would like the veil to fall.

Measure from the point where you’d like the hair comb to sit to where you would like the veil to

Pin your veil to the natural curve of your bun, crown or at the top of your head.

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Need styling help?

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